January sales: what to buy

Are you looking for a shopping tour, a wardrobe upgrade, a few pieces to quickly revitalize your outfits? I found for you some practical and easy to match pieces that will give a new face to your style.

If December is by far the month we invest in gifts for loved ones and we spend most of the time decorating the house, visiting and socializing, January is the month we do a reality check: we check our cards, we collect bills, plan budgets …

Moreover, January is the month when we re-organize and sort our wardrobes, check what clothing items (too worn, damaged, too big, too small) must be replaced, make top of the clothes and accessories we want and in which we invest.

After visiting the  stores in Bucuresti Mall, I put together a list of timeless chic and fashionable pieces, suited to any style and wardrobe, which are now on sale – so the temptation is multiplied! But for each of them we find a justification …

A classic coat

… because we will wear it for years, without its style becoming outdated

Grey structured coat, Mango: 239,00 lei | grey coat, Zara: 299,90 lei | beige wool coat, Mango: 499,00 lei | black wool coat, Massimo Dutti: 899,00 lei | black and white checkered coat, Zara: 249,90 lei | burgundy wool coat H&M: 349,99 lei | beige coat with recycled wool belt, H&M: 399,99 lei

A quilted jacket

… because cold days are yet to come

Red quilted jacket, Mango: 299,00 lei | blue quilted jacket, Mango: 299,00 lei | beige quilted and rainproof jacket Zara: 149,90 lei | quilted jacket, H&M: 79,90 lei | parka with hoodie, H&M:159,99 lei | light weight quilted jacket, Marks&Spencer: 119,00 lei | red quilted jacket, Marks&Spencer: 139,90 lei

An elegant and feminine dress, for evening or special events

… to be prepared by St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, this summer’s weddings or surprise-parties during the year

Black lace midi dress, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | green maxi dress, Mango: 159,00 lei | black maxi dress with metallic silver thread, Mango: 99,00 lei | pastel pink maxi dress, Mango: 99,00 lei | yellow chiffon asymmetrical dress, Mango: 159,00 lei | black satin dress, Zara: 79,90 lei | silver dress with straps, Zara: 79,90 lei | satin violet dress, Zara: 79,90 lei | mini sequinned dress, H&M: 95,99 lei | burgundy lace dress, H&M: 111,99 lei

A boucle fabric Chanel inspired jacket

because it will be one of the star pieces of spring 2020 and we’ll be ahead of trends

Black boucle fabric jacket, Massimo Dutti: 479,00 lei | tweed boucle jacket with metallic thread, Mango: 99,90 lei | black&white tweed classic jacket, Mango: 199,90 lei | black classic jacket with buttons, Mango: 159,90 lei |  double breasted jacket, Zara: 149,90 lei | black tweed jacket with golden buttons H&M: 199,99 lei

A piece in the classic Blue shade, the star of 2020

… because blue matches any color and we will keep it in the wardrobe for a long time

Blue corduroy velvet jacket, Mango: 159,90 lei | blue sweater, Mango: 79,90 lei | wool and cashmere loose sweater, Massimo Dutti: 479,00 lei | blue lace dress, Mango: 159,90 lei | blue jacket, Zara: 149,90 lei | satin evening jacket, Zara: 79,90 lei | tulle blouse with flower decorations, Zara: 79,90 lei | high neck blouse with flowery print, H&M: 59,99 lei | blue satin dress, H&M: 129,99 lei | blue leather bag with strap, Musette: 324,50 lei

A small shoulder bag

… because it is practical and we don’t have to hold it when shopping

Leather bag with strap, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | black leather bag with golden buckles, Mango: 79,90 lei | brown frilled bag, Mango: 99,90 lei | bag with lid decorations, Zara: 59,90 lei | khaki bag with golden chain H&M: 89,99 lei | orange bag with strap, Marks&Spencer: 39,90 lei | yellow leather bag with strap, Anna Cori: 312,00 lei | burgundy bag with strap, Musette: 524,30 lei


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