Sunny days, every day

Do you remember that woman who expresses grace, simplicity and self-esteem? Who enters any room and floods it with her energy? Yes, that one. You are that woman. At the beginning of the summer, keep in mind to spoil yourself every day.

Below, we offer you a few simple tips.

Essential pieces for the weekend style

– Start your weekends wearing an outfit that makes you feel not only feminine and presentable, but also comfortable, at ease. Your inner well being will be highlighted by how good you feel about what you are wearing. Discover, step by step, what suits your figure and how your style preferences change; that’s the only way you’ll feel in complete balance: your body, your personality, your wardrobe.

– Choose from the start those few essential pieces for your summer wardrobe, and the rest will follow: a pair of jeans in which you look good (we recommend Lee Cooper’s boyfriend jeans), a white shirt, a quality cotton sweatshirt, a light dress like the one from Nissa, a light and comfortable bag (we love the raffia bag with coloured pompons from Koton!), a pair of espadrilles or canvas trainers. Then you can add 2-3 items from the latest seasonal trends: a new colour, a new cut or length, new accessories.

– Don’t get out of the house until you’re sure you’ve chosen the adequate outfit. In the evening, take 10 minutes to build the outfit (especially before an important event), wear it and evaluate the whole outfit in the mirror. Sometimes, what you believe it matches has no connection to reality.

– Keep a weekend “default” outfit, like some sort of uniform that will never disappoint you, regardless of weather or schedule. For example, a navy t-shirt with a pair of light blue trousers, jeans and a linen blouse with embroidery (because nothing suggests “freedom” more than a bohemian blouse, and we found these ones at Koton and Marks&Spencer!),  a cotton dress or canvas.

Our recommendations:

Red top Koton; hippie blouse Marks&Spencer; White dress Nissa; T-shirt with stripes

H&M; jeans Lee Cooper; jute bag Koton.

Details with Personality

– You’re not in the shape you desired? It doesn’t matter, get acquainted with this season’s new dresses:  loose, vaporous, flowing. You can “dress up” with a single move, you can strap them with a belt or a girdle, or let them move freely, as they were created. You will not want to wear anything else!

– Just as important is also the “first layer” you wear: the lingerie. Try a bralette lace bra without pads or push up, or a bra with soft cups. They are just as flattering for the figure, they’re invisible under the clothes and, moreover, they’re less restrictive. We tried the ones from Penti.

– Any outfit, whether simple or classic, gets an interesting note when adding colourful, personalized accessories. Wear earrings with tassels or a coloured headband, tie a printed scarf instead of the belt, choose a bag in a vivid colour (on this occasion, visit the newly opened Anna Cori store) or a modern necklace (such as those from Mango).

– The style of the shoes you choose modifies and instantly upgrades the outfit. Thick heels are not only trendy, but also ultra-comfortable. Go to Musette and try the Irene sandals, they match with dresses, skirts, trousers (jeans, from linen or army syle).

Our recommendations:

Yellow dress Mango; maxi dress with stripes Nissa; earrings and necklaces Mango; Lace bra Penti; 100% leather sandals Musette; 100% leather bag Anna Cori.

You look good, you feel fantastic

– Exercise or move a little. Any type of physical activity helps you feel and look better. If you want to take a stroll, it’s enough to have a pair of light trousers, a top, a sports bra, a good pair of sneakers and a bottle of water.

– Beauty comes from your inner balance, but that doesn’t mean neglecting how you look! Choose some good quality products, matching your age and skin type: a serum, a face cream, a body lotion, a body butter, and an efficient mask (we love the masks from Sabon). You can have a clean and bright skin even on the long or cloudy days, when you have a lot of work.

– Do not underestimate the power of a perfume. For this summer, choose citrus flavours for a boost of energy (have you tried Clinique Happy?), or floral notes that calm you down and make you dream with eyes wide open.

– Wear red lipstick. As a general rule, if you have white, very light skin, the shades of coral –red or raspberry-red will suit you; if you have olive skin, choose a shade of red-orange. If you can’t figure out what suits you, choose a translucent red lipstick, such as the new Clarins Moisturizing Bars and Clinique pigmented lip balm.

– A good sleep means more energy over the day. So once in the evening, relax, set aside the technology and use some lavender spray over the pillow. It does miracles. (Eventually, wear an eye mask, to sleep in complete darkness).

Our recommendations:

Water bottle H&M, 3 in 1 mask (moisturizing, exfoliating, softening) Sabon; Night eye mask Sabon; perfume Clinique Happy, in Sephora; lipsticks Clinique and Clarins;



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