The must-have piece during springtime: the trench

A well-maintained, versatile and useful wardrobe does not mean one full of clothes, but one which contains clothes suitable for any occasion, so that a special invitation does not take you by surprise.

This being said, there is a must-have piece that I recommend to all women, especially during spring: the trench. I have three rational, not only styling reasons for my recommendation.

– Although rainy days seem left behind, you can wear a trench on a cooler evening, when cardigan seems too wintry, and the denim jacket too light. Oh and before I forget: you will be able to wear the classic gabardine trench even during fall. On the contrary, a fluid viscose or a lyocell light trench can be worn as a wrap dress.

– Romanian spring is short, and the temperatures go up quickly, but it is also the perfect season to go on city breaks. You will need a trench for a city break in Dublin, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London or any other city closer to the North.

– A well chosen trench model will go old-fashion slowly (there are big chances to wear it in 10-12 years’ time), which means it will be one of your best style investments. You will wear it for both casual outfits and over cocktail dresses.

Going back to styling arguments, I have noticed that every woman has a style reference regarding this indispensable piece Not only because it is a chameleonic coat of this season, but more because it is classic, long-lasting and neutral. It showcases a phenomenal simplicity, it is so elegant that is long-lasting. Most of us imagine that once we have worn a trench once, we transformed into a fine parizian, Ines from Fressange, or Audrey Hepburn, or Alexa Chung.

However, before presenting to you the models I recommend for shopping, here are some alternative ways of wearing the trench in a non-classical manner.

You wear it unbuttoned over a coloured silk or lace, with knotted string, not through the buckle. The femininity of the dress will be highlighted by the masculine details (the epaulettes, buttons, the visible seam).

You choose to have it in a colour and a less common texture. It is true that beige, navy blue and kaki, neutral shades will suit any colour and prints. On the other hand, you can choose dark green, emerald, pink, yellow, black and white, burgundy, golden, red plaids with patent finish leather sleeves, with other fabrics insertions.

Use the classic trench line to put it in contrast with another piece or with more modern accessories: sneakers, an asymmetric dress, cropped trousers, a bell-shaped skirt from coloured taffeta etc.

For a Parisian look, roll-up the sleeves and push them to the armpit. The alternative is to lift up the collar a bit.

Choose a shorter trench, that stops at the half of your thighs, if you are short (under 1.64 m) or if you mostly wear sports, casual outfits. The classic length, a bit above, a bit below the knee) is universally flattering: it will suit your office outfits, and smart casual ones, but they also allow a midi cocktail dress to be placed over it.

You can find my Bucuresti Mall shopping recommendations below:

Classic trenches

Zara beige ecru trench with side insertion: 249.90 lei | H&M beige trench: 299 lei | Marks & Spencer’s classic beige trench: 449.00 lei | Zara olive green trench: 299.90 lei | Massimo Dutti Prince of Wales plaid trench: 1.199 lei | Massimo Dutti camel beige: 679.00 lei | Mango navy blue string trench: 299.90 lei


Coloured trenches

Zara pink trench: 249.90 lei | Massimo Dutti blush pink trench: 679.00 lei | H&M emerald green trench: 279.00 lei | Marks & Spencer’s red trench: 449.90 lei | Marks & Spencer’s black and white plaid trench: 249.00 lei| Mango light blue denim trench: 399.00 lei


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