White Jeans: Three surprising winter outfits

Did you get used to wearing only blue jeans everyday? The end of winter is a good moment to make the transition towards a new wardrobe or simply adopt an updated fashion style. Some spring pieces can be very easily combined with some heavier clothes, and white jeans are considered a transition piece.

Their color gives a modern and chic look to the most casual outfits, especially when matched to neutral shades (black, beige, light grey). But this does not mean they cannot be worn with colored pullovers, textured cardigans, puffer jackets with fur and printed coats. Actually, if there’s a bit of style inspiration, white jeans can become the most versatile wardrobe pieces.

Mango straight white jeans: 199.90 lei | Zara white skinny jeans: 149.90 lei | Marks and Spencer white jeans: 199.90 lei | H&M white straight jeans: 159.00 lei


Outfit #1: Weekend Casual – elegant: white jeans and beige knitwear

Possibly one of the outfits that combines best the chic and casual looks: white and camel beige are elegant and luxurious. The key to make a successful outfit is to add a pulover or textured cardigan with  an easy cut which can counterbalance the skinny line of the jeans. Add a pair of tall boots or suede ankle boots (preferably brown, warm beige or medium grey), plus an oversized plaid scarf. To finish the outfit, wear a large suiting mantle, with a masculine cut in the same colors.

Stefanel beige cashmere pulover: 1.127 lei  | Bata suede boots: 499.90 lei | Massimo Dutti beige mantle: 1.199 lei


Outfit #2: Evening smart-casual: white jeans and a black turtleneck

A classic contrast with a modern interpretation. Instead of wearing an elegant but light blouse, wear a black turtleneck made of elastane. Accessorize the outfit with big golden earrings and a black velvet clutch bag, wear a pair of fine heeled ankle boots and a discrete make-up, without forgetting about the red lipstick.

Zara black turtleneck | Mango Golden pearl earrings: 49.90 lei | Anna Cori ankle boots: 210.00 lei


Outfit #3 Office, classic: white jeans, a light blue shirt and a navy blue blazer with four buttons  

On casual Fridays you will replace blue jeans with a pair of not very skinny white jeans. Add to the top a blue shirt or blouse and wear a masculine navy blazer. The white, along with light blue and navy form one of the most beautiful season chromatic combinations. Sport shoes, thick sole ones or medium heeled ankle boots would be the most suitable.  Don’t forget to add modern, spectacular accessories to give a contemporary look to the outfit.

Mango blue bow blouse: 159.90 lei | Il Passo leather sport shoes: 224.50 lei | H&M blue and white blazer: 159.00 lei


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