Summer, at sundown…

For your warm summer evenings we chose a few dreamlike dresses, ideal holiday clothes, exotic prints & of navy inspiration, light and vague shapes. Everything fits in a small luggage, all you have to do is get some tan, take photos and have fun!

Exotic colours

For a memorable night you need the right outfit. Whether you go out for an al fresco dinner, or you’re planning to dance until dawn, a silky maxi dress or a colourful jumpsuit will make you look – and feel! – astonishing. We chose for you three options, following the colours of the sea, sun and hot sand: blue, emerald green, solar yellow and white. Match them with golden sandals, a coloured purse or a mini-bag, with a pair of trendy earrings and your most charming smile. Back in the city, you can stylize and integrate them into an evening event, by wearing a white suit jacket.

Jumpsuit Nissa: 499 lei; dress Mango: 299,99 lei; maxi dress Massimo Dutti: 449 lei

Sophisticated stripes

Your holiday baggage is not complete unless you also pack (at least) one striped piece of clothing. If you prefer a trendy outfit, choose a print with vertical stripes; if it’s easier to match a classic-style outfit, choose horizontal stripes. A navy inspiration overall, a white-striped navy blue skirt or a comfortable maxi knitted dress, are perfect for the evenings when you go for a walk on the seafront; you can wear them with a denim jacket on top or a white cardigan, to cover your shoulders. At the crossroad between casual and stylish, lays a light sweater with white-red horizontal stripes and cropped sleeves or a knitted top with blue, yellow and white stripes that expose your shoulders; they will match just as well with a pair of loose white trousers, but also with short denim trousers, necessarily matched with an Aperol spritz.

Striped jumpsuit H&M: 199 lei; culottes H&M: 79,90 lei; striped sweater Mango: 99,90 lei; Bardot striped top Massimo Dutti: 279 lei; striped maxi dress Nissa: 499 lei

The dress that turns heads

Your tanned, golden skin needs a dress that will make your presence irresistible. Ideal for an evening when you want to feel sexy without any effort, the satin-coloured bronze dress will match perfectly with your curly hair, an oriental scent and comfortable sandals. You will convey the same feeling of lightness and sensuality in a golden dress, simple and loose, or in an undershirt dress in sunset colours.

Satin bronze dress H&M: 159 lei; golden dress Nissa: 799 lei; colourful dress Guess: 396 lei

Maximum comfort: stylistic and thermic

After spending a whole day at the beach, under the hot sun, towards the evening you will want to give your body a breath of fresh air. To avoid the possible mosquito bites, but also to protect your reddish skin, wear a pair of light, vaporous, comfortable, long trousers or culottes. Match them with a simple top and large, coloured earrings.

Loose trousers Mango: 99.90 lei; loose trousers Zara: 199, 99 lei; satin khaki loose trousers H&M: 159.90 lei; dusty pink loose trousers H&M: 159.90 lei


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