Trend alert: leopard print

It is a well-known fact that leopards, just like chameleons have the talent of camouflaging themselves: you can consider yourself lucky if you see one, during a safari trip to Africa. On the opposite side, when a woman wants to be outstanding, the simplest option is to try on a leopard printed piece: it’s daring, visible, full of personality!

For a long time, this kind of print was labeled as challenging, or as classic, or outdated. Nowadays, after many seasons of being considered as “neutral” – as in suitable to join other colored prints, the leopard print is really trending. What does this mean for our wardrobes? That we are able to wear it in every season, because it gives us numerous styling options, that can be either a discrete or remarkable item in every outfit, depending on how we want to match it… the idea is that we shouldn’t be afraid to wear it, but to make it look suitable for office, weekends or evening outfits. We will help you do that, by doing some fashion magic.

1st recommendation: wear it elegantly, for an office outfit

Despite its reputation of being naughty and easy to notice, the leopard print is unexpectedly neutral when it’s matched to the right items, in the right style. In other words, to integrate it easily without any issues to a day outfit, for the office, choose a leopard print piece in its classic colors (beige background, black, coffee, beige, camel, yellow spots) and complete the outfit with other pieces with semi-elegant, modern-classic, and neutral colors (black, beige, chocolate, burgundy, olive green) cuts.

For instance: a leopard-printed blouse will suit a midi black skirt, a pair of beige trousers or some olive culottes; a leopard printed dress can be worn with a black blazer; a pair of jeans with a simple white shirt. Add some elegant and discrete accessories to the outfit: a golden bracelet, a pair of kitten heels shoes.

In order to keep the touch of professionalism, elegance and decency, avoid to match the leopard print with very tight cuts, pieces in strident colors, lacquered leather, 9 cm taller stiletto heels, lots of golden shiny accessories, a heavy perfume or excessive make-up.

Our office outfit recommendations:

H&M straight shirt: 89.90 lei | Mango simple pullover: 159.90 lei | Mango fine blouse with flounces: 159.90 lei | H&M pleated skirt: 199.00 lei  | Mango simple dress: 249.90 lei | Zara wrapped dress: 149.90 lei  | Zara high waisted jeans: 149.90  | H&M dress with flounces and long sleeves: 59.90 lei


2nd recommendation: bring it to the spotlight, for a cocktail outfit

The secret of your chic and seductive presence is synonym to wearing some items that will give enough contour to your body, without looking vulgar. You can do that using adjusted cuts, fluid materials, carefully placed cutouts, but especially by keeping proportions between how much you cover or let visible of your body.

For example, a leopard printed dress and conic cut, perfectly fit on your hips, but it does not crack no matter how tight it is, it isn’t just sexy, but also ultra-trendy. It is enough to catch the attention or to highlight your presence, without needing any sequins, flounces, or other magic. Match it to a cleavage blouse and long sleeves of black veil and a pair of black stilettos (or some golden sandals with fine strips. If you don’t like skirts, opt for a pair of large and silky trousers, which you can wear with a black silk sleeveless top, with fine braces or easy cut, or for a comfortable dress, that highlights your waist.

Our recommendations for cocktail outfits

BSB Blouse with side node: 235.00 lei | H&M conic skirt: 49.90 lei | Zara long dress: 199.90 lei | Zara large trousers: 149.90 lei | BSB mini dress: 470.00 lei | Nissa cocktail dress: 349.50 lei


3rd recommendation: teach it how to play, in weekend outfits

By discovering its versatility, the designers have planned to make out of the leopard print a reason to wear it at any time of the day, every day. Why should it be kept only for seduction purposes or elegant outfits, when it can be considered playful, modern, dynamic? Hence they have created casual items, suitable for weekend outfits: T-shirts, hoodies, cropped or XXL pullovers, jogger trousers, jackets, overalls. Independently of what you choose, match the printed piece with denim, comfortable cuts and easily masculinised, sport accessories and cool shoes.

Imagine, let’s say, a pair of leopard printed jogger trousers. Put them next to a denim shirt, white or black sneakers with thick sole, sunglasses and a bronze leather bag with belt. Now you can go to the park and meet for a coffee with your classmates.

Our weekend outfit recommendations:

BSB hoodie blouse: 235.00 lei | H&M simple T-shirt: 79.90 | Zara mini skirt: 119.90 lei | BSB joggers: 282.00 lei | H&M straight dress with short sleeves: 89.90 lei |  H&M sport pullover: 99.90 lei


4th recommendation: win its trust, step by step

This is the season of the beginnings and changes: back to school (for the little ones, but also for adults), re-evaluating the projects for the last few months of the year, changing outfits, choosing another diet etc. From a fashion point of view, fall can be the season when you decide to step out of your style comfort zone: you try new colors and textures, you learn how to play with overlays, to test the newest trends, you dare to wear leopard print!

Of course, I do not recommend you dress in leopard print from head to toe – that would be exaggerated! If it’s tempting, but you don’t want to fail/ prefer not to invest to much/ you have no idea what your limits are/ start by introducing leopard print accessories into your daily outfits. They will represent the modern, update touch, with minimal risks.

A pair of ankle boots, ideal for a walk in the park, through the golden leaves carpet. A belt around your waist will give a chic look to a simple black dress. A shoulder bag completes jeans and a plaid shirt. A pendant necklace goes well with a white T-shirt and a pleated cotton jersey skirt.

Our recommendation for accessories:

H&M shoulder bag: 59.90 lei | Anna Cori small bag: 117.00 lei | Zara bag with belt: 199.90 lei | Mssimo Dutti necklace: 149.00 lei | H&M scarf: 89.90 lei | Mango scarf: 69.90 lei  | Zara pleated scarf: 49.90 lei | Zara leather belt: 99.90 lei | Zara leather shoes with kitten heel: 279.90 lei | Mango leather ankle boots: 449.90 lei | Musette boots: 649.00 lei


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