Nine things you should buy during summer sales

For the ladies

A pair of shoes for autumn

Even if you’re tempted by a pair of sexy sandals or Moroccan slippers, this sales season will be pragmatic. You are aware of summer holidays expenses, so you decide to invest your budget in the back-to-school wardrobe / back-to-work wardrobe. You should get at least one pair of leather shoes with a snake print or in brown, beige, pink, blue, burgundy, bronze or mustard yellow – because they will suit all autumnal neutral colors in the closet, but also because they are more interesting than a common black shoe …

My recommendations: Beige shoes with solid heel, Il Passo: 349,30 lei | Blue shoes with strap, Il Passo: 224,50 lei | Snake print shoes, Anna Cori: 381,56 lei | Beige loafers with thick sole, Anna Cori: 232,00 lei | Oxford golden shoes with thick sole, Anna Cori: 156,00 lei | Rose-beige shoes Epica, Tezyo: 269,00 lei | snake print shoes with black heel, Musette: 349,50 lei

Simple T-shirts

During the last wardrobe check, you counted no less than 25 colorful dresses and some more skirts in different cuts and shades, 17 pairs of jeans, 9 blouses with different prints … and zero plain, white T-shirts. Because so far, you have not found any style in a quality fabric with a simple and medium length cut and, very importantly, no embellishments, drawings, frills or deep cuts. But now you’ve found some T-shirts, you’ll buy some in black and white. By the end of the summer you will match them with colored skirts, shorts and culottes, and in autumn you will wear them under the office jackets, along with a thin overcoat or a pinafore dress, matching a pair of trousers or under a delicate cardigan.

My recommendations: Simple white cotton T-shirt, H&M: 19,90 lei | white T-shirt, Massimo Dutti: 89,90 lei | white sweater-shirt, Zara: 89,90 lei | white T-shirt, Marks&Spencer: 52,50 lei

Beauty kits

You can keep the miniature ones for city break trips for the next holidays, but also to test those products that tempt you and you’ve read reviews about before buying them full-size. Plus you liked the patterned packaging! The other ones, bought in normal size, you can offer as gifts on various occasions: for an unplanned visit, on a birthday, but especially on Christmas (when you will not have the time to spend in the crowded shops).

My recommendations: Travel Kit with 3 products (hands cream, body cream, feet cream), Sabon: 76,00 lei | Anti-pollution Trial Kit with 3 products (cleanser, moisturising eye cream), Sabon: 78,00 lei | sets of 3 or 4 mini products, L’Occitane: between 30,00 – 69,00 lei (trio Cherry Joie de Vivre – 30,00 lei; trio Shea Butter – 36,00 lei; set with 4 products Verbena – 42,00 lei) | Rituals of Ayurveda set (foam shower gel, body scrub, body cream, soap), Douglas: 116,00 lei | make-up set, The Balm, Douglas: 122,50 lei | Can’t Sleep Set with 2 mini-products (spray and roll-on Deep Sleep) from This Works, Sephora: 47,00 lei | Best of Bright set (cleanser, exfoliating tonic lotion, illuminating face mask) from Pixi, Sephora: 109,00 lei


You already know that a pair of well-chosen sunglasses  not only alters your entire outfit, but it  also transforms your whole presence (you get a glamorous, mysterious note, like  a movie star!). They can be worn with any kind of outfit as long as there’s light outside, but especially because they can easily get through seasons: sunglasses are not only for the summer, but for the rest of the year also. They’re an investment. You will choose them according to your figure, your style, but especially you will avoid the ornamented patterns with frames of unusual or colored shapes that quickly become outdated.

