How to wear the biker jacket

Do you think there is any other clothing piece, full of history, expectations and styling potential, like the leather jacket? I doubt.

If you are not prepared to wear a biker jacket or you are unsure of how to integrate it in your wardrobe without having a nineties rock girl look ( or motorcyclist’s) it is possible to be blocked for a moment, matching it only to jeans and boots. In reality, the biker jacket is a versatile and hard to become outdated piece. The trick is to make it neutral, from a styling point of view.

From a styling point of view, you will apply the same neutralization strategy that you use in case of other pieces of clothing with explosive potential – the ones that are suitable to wear for only one season, the ones that can only be worn one way, the ones that we are attracted to like moths are of light.  The multicolored artificial fur, the ultra-molded dresses, the Scottish plaid trousers, the hats with very big brimmed hats, the backless dresses are just some that can be added to the previously mentioned list.

So, what’s that neutralization strategy? You can match it to another clothing piece or to other accessories than the ones from its “styling” story, as in the one that says rock music, motorcycles, night life, rebel personality. Its styling redirection means you can wear it with feminine items (over a floral print dress), with casual non-sexy clothes (over a hoodie), with an elegant element (a fine black turtleneck), with a modern, masculine-inspired jacket (some large chinos, or culottes).

When wearing a biker jacket, pay attention not only to the style of the outfit, but also to the construction and its volume. A well-cut leather jacket, on a good size will clearly contour the upper part of the body and when opening the zipper, you will feel like somebody holds you in their arms. From a styling point of view, this means that the inferior half of your silhouette needs an easy cut, large, with volume. It can be a maxi, large skirt, or a midi pleated skirt, a pair of sports trousers, or some culottes.  A style that I recommend you avoid is tight, up to down – as in an arc shaped leather jacket, with skinny jeans, tight dress, or conic skirt; it is an outdated look.

The last point that needs to be clarified is the color. It is okay to choose another color for the jacket apart from black? From my point of view, any other neutral color that matches the rest of your wardrobe can be chosen for this leather jacket: chocolate brown, caramel beige, olive green, burgundy, grey, navy blue… I invite you to take into account this criteria because a natural leather jacket is a serious investment and you will wish to easily match it to as many outfits as possible; if you prefer a faux leather jacket, than you can dare buying other colors (pink, red, yellow, turquoise, violet). The budget is completely different from the previous one.

My recommendations:
Mango natural leather burgundy jacket: 549.90 lei | Mango suede brown jacket: 449.90 lei | Mango suede yellow jacket: 449.90 lei | Zara black biker jacket with artificial fur on the inside: 399.90 lei | Massimo Dutti natural leather biker jacket with detachable fur collar: 1399.00 lei | BSB black leather biker jacket: 1.034.00 lei

Finally, here are 4 ideas of outfits that you can wear with a biker jacket.

1.Instead of the blazer, to the office outfit

Wear the jacket over a pullover with rolled collar and a pair of suit trousers, in subtle plaid. The softness of the knitting will make the skin look less tough, and the combination of materials is good for this period of the year, when it’s too early for quilted jackets and heavy coats.

My recommendations:
Mango faux leather black jacket: 99.90 lei | Zara faux leather black jacket: 199.90 lei | Massimo Dutti black natural leather jacket: 1199.00 lei | H&M motorcyclist faux leather jacket: 159.00 LEI | Collective – Boss Casual black leather jacket: 2149.99 lei  | Collective Scotch & Soda classic biker jacket: 1259.99 lei


2.Over a midi wavy dress

Opposites attract: the leather adds a touch of luxury to a simple midi, day dress. You can wear it with boots without heels or cowboy boots, with short heels.

My recommendations:
Massimo Dutti navy blue natural leather jacket: 1199.00 lei | H&M burgundy motorcyclist jacket: 199.00 lei | Collective – Scotch & Soda leather biker jacket: 1799.90 lei


3.Smart casual and modern

Balance the adjusted line of a classic jacket with the volume of a pair of large culottes and thick sole sport shoes

My recommendations:
Mango natural leather red jacket: 549.90 lei | Zara snake print leather biker jacket: 249.90 lei | BSB suede red jacket: 611,00 lei | Guess faux leather biker jacket: 679.99 lei


4.For the weekend, but with more style

It is the most convenient relaxing outfit: a pair of boyfriend jeans and a white T-shirt, plus the leather jacket.

My recommendations:  
Zara biker jacket with faux fur: 349.90 lei | H&M motorcycle with faux fur collar: 229.00 lei | BSB suede biker jacket: 611.00 lei


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