Romanian Roots – Izabela Măndoiu

Enthusiasm, hope, gratitude – those feelings specific to the beginning of each December, to which is added the significance of the National Day: patriotism, pride in being Romanian and the roots that validate our existence.

The roots are our consciousness, which has been reminding us that health is the most important asset and that we all deserve to be well as to continue, to love and to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

ROOTS is also the name of the New Collection signed by the designer Izabela Măndoiu. Her creations deserve everyone’s attention because they are made by hand, by women from the villages, who work with dedication and the desire to pass on the tradition of Romanian stitches and signs.

On The National Day, we have only one thought: we are longing for a healthy Romania! We miss the feeling that all our loved ones are well and we miss all the hugs. We know that everything will be fine, but until then, we want to be that source of good energy, through which you can get away from daily worries and simply recharge with good vibes.

And because București Mall-Vitan is a real supporter of Romanian designers, on this day we celebrate and put in place the national symbols. Izabela Măndoiu exhibits in București Mall-Vitan the representative authentic creations, hand-sewn with passion, in Romania.

ROOTS collection preserves the line of traditional symbols, which blend harmoniously, with modern, fluid materials, meant to highlight femininity, grace, candor. Therefore, you have all the reasons to equip yourself properly, with the mask and disinfectant and to come to the mall, to see how traditions mix with contemporary design.

In other words, we warmly invite you to feel the Romanian spirit, in this special day, with national significance, as also in this special month. Admire and do not hesitate to buy Romanian products. In this way you support the Romanian production, the families from the villages and you come into possession of a unique creation, with an infinite value. Together, we continue to bring to life wonderful Stories woven with Values!




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