The summer holiday luggage

Holidays on the sea shore, a short escape in a dream town, a cruise week or a few days in a luxury hotel. Before relaxing on vacation – regardless of the period or destination chosen, we face the same stress: luggage. Over the years, we’ve taken either too much stuff or less, we’ve forgotten something essential at home or we’ve been unpacking so many times, that we can say by heart that we’ve become almost experts in “the art of packing “.

Last week, at the “Summer Baggage” workshop organized by Bucuresti Mall, we talked to Irina Markovits (style consultant and the founder of the blog) about vacations, style, shopping and stress-free luggage.

Here are 4 of her recommendations:

1. See your holiday as a number of outfits, not days

Give up the idea of ​​wearing one outfit (or even 2) every day; you will only pack too many clothes in your luggage. Instead, think about the activities that you’ll be doing and pick 2-3 versatile clothing items, as a starting point for more outfits.

For example, one week at the sea means, beside getting tanned, 6 evenings in which you will drink cocktails and enjoy an al fresco dinner. But that does not mean 6 completely different outfits. Choose a few separate pieces and apply the mix & match principle. It can be a pair of loose and fluffy trousers, to wear in the morning over the swimsuit, and in the evening, match them with a satin undershirt, a top with bare shoulders, a light sweater or a navy striped t-shirt.  Therefore: 1 single pair of trousers, 4 tops plus a few accessories for each of them.

2. Use your dresses

Dresses are the secret weapon of women used to long and frequent travels. For summer holidays, choose pattern materials that do not wrinkle easily (denim chambray, cotton knit, polyester and viscose blend, etc.) and occupy little space in your luggage. You cheat a little, but this way you can take some with you.

For example, you can pack some simple cotton knit or coloured kaftan dresses, in different colours. You easily wear them over your swimsuit, but just as well, you can wear them for a walk in a bazaar, a wine tasting, or a visit in the town nearby where you spend your holiday. Ultimately, you can combine such a short t-shirt dress or a kaftan, with a pair of short trousers or jeans if the weather gets cooler. Finally, pack a long, vaporous dress for the romantic evenings (or for the days you got sunburn and you want to protect the skin from your legs).

3. Pack a minimum selection of shoes

A tricky problem, because many women pack in their luggage more pairs of sandals, than they actually need for holiday. My recommendation is to analyse your luggage with maximum realism: if you are going to walk on cobblestone streets or the seafront, you do not need sandals with heels; if you do nothing but stay on the beach, it’s no point taking 4 different pairs of slippers…

Therefore, only the necessary things: a pair of sneakers or trainers during the journey (on the plane, on the train, in the car); a pair of slippers for the swimming pool and / or beach; a pair of ultra-comfortable gladiator sandals for whatever you have to do during the day and a pair of metallic sandals, without heels or low heels, for the evening. That’s all.

4. Choose a comfortable and quality swimsuit

Forget, for the time being, all those rules that guide you on how to choose the swimsuit, in order to obtain the illusion of longer legs, narrow shoulders, fuller breasts or an ultra-flat abdomen. Realistically speaking, a swimsuit means two small pieces of cloth destined to uncover, not to cover you. So relax and wear a swimsuit in which you feel good, that’s all. Not a single person on the beach will study you from tip to toe, as you imagine.

Think, therefore, if you prefer a bra with push up or a soft one? High waist slips or a full swimsuit with side cuts? A colourful and cheerful bikini or with an exotic print, or a uni swimsuit, of a darker colour, that is more elegant? Eventually, pack in your luggage two swimsuits in different styles; you can alternate them on the beach, thus getting tanned without very obvious lines.


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