The top five fall trends

In order to simplify your next few weeks’ shopping session, I suggest below the top five fall 2018 trends – from masculine plaids and oversized scarves, to warm colours and prominent over layers, along with the items you can find in Bucuresti Mall.

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Trend #1: Sequins

Surprising and colourful (because they are usually worn in warm season combinations), sequins are part of many outfits of this fall. On the catwalk, Paco Rabanne has presented sequinned skirts and lurex and lame dresses, but suitable for day outfits. I invite you to get inspired by this cool and nonconformist trend: wear a conical sequinned skirt, which you can match it to a simple hoodie and leather boots. The outfit is suitable for the weekend, but is totally different to jeans and fall sweaters. You can wear the same skirt for an evening event, along with an elegant blazer, shiny earrings and a pair of stilettos. You can also add a sequinned sweater to your outfits: for example jeans, a hoodie and a sequinned bomber jacket (to office trousers), or a sequinned T-shirt to a suiting A-line skirt.

My recommendations:

Mango green conic sequinned skirt: 299.90 lei | H&M conic golden sequinned skirt: 159.90 lei  | H&M pleated sequinned skirt with beads: 79.90 lei  | Zara sequinned sweater: 149.90 lei  | H&M sequinned sweater dress: 129.90 lei  | BSB sequinned hoodie: 282.00 lei | BSB striped sequinned top: 329.00 lei


Trend #2: Oversized scarves

What do you think you can add to your fall outfits, to make them look more interesting? You can play with the stylistic elements’ proportions, so a normal day outfit can look like a fashion magazine pictorial. Get inspired from the Céline collection and wear a brightly colored big scarf (emerald green, mustard yellow, bright red, violet) to a leather dress or more simply, match the colour of that oversized scarf to the color of the sweater you are wearing that day. In order to complete the outfit, wear a suiting plaid mantle and large jeans.

My recommendations:

Zara oversized pleated scarf: 99.90 lei  | Mango leopard print oversized scarf: 139.90 lei  | Mango maxi scarf with fringes: 139.90 lei  | H&M linen pleated oversized scarf: 199.00 lei  | BSB striped oversized scarf: 117.00 lei  | Massimo Dutti oversized linen pleated scarf: 289.00 lei



Trend #3: The ‘70’s style

The delicate colours of summer are now replaced by a retro coloristic palette. Designer Marco de Vicenzo’s collection was a real fan in caramel brown shades, faded orange, olive green, delicate blue and mustard yellow, typical colours of the ‘70s. This fall you can adopt some modern versions of those years’s outfits: a caramel suit with trousers, matched to a light blue color and elegant moccasins; a maxi dress with paisley print, with long boots of soft leather; a pair of large or A-line ribbed velvet brown trousers, worn with a red turtleneck, adjusted on the body.

My recommendations:

Zara caramel brown velvet ribbed suit: 349.90 lei (blazer) and (A-line trousers) 199.90 lei | Zara paisley printed midi dress:149.90 lei | Zara blouse with flounces: 149.90 lei | H&M paisley printed midi dress with flounces: 229.90 lei | Mango ribbed velvet beige suit: 449.00 lei (blazer) and 249.90 lei (trousers) | Mango paisley printed midi dress: 299.90 lei | Massimo Dutti velvet ribbed dark green suit: 899.00 lei (blazer) and 499.00 lei (bootcut trousers)


Trend #4: Layering

The love relationship between fashion and over layers does not show any signs that it could end, which means that wearing a quarter of the wardrobe, simultaneously, but not matched randomly, has become a style statement, not something crazy. Start by wearing a light turtleneck, add a floral or animal printed dress, along with a suiting blazer, a fake fur vest or a quilted oversized jacket. The more textures and different types of fabrics in the outfit, the better!

My recommendations:

H&M paisley printed mini dress: 159.90 lei  | H&M floral printed maxi dress: 229.00 lei  | Mango snake print midi dress: 399.90 lei  | Massimo Dutti floral print maxi dress: 449.00 lei  | Massimo Dutti silk and linen turtleneck: 239.00 lei  | Massimo Dutti fine linen and silk turtleneck: 239.00 lei  | Mango cotton fine turtleneck: 69.90 lei | Mango turtleneck T-shirt with striations: 89.90 lei  | Massimo Dutti quilted jacket with puff and velvet: 579.00 lei   | BSB quilted jacket with XXL collar: 470.00 lei


Trend#5: Plaids

The Scottish plaids, Prince of Wales plaids fabric, and any other type of plaids dominate the catwalk collections, but also those in shops. They were worn a lot last fall as well, but now there are more options available. A plaid, pleated skirt, of chiffon or a plaid dress, with asymmetric hem, will give a new aspect to the outfits – this happens because these plaids are associated to the classic cuts and masculine touch pieces (blazers, trousers, coats). An ultra-modern and easy to build outfit will be composed of a midi plaid skirt and a semi-arched blazer, to which you will add ankle boots and a medium-sized bag.

My recommendations:

Zara Scottish plaid midi skirt: 199.90 lei  | Zara smocking plaid skirt: 129.90 lei  | H&M plaid skirt: 89.90 lei |  Mango plaid dress with node: 249.90 lei  | Zara straight skirt: 199.90 lei  | Zara wrapped plaid blazer: 199.90 lei  |  BSB plaid cardigan: 376.00 lei  | Massimo Dutti asymmetric plaid skirt: 449.00 lei  | Massimo Dutti plaid blazer: 899.00 lei


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