Five bras you need every summer

Summer rhymes with uncovered skin and shoulders, emphasised cleavages, naked back and…. badly chosen bra straps.

Even if, when it comes to underwear, everyone chooses whatever they think is more suitable, one of the most frequent fashion mistakes is to believe that we can neglect the bras and slips, because they are not visible and the outfit, the clothes that cover them are the most important. It is a huge mistake!

In reality, the warm season brings following problems: the fine straps of a silky sleeveless top, the deep grooves of a blouse in the armpit area, dresses with cut shoulders, T-shirts made of fine fabric, the semi-transparent shirts: each of them will emphasise all that is unaesthetic of a bra (the thick seams, the underwires, the label, the lace that comes out too obvious, the wrong size of the circumference band, the cups).

To make your underwear drawer more organized, you can find below five types of bras that will match your entire summer outfit. Good luck shopping!

For a top adjusted on your body, choose a classic bra, that combines a good support with the fine features of some details (thin underwires, the fabric coming out a little bit, the cups made of thin sponges). Another option are “second skin” bras, made of smooth microfiber, with or without pre-formed cups. When wearing this type of tight blouse (sleeveless top, t-shirt), forget about push-up bras (they will make the entire outfit look a bit vulgar), of the ones with lace and bulky embroidery, thick underwire, cups too full that cover the bust entirely or seams that end right next to the nipple. The desired effect is of “invisible lingerie”.

Our recommendations: a H&M wire free bra (set of two, pink and black): 59.90 lei | a Triumph wireless SuperSoft bra: 195.00 lei | a Triumph pink-coral Body Make-up Essentials bra: 139.90 lei | a Marks & Spencer Sumptuously Soft light blue bra: 129.00 lei | a Penti grey DayLift bra: 59.90 lei


For a bralette or a top with fine straps, choose a bandeau type bra (bralette), which will make it look discrete. Do not use transparent straps, they are visible and they make the entire outfit look cheap. If you have big breasts and your bras need support, look for a bralette-bra with thick circumference band and strong underwires. On the other hand, if you have small breasts, go for a bralette-bra with pre-formed cups or, depending on the material and the volume of the blouse, a bralette with small folds; they give the cleavage a little more volume.

Our recommendations: a H&M cotton bralette (set of two, white and black): 59.90 lei | a H&M strapless push-up bra: 89.90 lei  | a Penti Basic Strapless beige bralette-bra: 49.90 lei | a black Penti Black Lotus bra: 75.00 lei | a Triumph Sloggi Zero Lace bra: 168.90 lei

For a naked back dress or blouse, choose a bra whose band can be lowered down under the blades or a transformable bra model. The latter one is ideal: you can tie and move the straps depending on the dress’ construction: in X, asymmetrical on one shoulder, tie it around the neck, or you can even move them so you can tight them up around the waist, leaving the entire back naked. Another option is auto adhesive silicon bras, with cups that are fixed on the skin. They are discrete, it is true, but it is risky to wear them during the summer because the sweat can unstick them.

Our recommendations: Marks&Spencer convertible 100 ways to wear bra: 129.00 lei | a Penti push-up Black Back Free bra: 90.00 lei | a Triumph Body Make-up Essential bra with convertible straps: 215.00 lei | H&M silicon adhesive cups: 59.90 lei


For a semi-transparent piece, choose a minimalist bra, that is not full of lace details, embroidery or other textures. Cotton and microfiber bras are the main recommendation, followed by simple bralettes or balconette bras (the bras which have cups cut horizontally in the upper part, not diagonally. Also, under a semi-transparent blouse, a fine bra with triangle cup, or a bra that covers the breasts entirely, but lets a nice lace come out from the deep cleavage….

Our recommendations: Penti My Form bra: 99.90 lei | Penti My flex minimalist white bra: 59.90 lei  | Autograph by Marks and Spencer peachy pink bra: 145.00 lei


For a simple white shirt, choose a skin color bra (for office wear), or black (in the evening). These are the easiest options. Interesting fact, although most people would choose a white bra for a white shirt, this combination is considered today as old-fashioned. Separately from office or evening outfits, when wearing the white shirt during the weekend (with shorts, over the swimsuit, with a maxi skirt, with a comfy jumpsuit), you can wear a colored bra, with the most joyful shades or summer prints: coral, yellow, turquoise, orange, cherry, flowers, palm leaves…

Our recommendations: Penti floral print bra: 85.90 lei | Penti cherry print bra: 59.90 lei | H&M lime balconette bra: 39.90 lei | H&M light blue push-up bra: 79.90 lei | Sloggi by Triumph turquoise bra: 139.00 lei


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