My recommendations: Vogue Sunglasses, Optiplaza: 279,30 lei | Swarovski Sunglasses, Optiplaza: 672,00 lei | Prada Sunglasses, Optiplaza: 992,00 lei | Polaroid Sunglasses, Optiplaza: 202,30 lei | Cat-eye retro sunglasses, Mango: 39,90 lei | oversize sunglasses, Mango: 39,90 lei

A piece signed by a Roman designer

Have you heard about the A-list Designers’ Boutique in Bucharest Mall? It’s a unique initiative in Romania: for three to four weeks, two Romanian brands move their workshop and collections into a special space on the ground floor of the mall. Depending on when you visit the mall, you can see the works of a fashion designer and a leather, wood or wicker bags, a contemporary jewellery designer and a creator specialized in the reinterpretation of traditional Romanian embroidery, a knitwear brand and an office dresses brand. Follow Bucharest Mall’s social media accounts to find out who the designers are his month at Designers’ Boutique.

For the gentleman

New jeans or a new pair of office trousers

If you were the kind to wear a suit, you would know about the best deals and you would buy bought one at half price. But if you wear a jacket or suit only twice a year, you want to have some good pairs of jeans and some trousers that fi in your wardrobe. You don’t hurry and buy items in trendy colors, but  you pay attention to the cut, length and material chosen. Last but not least, you have learned in time that any suit deserves to be adjusted on the wearer’s body to look; and if your pants or jeans are too long, you can stop for ten minutes at the end of the shopping spree at Lava & Cuce so they can be quickly altered.

My recommendations: Navy pants with thin cloth, Massimo Dutti: 149,00 lei | dark green chino pants, Massimo Dutti: 159,00 lei | beige pants with regular fit cotton, Mango Man: 119,90 lei | slim fit blue pants, Mango Man: 89,90 lei | vintage jeans, Mango Man: 74,90 lei | straight fit jeans, Marks&Spencer: 196,00 lei | chino pants, H&M: 99,90 lei | straight fit jeans, Colin’: 99,90 lei | slim cut jeans, Tommy Hilfiger: 399,90 lei

A nice wallet or a new belt

The same amount of attention given to the look and quality of your clothes should also be paid to your accessories. A man’s  elegant and refined style  is not only provided by wearing a watch or sunglasses, but also by his wallet and his belt. You’ve given up the canvas wallet and keeping the money in your pockets as teenagers do for a while now… As a result,  the sales season is a good opportunity to upgrade your leather goods: a new wallet and one or two new belts that will match next season’s wardrobe.

My recommendations: Leather wallet, Massimo Dutti: 239,00 lei | navy wallet made of leather, Musette: 160,30 lei | brown leather wallet, Musette: 155,40 lei |leather strap, Massimo Dutti: 169,00 lei | brown stamped leather strap, Musette: 95,20 lei | navy leather strap, Il Passo: 149,00 lei | cherry leather strap, Anna Cori: 85,00 lei

A beard grooming kit

Shower gel, shampoo, eau de toilette, even an anti-wrinkle cream for the eye area … you have them all on the bathroom shelf. You think that if you’ve been growing your beard for the past months, it would be advisable to take care of it at home, between visits to the barber. The good news is that the beauty industry has also thought about the desires and needs of men …

My recommendations: Face&Stubble Care Set (face washing shampoo, moisturizing cream) Percy Nobleman, Douglas: 189,00 lei | beard oil Percy Nobleman, Douglas: 235,00 lei | beard oil, The Body Shop: 89,00 lei | beard oil Scottish Fine Soaps, Douglas: 55,00 lei | beard care set (beard oil, face soap, moisturizing cream, comb) Fine Scottish Soaps, Douglas: 129,00 lei | beard care set (whiskers wax, beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo) Mr. Bear Family Beard, Douglas: 345,10 lei

New sports equipment

A new pair of sneakers, mountain boots or special climbing shoes, golf shoes, new swimming glasses, a surfboard kit, maybe a new set of badminton rackets or 2-3 new gym T-shirts. You’ve seriously taken up a new sport, you’ve even made a one-year subscription to World Class at the mall!

My recommendations: Golf shoes, Nike: 649,99 lei | Nike Air Bauhaus training sneakers, Nike: 749,00 lei | volleyball & surfboarding shorts, Nike: 209,00 lei | swimming glasses Arena, Intersport: 59,90 lei | Adidas trekking shoes, Intersport: 245,99 lei | triathlon shoes, Salomon, Intersport: 314,99 lei | arm accessory for running, Intersport: 49,90 lei


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