10 summer dresses that will never be old-fashioned

Long or short, bohemian or romantic, for beach times or around the city, the dress should be the common element of all summer outfits. If we had been psychologists, we would say we love it because it’s auto-sufficient, autonomous from a stylistic point of view. It doesn’t have to match anything, it only needs to be minimally accessorized: a pair of sandals, a summer bag, some earrings, a pair of sunglasses or will need a different hairstyle: a pony tail, or braided.

Below, you can find a list of 10 dresses you will be able to wear each year, all summer months, until the end of September (with minimal adjustments: a fine cardigan over the shoulders, an elegant scarf on the neck).

The bohemian dress

…for festivals, for photos in the poppy or sunflower fields, for those days when you leave the beach with hot skin, for the weeks when you feel like wearing sandals without heels.

Zara embroidered dress, like the Romanian blouse: 199,90 lei | H&M tunic dress with paisley blue print: 129.00 lei | Mango maxi dress with bohemian print: 199.00 lei | Mango wavy dress with paisley print: 249.90 lei | BSB dress with stars print: 188.00 lei | Nissa maxi dress with light blue embroidery: 249.50 lei | Nissa beige veil dress with puffed sleeves: 799.00 lei


White lace dress

… because it’s the absolute symbol of summer and it matches sunny mornings, strawberries and barefoot walks in the grass

Zara white lace dress: 249.00 lei | H&M sleeveless shoulders white lace dress: 159.00 lei | H&M cotton and white lace dress: 199.00 lei | Mango white dress with black embroidery: 159.00 lei | BSB white lace maxi dress: 376.00 lei | Nissa white lace dress: 699.00 lei


Striped dress

… because it’s the print that independently of the colours or drawing dimensions, will give an optimistic professionalism to every outfit.

Zara shirt-type striped dress: 149.00 lei | H&M shirt-type striped dress: 129.00 lei | Mango multicoloured striped dress: 249.00 lei | Mango shirt-type multicoloured striped dress (yellow-orange-beige-black- brown): 249.90 lei | Massimo Dutti black and white striped dress: 289.00 lei | Nissa striped dress: 149.50 lei


The weekend dresses

…because every summer has about 14 weekends and you want to be ready to each of them

Zara braces and frontal node: 149.90 lei | H&M kaki dress with embroidery: 139.00 lei | H&M tropical print wrapped dress: 129.00 lei | Mango flax white dress: 199.90 lei | Mango striped dress: 139.90 lei | Massimo Dutti lyocell knitted dress with knot: 379.00 lei | BSB flax striped dress: 188.00 lei | Nissa mini blue dress with pockets: 164.50 lei


The large and ultra-comfy dress

…for hot days, when you only want to feel a breeze, not the texture of a dress

Zara large and ultra-comfy yellow dress with buttons: 119.90 lei | H&M white dress: 99.00 lei | H&M large dress with floral print: 89.90 lei | Mango soft denim light blue dress: 159.90 lei | Massimo Dutti maxi large red dress: 579.00 lei | BSB large blue dress: 164.50 lei | Nissa large flower print dress: 324.50 lei | Nissa black pleated large dress: 599.00 lei


Office colored dress

… so, in the morning you can get dressed in no time, without thinking what exactly you are matching

Zara midi coloured striped dress: 149.90 lei | H&M orange shirt-type dress: 99.00 lei | H&M blue dress with belt: 129.00 lei | Mango polka dots print green dress: 159.90 lei | Mango shirt type multicoloured dress: 249.90 lei | Nissa light blue dress: 249.50 lei | Nissa day dress with belt and floral print: 499.90 lei


The dress with fine braces

…so, everyone can see the freckles on your tanned shoulders

Zara Chocolate brown slip dress: 249.90 lei | H&M lime dress with fine braces: 229.00 lei | H&M dots printed navy dress: 89.90 lei | Mango tie dye printed slip dress: 249.90 lei | BSB flax black dress with tassels: 164.50 lei | Nissa star printed dress with braces: 499.00 lei


Flower printed dress

…because flowers and flounces look like are never getting old, what makes this summer’s dress wearable in other 5 summers

Zara light blue flower printed dress with flounces: 199.90 lei | H&M maxi dress with flower print: 229.00 lei | Mango flax dress with flowers: 199.90 lei | Mango cotton dress with flowers: 199.90 lei | Massimo Dutti floral print dress: 499.00 lei | BSB maxi floral print shirt type dress: 326.50 lei | Nissa dress with flounces: 449.00 lei


A dress for every special occasion

…because there is no summer without an invitation to an event

H&M lace black dress: 279.00 lei | H&M burgundy dress with flounces: 199.00 lei | Zara sequinned dress with metal wire: 249.00 lei  | Mango violet asymmetric dress: 249.90 lei | Mango maxi sequined dress: 849.00 lei | BSB satin blue dress: 232.40 lei | Nissa red dress with flounces: 499.00 lei | Nissa silver pleated dress: 899.00 lei


Simple black dress

…because you do not need a special reason to buy a simple black dress

Zara Black dress with metal wire: 179.90 lei | H&M black dress with long sleeves: 129.00 lei | H&M midi black dress: 129.00 lei | Mango black dress with tweezers: 159.90 lei | Massimo Dutti draped black dress: 449.00 lei | Nissa black dress with pearls: 499.00 lei


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