Men wear – which coat suits you?

Choosing and buying a coat for the colder periods of the year – whether we are talking about a spring time trench, a fall mantle or a winter puff jacket – they are the equivalent of a stylistic investment. These are the type of clothes you will wear for several seasons; the cost will be reduced depending on how many you have and how often you will wear them. This means you need to identify the quality of materials, but also a style that would represent you and could match your activities. I would like to show you below five clothing items necessary to any men wardrobe: choose one or more that really suit you.

Short sailor coat: the pea-coat or the coat of a navigator around the world

With a traditional cut and a sporty look, the short navy coat, with two rows of buttons and thick revers will remain for years a key piece of your wardrobe. It suits you independently of your age, height and athletic constitution. For the ones who are taller and slim this coat makes their shoulders look wider; for the ones who are shorter and wiry, makes them look taller, and the ones who are fat makes them look a bit more athletic.

If you like this kind of coat, choose a navy or a black one, made of a beautiful suit and a colored lining. Look for a model with interior pocket, buttons with a highlighted symbol (it is a coat worn traditionally by sailors, so it is possible to find buttons decorated with anchors) and a medium length. It is a coat suitable both for casual outfits (jeans, ribbed velvet trousers or doc, matching pullovers, cardigans or checkered shirts), but you can also wear it over the office outfit.

Our recommendations:
H&M sailor style grey suit jacket: 299.00 lei (also available on black) | Mango sailor style coat with two rows of buttons: 449.90 lei  | Mango beige suit pea coat: 449.90 lei  | Marks &Spencer navy pea woollen coat : 449.00 lei


British suit coat: combining aristocratic refinement and eccentricity

This type of coat suits men who wish to stand out from the crowd with style and elegance. It does not mean they are vain, they are just looking for a stylistic identity. This coat will have an elegant and modern cut, a straight or slightly arched, and most probably, will be cut from a cloth with personality: textured or in two colors, like a traditional English tweed.

The revers will be sharp and long, which will contribute not only to the refinement look of the coat, but also to creating the illusion of a more flexible, young structure of the body. You can wear this coat over your best suit: at the office, but also to an evening event, with a specific dress code.

Our recommendations:
H&M British style plaid suit coat: 399.00 lei | Mango linen beige coat: 649.90 lei  | Massimo Dutti navy plaid coat: 1199.00 lei  | Zara plaid British coat: 449.90 lei


Parka or hooded puff jacket: for weekends with adrenalin

You are the type of person who loves nature and you spend a lot of time in fresh air, no matter the weather, you do sports, you walk a lot, you are always going on mountain trips. This type of jacket is very comfortable, warm, has a more modern line than classic puff jackets. Teenagers and older men will prefer those ones.

Generally speaking, the parkas are cut from thermostatic fibers and will have numerous internal practical details such as pockets of different sizes and depths, hidden zippers, maybe they will have a detachable hood, a quilted jacket or a double layer of lining, like a hoodie.

Our recommendations:
H&M wadded parka with a vest: 499.00 lei | H&M parka with artificial fur collar: 399.00 lei | Mango coat with detachable hood: 499.90 lei  | Massimo Dutti kaki parka with adjustable and detachable hood: 799.00 lei | Massimo Dutti jacket with detachable vest: 799.00 lei


Urban trench: the definition of the cool factor and the always young man

Cool and at the same time something that never gets old, minimalist and practical. It’s the type of masculine jacket that says: „I am done with university and boy wardrobe”. That is correct, because once you wear a trench you could never go back to the common sport coat! No matter the color, the beige is classic, olive green and navy are modern, black is sober, the trench will be cut from a doc resistant to the wind and rain, and will have specific details (epaulettes, belt, uni or plaid lining, thick revers).

If you prefer casual outfits, choose a short trench; if you have in your wardrobe more shirts, smart casual outfits and elegant trousers, opt for a medium-length model. It will suit your jeans as well, don’t worry.

Our recommendations:
H&M twill beige trench: 399.99 lei | H&M waterproof mantle: 299.99 lei | Mango technical material beige trench: 499.90 lei | Zara light beige waterproof trench: 449.90 lei | Gant short sport trench: 1.645,00 lei  | Bigotti short navy trench: 395 lei


Slim cut mantle: the sprezzatura of a modern, unselfconscious and charming gentleman

Thanks to its modern and very elegant cut, wearing this mantle you have a special, nonchalant attitude and you give the impression of a man who not only knows about wine, gourmet restaurants, luxurious watches and financial investments, but who is also fashionable. This mantle suggests it’s been made by a private tailor, the quality of a linen suit and Italian cashmere, the confidence of a man who knows to match his accessories and outfits to any context.

In order to keep the ultra-sophisticated look, search for a model with simple and narrow revers, with a slim line, who will give a formal, distinguished and reserved look.

Our recommendations:
H&M black slim cut mantle: 399.99 lei  | Mango linen mantle: 549.90 lei  | Mango grey slim cut mantle: 549.90 lei  | Zara slim navy mantle: 499.90 lei  | Marks & Spencer slim cut camel beige mantle: 549.00 lei


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