In hygge style

If you haven’t heard the word “hygge” lately, it means that you are not up to date with the latest lifestyle trends. Pronounced “hu-ga”, the word comes from Danish and it means, approximately, “to enjoy moments of comfort and relaxation” that you share with people or places. Is a feeling that you can experience when enfolding in a blanket, when wearing cozy and soft homey clothes, when creating a warm light in the bedroom or living room, when being surrounded by friends and playing good music in the background. It’s about moments of intimacy and joy, lived with simplicity.

The concept is not new in Denmark, but since last winter it spread all over the world. There are over 1.5 million photos on Instagram under the hashtag #hygge, all lifestyle and interior design magazines have published articles on the subject “the art of living in Danish style”, and during this period libraries register great sales on books that debate the subject and explain how to recreate the hygge atmosphere, how to embrace the hygge style, how to decorate in hygge style. And because the nights are already long and cold, how can you resist the invitation of getting into bed with one of the two books listed below? These are among the best selling books about Hygge and you can find them at Diverta library.

My recommendations:
Small Hygge encyclopedia, by Meik Wiking, Litera publishing house – 35 lei
Book about Hygge, by Louisa Thomsen Brits, Publica publishing house – 37,05 lei


The “hygge” stylistic inspiration comes from Scandinavian bloggers. Our advice is to follow closely Isabella Thorsden. Her passion for fluffy knitwear, knitted salwars, soft cotton casual t-shirts, sophisticated overlaps and minimalist jewelry make her outfits easy to try for the moments when you want to dress comfortable, but not sloppy. To obtain her hygge outfits, start by buying a pair of jogger trousers (like training ones, but a bit more stylish), made out of velvet, polar or a quality knitted textile. The next purchase: a large sweater, an oversized sweatshirt or a mohair or cashmere cardigan, to wear over the undershirt. Pick them in delicate shades (dusty pink, cream white, light grey) and certainly one size bigger than the one you are usually wearing.

My recommendations:
Pink velvet oversized sweatshirt H&M: 129 lei |Velvet jogger trousers Marks&Spencer: 139 lei
Check white-red pyjama Marks&Spencer: 145 lei | Pink velvet kimono H&M: 129 lei
Pink-beige socks Penti: 29,90 lei | Beige-white socks Penti: 29,90 lei 
Warmy plush socks H&M: 39 lei | Pack of 2 warmy socks H&M: 39,90 lei
Knitted slippers Marks&Spencer: 120 lei


Winter nights and cold weather mean more time spent inside, mostly at home. The “hygge” style invites you to transform your home – bed or couch – in a sanctuary dedicated to comfort and warmth. Hygge means to surround yourself by pillows with velvet covers or knitted wool, or to have at hand a fluffy blanket on your favorite armchair. You can add textures and prints, but the Scandinavian style suggests a discreet and reserved chromatic range. Try the colors beige and grey, big checks and long fringes, fur textures or embossed knitwear.

My recommendations:
Bed linen set, English Home: 130 lei
Blanket, English Home: 75 lei


Danish people are known to be among the biggest candle lovers, on a global level: 6 kilos of wax/person/year. That’s because the light – diffuse, golden, warm – is essential for creating the hygge atmosphere. Whether you prefer candles that are simple, white and without scent, or you choose the ones that delight you with the smell of cinnamon, baked apple, pine or chocolate, the idea is to light some candles just after nightfall (after 5 o’clock in the afternoon). You can obtain the same perfumed atmosphere by using interior fragrances with specific sleep scents or some that make you think about holidays: mint and orange, roses and amber, apple pie, sandalwood, vanilla.

My recommendations:
Scented candle The Fire Place, Sabon: 98 lei
Interior fragrance The Fire Place, Sabon (500 ml): 230 lei


Finally, there’s no need to completely redecorate the house to make it hygge. Few small details are enough to transform the moments spent with the family: your favorite mug, a spiced tea enjoyed at ease, a foam bath, enjoying a magazine or a photo album. Each activity will change your mood and fill the cold nights with peace of mind.

My recommendations:
Tea set (cup+teapot), Diverta: 139 lei | Yogi Tea Teas, Rawyal: starting from 25 lei
Body scrub Frosted Plum, The Body Shop: 98 lei | Moisturizing body butter Frosted Plum, The Body Shop: 63 lei | Bath foam Vanilla Chai, The Body Shop: 59 lei


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