2017 autumn overcoats

If we have to suggest a single wardrobe piece that you can wear more than 6 months per year, that would be the topcoat, overcoat or coat (followed by jeans, of course, but that’s another story…). You will start wearing them this season, by the end of fall, and by changing the outfit and accessories, you’ll hang them back into the closet only by the end of March. Choose them carefully and invest in a distinctive style and a special material, by treating them as a true investment.

Because that’s what they are, the clothes for fall-winter. The topcoat, overcoat or coat that you choose must be comfortable and light, but also warm; preferably to match many outfits, not only at the office, but also during the weekend or to an evening event; is the coat that shapes your figure and adds an urban elegant discretion, to stand out from the crowd. And definitely not, a single black coat can’t cover all these requirements!

Below, we have in mind a selection of fashionable topcoats and coats for the 2017 fall season.

#1 Classic coat, in British masculine style

Style and proportions are essential: sharp lapels, 2 rows of buttons, well-arranged pleats, straight cut sleeves and a seam that stops above the knee. Most of the time, you will find this type of coat made out of a woolen texture with a check pattern: in beige and grey colors (Prince de Galles), crossed by yellow, blue, green or red threads, or with a black and white pattern (hounds tooth or pied-de-coq). Their semi formal and casual style makes them the perfect substitute for casual weekend jackets, especially during late fall. They look great with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots with elegant heels (the masculine-feminine combination is always in trend), but they look just as good with slim trousers and masculine shoes with shoelaces or with a casual knitted dress and ankle boots with low heels.

My recommendations:
Fabric coat with pied-de-coq pattern H&M: 399,00 lei
Woolen fabric coat grey and red Mango: 549,90 lei
Check coat Zara: 399,90 lei
Short woolen coat Massimo Dutti: 899,90 lei

#2 Colored topcoats and coats

If you already have in your wardrobe a black winter coat, dark grey or navy blue, this season dare to experience the next stylistic level. The topcoats, overcoats and coats made out of colored textile maintain their stylish-classic cut, are available in a variety of lengths and shapes (dressing gown type topcoat, with wide lapels and belt around waist; straight and masculine, short or cropped, with 2 rows of buttons; curved around the waist and a bit flared), but what distinguishes them is the multitude of colors. Red is the star color for the 2017 cold season, but the chromatic palette continues with dusty pink, yellow, lilac, sky blue, cobalt blue, dark green, burgundy, turquoise, orange…

My recommendations:
Red woolen topcoat H&M: 399,90 lei
Pink and fuchsia coat Mango: 399,90 lei
Green woolen coat Massimo Dutti: 899,00 lei
Red woolen coat Marks&Spencer: 700 lei
Orange coat Zara: 749,90 lei
Red woolen coat Stefanel: 1.800 lei
Blue woolen topcoat Mango: 399,90 lei

#3 Coloured fur coat

One of of the key trends this fall are the original and tactile materials, in strong colors: velvet, brocade, colored synthetic fur, tweed in large and colored checks. A coat made of synthetic fur, although may seem difficult to wear, is the perfect companion for the outfits created in a casual, minimalist and modern style (for example, with a pair of black jeans, a black polo-neck and varnished black boots). The colored fur coat, short under the waist or long over the knee, becomes that stylish element, that touch of color that helps outfits go from casual to party ones, from an urban style to one inspired from the catwalk. However, it’s good to keep in mind, that this type of coat is destined for casual-cool outfits; it doesn’t fit the daily, office outfits.

My recommendations:
Red coat Mango: 549,90 lei
Turquoise jacket Mango: 299,90 lei 
Purple fur jacket Mango: 399,90 lei 
Burgundy fur coat Zara: 349,90 lei 
Topcoat with animal print fur H&M: 399,00 lei 
Blue fur jacket Guess: 890,00 lei


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