From the office to the Christmas party

If you would rely upon the articles dedicated to party outfits, you can end up being dressed up in sequins, from tip to toe. That wouldn’t be such a problem if: a) the party is in a club and starts after midnight; b) you know that the rest of your colleagues will be dressed up just as shiny and festive, or c) you have enough time before the party starts, to create your outfit.

But we are talking about an appropriate outfit for the company’s Christmas party, organized right after office hours, when none of the above options are suitable for your situation. Stylistic options are still available, therefore:

1. you can replace the pieces of your daily outfit (blouse, skirt or trousers) or

2. you can change your shoes (then refresh your make-up and add generous or more flashy accessories)

If you choose you change your casual shirt or blouse with a more fashionable top look for a model made of a shiny or stilted material (satin, sequin, lurex, velvet), semi translucent (veil, lace, tulle) or with evening details (cuts, crystal appliques, a velvet ribbon).

My recommendations:

Red satin blouse Mango: 159,90 lei | Black tulle blouse H&M: 139,00 lei | Silver folded blouse Zara: 149,90 lei | Velvet indigo body with crystal appliques Mango: 119,90 lei | Black blouse with fringes H&M: 139,00 | Golden top Mango: 139,90 lei | Black shirt with lace and veil Zara: 129,90 lei | White silk top with black lace liners Nissa: 399,00 lei | Folded veil blouse Massimo Dutti: 379,00 lei | Black lace blouse H&M: 89,90 lei | Pink and fuchsia veil top Mango: 159,90 lei | Open back blue indigo top Zara: 129,90 lei | Velvet and sequin top Nissa: 439,00 lei


If you have decided to change your jeans or business trousers with an evening article…

look either for a simple cut skirt, made out of shiny material or an embroidery with golden thread, either a folded skirt made out of a metallic material, either a pair of trousers made out of a precious fabric (velvet, brocade, taffeta).

My recommendations:

Golden folded skirt Mango: 179,90 lei | Metalized folded skirt Zara: 149,90 lei | Sequin skirt H&M: 159,00 lei | Lace skirt with silver thread Mango: 159,00 | Sequin skirt Zara: 299,90 lei | Green sequin skirt Nissa: 399,00 lei | Red skirt with golden metallic thread Marks&Spencer: 245,00 lei | Velvet and lace folded skirt Zara: 149,90 | Pink enamelled cloche skirt Nissa: 449,00 lei


Sequin trousers Mango: 199,90 lei | Green velvet trousers Mango: 249,90 | Flared velvet trousers Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | Coloured trousers H&M: 199,90 lei | Velvet and sequin trousers Nissa: 499 lei | Silky trousers Zara: 149,90 lei | Golden laminate trousers Massimo Dutti: 379,00 lei


If you want to change your shoes with a pair suitable for dancing look for a model with a medium and solid heel or one with a low heel (kitten), made out of velvet, satin, with ribbons, crystal appliques or fluff. You can also wear ankle boots made out of lurex, lace, brocade, golden or silver metallic leather.

My recommendations:

Velvet shoes H&M: 129,00 lei | Velvet shoes Anna Cori: 290,00 lei | Burgundy satin shoes Zara: 89,90 lei | Dark-red satin ankle boots Mango: 249,90 lei | Red leather varnished shoes Anna Cori: 280 lei | Ankle boots with embroidery Zara: 199,90 lei | Velvet sandals with fluff Anna Cori: 340,00 lei | Multi-coloured shoes Musette: 279,30 lei | Velvet shoes with veil Mango: 199,90 lei | Black satin shoes with crystals Marks&Spencer: 199,90 lei | Golden shoes Zara: 149,90 lei | Golden sandals Zara: 149,90 lei


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