The summer trouser suit: reinterpreted and on trend

You can wear it at the office. You can wear it in your spare time. You can even wear it at a wedding. This summer, the trouser suit is surprisingly modern, chic and versatile – but moreover, very trendy!

How you can wear it at the office… and after

OK, here’s how you can simplify your morning routine. Take a trouser suit with a modern line, made of linen. Light grey, beige, or light navy – all these are neutral colors suited for a professional environment. Add a white cotton shirt and a pair of white sneakers. Simple and to the point.

Do you have a business meeting scheduled for later? Make your suit more elegant by changing the shirt with a semi-elegant blouse, short sleeve or lace-up style with long straps, and the outfit can be completed with a pair of kitten heels (4-5 cm). Did the air conditioning in the office go mad? Change the shirt with a very thin sweater or a cotton sleeveless turtleneck. Lunch with clients? Signalise your creativity by accessorising the costume with some spectacular earrings. Do you have a meet up with your girlfriends later? No problem – replace the trousers with blue jeans or change the jacket with a thin denim shirt.

My recommendations  @Bucuresti Mall shops:

Blue linen two piece suit, Mango: blazer 299,90 lei + straight trousers 199,90 lei | Blue linen suit, Zara: belt blazer 349,90 lei + wide jogger waist pants, 199,90 lei | Blue striped linen 2 piece suit, Mango: blazer 159,90 lei + trousers 99,90 lei | 2 piece stripes suit, Massimo Dutti: slim fit blazer 679,00 lei + cigarette trousers 329,00 lei | 2 piece beige suit, Mango: blazer 249,90 lei + cropped trousers, 159,90 lei | white cream linen 2 piece suit, H&M: blazer 159,90 lei + trousers 159,90 lei |Linen and cotton Light grey suit, H&M: blazer 279,90 lei + wide fit pants 199,90 lei | light grey checkered suit, Zara: blazer 149,90 lei + cigarette trousers 99,90 lei | navy blue linen and cotton 2 piece suit, Massimo Dutti: belt blazer, 799,00 lei + trousers 329,00 lei


How to wear it at a special occasion

Sophisticated trouser suits are all over fashion runways and, as a result, they have become one of the strongest trends of the season. I recommend choosing a special color instead of a neutral one, that would make the suit ready only for office hours. Get inspired from a color palette similar to spices (saffron yellow, paprika red, cinnamon brown, nutmeg brown) or opt for a pastel color (light yellow, vanilla white, lime, blue or lilac). The color, matched with a modern cut – with shorts, or culottes, with a pleated sleeve blazer and restructured line – will turn this suit away from the classic, sober and very elegant standard.

It is a truly inspired choice if you are invited to a wedding: you will be a trendy show and you will surely feel more comfortable than if you dressed a very elegant dress! My recommendation is to match them to a silky top, a pair of fine sandals and a sparkly envelope bag. If the trousers have a medium length, you can wear them at the office during the week: complete the outfit with a pair of geometric heel sabots and a minimalist bag.

My recommendations @Bucuresti Mall shops:

2 piece vanilla white suit, Mango: blazer, 299,90 lei + cropped trousers 159,90 lei | 2 piece powdered pink suit, H&M: blazer 159,90 lei + Bermuda shorts 129,90 lei | 2 piece lime suit, Zara: one button blazer 149,90 lei + ankle grazer trousers 99,90 lei | 2 piece linen suit, Massimo Dutti: double breasted blazer, 679,00 lei + jogger waist pants, 399,00 lei | dark khaki linen blend suit, H&M: blazer 159,90 lei + belt shorts 129,90 lei | cinnamon brown suit, Marks&Spencer: blazer 275,00 lei + straight trousers 224,90 lei | coral 2 piece suit, Zara: blazer 399,90 lei + bermuda shorts 199,90 lei


How to wear it during the weekend …or when you’re in the mood for a trendy outfit

Colorful trouser suits are the best investment of summer 2019: they are not only easy to wear and match but keep being cool for many seasons; in other words, it is very difficult to become outdated. The most interesting two-piece suits have, as a special note, unexpectedly joyful colors: fruity, acidified or pastel. Any of them have the power to update and cheer up your summer wardrobe.

When you choose a two-piece suit in a vibrant color – yellow, coral, emerald green, orange, purple, red – your presence will look taken out of the pages of fashion magazines, but still anchored in reality. Imagine, for example, separating the two pieces of a yellow suit: on Saturday morning you will match the jacket with white slim jeans or a white pleated skirt, plus low-heeled sandals or woven leather moccasins, and on Sunday afternoon you will wear your pants with a top, spectacular earrings and sunglasses.

My recommendations @Bucuresti Mall shops:

Two piece light purple suit, Mango: double breasted blazer, 199,90 lei + wide fit pants 199,90 lei  | Yellow suit, Zara: double breasted suit, 299,90 lei + cigarette trousers, 149,90 lei | Blue and white striped linen and viscose 2 piece suit, H&M: blazer 199,99 lei + short trousers 89,90 lei | Light green suit with Bermuda shorts, Zara: blazer 249,90 lei+ Bermuda shorts 129,90 lei | Linen and viscose blue print suit , H&M: blazer 159,90 lei + short trousers 99,90 lei | Cobalt blue suit, Zara: blazer 399, 90 lei + cigarette trousers 99,90 lei

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