Four styles and new outfits for the last month of winter

A thing is for sure: after more than 2 months of cold, we are all bored of our winter wardrobes. Because of this, we thought of four outfit options – comfy, warm, funny and of course, stylish, which will take you out of the jeans and pullover routine, through accents of color, unexpected overlays and wearing some spring pieces.

Outfit #1: The jumpsuit, even on cold days

You might already be the master in the art of overlaying a midi dress over a light turtleneck, but have you tried to apply the same principle in case of a jumpsuit? The beauty of this styling technique is that you can use it now, even if you bought it for spring. Or you can use it especially now, giving overlays a more modern note that its simple casual use. Integrate it now in outfits, what are you waiting for? Complete the outfit with ankle boots, cowboy boots, or sport shoes, depending on the weather forecast, and over wear a suit mantle, or a short artificial fur coat.

Our recommendations:
Mango cream cotton jumpsuit: 79.90 lei (fall- winter season ’18) | H&M black jumpsuit: 199.00 lei | BSB floral print jumpsuit: 211.50 lei | Stefanel navy blue knitted jumpsuit: 449.50 lei  | Mango cropped green jumpsuit: 79.90 lei (fall – winter ’18) | Mango kaki jumpsuit: 79.90 lei (fall – winter ’18) | Zara black jumpsuit: 199.90 lei  | Mango grey jumpsuit: 249.90 lei (new season)


Outfit #2 : Reinvent the hoodie

When temperatures go towards zero and your warm hoodie gives you signs that you should wear it, don’t go automatically for a pair of jeans! Instead, match the hoodie with a colored, leopard print or a precious fabric pleated or cloche skirt! It will be feminine enough or perfect for a lunch with your friends or a Friday at the office, but comfortable and warm enough. Complete the outfit with thick tights and long boots with no heels, and when the weather gets warmer, re-use the outfit, wearing stockings or fishnet tights or sneakers. You might like it so much to make it your spring uniform!

Our recommendations:
H&M Sunday yellow hoodie: 99.90 lei | H&M Friends grey goodie: 99.99 lei | Collective Love Scotch&Soda black hoodie: 244.99 lei | H&M Au Revoir molton white blouse: 89.90 lei  | The devil wears Prada hoodie: 119.90 lei | Nike Swoosh multicolored hoodie: 181.99 lei  | Zara velour pink hoodie: 79.90 lei | Mango hoodie with embroidered pig: 99.90 lei

H&M animal print satin midi skirt: 99.99 lei  | Guess light blue cloche skirt: 347.99 lei | H&M snake print pleated skirt: 129.90 lei | H&M leopard print midi pleated skirt: 129.90 lei | Zara snake print skirt: 149.90 lei | Collective Ted Baker brocade skirt: 699.99 lei  | Collective Boss Casual pink skirt: 539.99 lei


Outfit #3: Rediscover overlayers, with the help of blazers, denim jackets and quilted vest

If you followed the Paris Fashion Shows, you’ve noticed that Balenciaga, Vetements and Lemaire have proposed wearing simultaneously more clothing items. With minimum effort, you can duplicate those looks and you can bring them closer to the stylistic reality of an ordinary day. Your outfits will also have a “strategic” component (more clothes layers mean a warmer outfit, according to thermo physics), but will also have a news element, from the trends. Moreover, this is a version of wearing some new season pieces, before the weather gets warmer. Start by building an outfit on your taste, to which before wearing your puff jacket or coat, add either the suit blazer (with a classic masculine cut or round revers), or a denim jacket, or a light quilted vest, light as a flake. Easy, right?

Our recommendations
Massimo Dutti quilted jacket with polka dots: 399.00 lei | Massimo Dutti quilted bomber jacket: 399.00 lei | Mango quilted pink shirt with detachable hood: 79.90 lei | Zara short quilted jacket: 199.90 lei  | Zara denim simple jacket: 129.90 lei | Massimo Dutti linen suit blazer: 679.00 lei | Nissa elegant blazer: 749.00 lei


Outfit #4: Make your outfit funny adding a spot of colour

Oversized and multicolored scarves have been one of the biggest trends of winter 2018, and the proportions and colors continue in spring 2019. Colors will be livelier, prints more visible. To add value differently to the winter jacket, add accessories with a strong visual impact; your presence will be suddenly be noticed. You can wear a scarf in various colors, but also a pair of colored gloves or a beret in a nice shade. February mornings won’t seem as dreary!

Our recommendations:
Mango yellow plaid scarf: 79.90 lei | Mango burgundy – turquoise multicolored scarf: 79.90 lei | Massimo Dutti silk scarf with floral print: 239.00 lei  | Zara red scarf with leopard print: 99.90 lei | Mango coral scarf with texture: 39.90 lei | H&M linen felt blue beret: 39.90 lei  | H&M red knitted cap: 22.90 lei | Zara red linen beret: 59.90 lei | Zara sailor type cap: 89.90 lei | Collective Ted Baker burgundy hat: 144.99 lei | Musette semi-long red gloves: 279.20 lei


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