Work Hub @București Mall is the newest co-working point in the heart of Bucharest, the only one in a shopping center.

If you arrived in Bucuresti Mall-Vitan you have probably already seen the space on the ground floor of our shopping center dedicated to the active ones, who need an area from which to work on their projects or interact with colleagues, friends of study or business partners.

In a work system where flexibility remains at the forefront and personal time has become more important, Bucuresti Mall-Vitan has designed a space from which working hours can combine perfectly with relaxation activities. To make it easier for you to organize your work-related meetings in an easily accessible and well-known location, but at the same time to be able to quickly get to the shopping session you dream of, or to the movie night with friends, the Work Hub inside Bucuresti Mall-Vitan is the ideal choice.

For the business part and the professional activity, we provide you 7 working areas, equipped with everything necessary for all those who stop to work from here to feel comfortable.  There is no shortage of numerous plugs and free wi-fi, which is essential when it comes to work from everywhere!  The work area exudes positive vibes, having a modern design and comfortable pieces of furniture.  Surrounded by energy and dynamism you will easily find the inspiration to complete your professional projects.

In addition, being a generous space, it is also perfect for projects that involve teamwork: the location is ideal to work together, but also to have coffee nearby and various options for lunch, so that everything goes smoothly. At the same time, it is easier to organize an outing with office colleagues to strengthen professional relationships when you are already close to a food court that has a wide range of options.

The Work Hub is perfectly suited to groups of students working on join projects, influencers, freelancers, young professionals, but also to corporate employees who work remotely.

An outing to the mall has never been more productive and complete, given that Bucuresti Mall-Vitan comes to meet all your needs, whether you come to work on your professional projects or you want to relax.

Unconventional ways of working and interacting transform the needs of the community, and we are with you, always ready to come to your support and provide you with everything you need to move on to the next step and adapt to an ever-changing world. Like you, we have a visionary mindset, we look for ingenious solutions and we work every day to offer you the best possible experience.




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