Classic Blue: the color of 2020

Classic Blue, named by  Pantone Institute as “the color of 2020”, has already become a trend and captured the center of attention, quickly dethroning the lively Living Coral, the shade of the previous year. As the name implies, Classic Blue is a quiet blue hue, located between the electric cobalt and the elegant indigo. It is classy and balanced, it suggests a state of calm and stability, a good dose of credibility, a moment of connection with nature, it equally symbolizes both the feminine and the masculine. It makes us think about the color of the sky after sunset, the Earth seen from the orbit, an impeccably tailored suit, the calm and deep waters of a mountain lake, a bowl with perfectly ripe blueberries …

The choice of a blue shade for 2020 is not insignificant, if we take into account the history of the colors of the year designated by Pantone, a history that began in 1999. 20 years ago, Cerulean – a light blue color, similar to the clear sky – was named the representative color of the new millennium. It suggests optimism, enthusiasm, well-being, all the attributes of the association of a new beginning. The impact of Cerulean hue that year exceeded expectations, influencing trends in fashion, beauty, interior decorations, technology, even cinematography (remember Miranda Priestley’s monologue from “The Devil wears Prada”?).

This time, besides the simple choice of the color of the year, Pantone took things further. As part of its marketing campaign, the company has partnered with different brands to develop a scent, a piece of music and a texture associated with Classic Blue. The result is fascinating: a sample of fabric similar to the touch with suede, a musk and sea salt scented candle , a berry flavoured blue jelly and a 3-minute song entitled “Vivid Nostalgia”.

After a visit through the shops of Bucharest Mall, I made a list of clothing, lifestyle and fashion accessories, perfumes, books, gadgets and cosmetics, that will surround you with textures, tastes, smells and color variations of Classic Blue. Enjoy!

Clothing items

Silk shirt, Massimo Dutti: 299,00 lei | velvet jacket, Mango: 299,90 lei | organza blouse, Zara: 79,90 lei | office satin dress, H&M: 68,99 lei | printed mini dress, Zara: 199,90 lei | corduroy turtleneck, H&M: 89,99 lei | silk and wool sweater, Massimo Dutti: 299,00 lei | fluffy sweater, Mango: 199,90 lei | blue double breasted jacket, Zara: 149,90 lei | wool coat, Massimo Dutti: 1399,00 lei | knitted sweater, Mango: 79,90 lei | wide print pants, Marks&Spencer: 118,99 lei | pleated skirt, BSB: 168,50 lei | printed blouse, Nissa: 399,00 lei | shirt with blue flowers print, Pineberry: 70,00 lei

Stylish accessories

Quilted bag, Musette: 594,30 lei | colored sole shoes, Il Passo: 249,50 lei | earrings with blue stones, Mango: 34,90 lei | tie dye scarf, Mango: 34,90 lei | blue wallet, Mango: 34,90 lei | quilted wallet, Musette: 279,20 lei | suede shoes, Il Passo: 249,50 lei | braided bag belt, Il Passo: 39,60 lei | Furla sunglasses, Optiplaza: 629,30 lei | Police sunglasses, Optiplaza:384,30 lei | New Era animal print hat, Sportissimo: 54,99 lei

Perfume and cosmetics

Etoile des Reves eau de perfume de nuit, by Mugler – 475,00 lei, in Douglas | Eau des Merveilles Bleu, by Hermes – from 305,00 lei, in Douglas | Craquelle, by Merchant of Venice – 852,75 lei (exclusiv in Douglas) | Light Blue Intense, by Dolce & Gabbana – from 273,00 lei (in Sephora) | Arancia di Capri, Aqua di Parma – de la 229,00 lei (In Sephora and Douglas) | City Block purifying charcoal clay mask & scrub, Clinique –  138,75 lei (in Douglas) | ultra riche body cream – from 62.50 lei, L’Occitane | Peppermint Cooling Rescue feet treatment- 45,00 lei, The Body Shop | camomile eye makeup remover – 44,00 lei, The Body Shop  | jasmine shower gel – 49,00 lei, Sabon | Hi-def Cyan eyeshade, MAC Cosmetics – 109,00 lei


Blue Ocean Strategy, R. Mauborgine si W.Chan Kim – 47,20 lei (in Carturesti) | Words in deep blue, de Cath Crowley – 35,00 lei (in Diverta) | Gathering blue,  Lois Lowry – 32,30 lei (in Diverta) | Girl in the blue coat, de Monica Hesse – 33,00 lei (in Carturesti) | The Virgin blue, Tracy Chevalier – 14, 36 lei (in Diverta)

Gadgets, stationery and lifestyle accessories

Blue thermos, ECoffeeCup – 50,40 lei (in Carturesti) | blue  porcelain Tajimi bowl – 34,00 lei (in Carturesti) | Urban Tile blanket, The English Home: from 36,50 lei | round plate with blue pattern, Meli Melo Deco: 29,99 lei | crystal Iphone case, Swarovski: de la 379,00 lei | picture with blue flowers, Meli Melo Deco: 209,99 lei |  Cloud troller, Mirano: 188,99 lei | Panasonic headphones, Media Galaxy: 69,99 lei | sky glasses Nova Nordic Light, Sportissimo: 669,00 lei |  Performance water bottle 0.75l Adidas, Intersport: 29,99 lei | Linear Core Adidas bag, Intersport: 69,99 lei


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