The red sweater: 3 styling combinations

When you decide to prepare the wardrobe for the cold season, start with the essential pieces. After buying a quality overcoat, a light but warm jacket, 2 pair of shoes or boots, you definitely have to buy a colored sweater. Red is winter’s color and can be the solution for many outfits, very different stylistically, that you will wear from now until… after Valentine’s Day! Below you’ll find three outfit options based on the red sweater, which i hope will inspire you!

Refresh, from 9 to 5

Usually, the pieces that we choose for office outfits are in neutral colors: blue, grey, beige, black. Now is the time to rethink the color palette of your wardrobe: a simple red sweater can be easily used and will bring the necessary touch of vitality to the outfits designed for cold days. Moreover, the sweater is the ideal piece for layering: it’s necessary for when you are outside the office, yet you can get rid of it as soon as you get inside.

A red sweater can be worn over a white shirt with large cuffs, looks good with a grey dress and matches exquisitely with a pair of check trousers.

My recommendations:
Red sweater with flared sleeves Mango: 119,90 lei 
Finely knitted sweater H&M: 159,00 lei 
Red cashmere sweater Marks&Spencer: 425,00 lei


Refinement, for the weekend

Instead of matching it with the timeless jeans, during the weekend you can wear a red sweater (with a high collar or knitted torsade) with a flared skirt, in check or printed, just as French women do. Continue your outfit with a pair of warm dark colored stockings and ankle boots with a low heel, and instead of the overcoat or jacket, wear an army style short coat, with 2 rows of buttons. To obtain an outfit with a touch of color, pull up the coat’s sleeves so that the sweater’s cuffs can be visible. Add a knitted cap and oh la la, you are ready for a walk in the park, for having a coffee at a terrace or for a last photo session with the golden leaves, on Instagram.

My recommendations:
Red torsade sweater H&M: 159,00 lei 
Red sweater Hugo (in Collective shop): 439,00 lei 
Red torsade sweater and rolled up collar Massimo Dutti: 379,00 lei


Modern style, for festive outfits

Knitwear and midi skirts are, as they say, “a match made in heaven”. Instead of wearing a classic dress at the next party, choose a red sweater (with lurex threads or another seductive detail – low-cut back, low-cut or bare shoulders), worn with a statement skirt (tulle, brocade, sequin or velvet). The amazing texture of the skirt will boost the sweater to the level of elegance desired. To complete the outfit, you need some flashy elements: evening earrings, a fashionable purse and a pair of high hell shoes.

My recommendations:
Red sweater with low-cut back Mango: 159,90 lei
Red sweater with lurex H&M: 89,90 lei
Sweater with back contrasting ribbon Massimo Dutti: 169,00 lei


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