Stylish gifts for Instagram enthusiasts

How do you impress a person who is already passionate about shopping and style? By offering them a “statement” object, which manages to combine what she wants, with something that fits her taste and “something” that will look fantastic in a photo on Instagram.

It does not need to be a large object. The details matter as much as the “anchor” of the photo and it needs to be just as photogenic, because the subject and background are both considered important. So, if you choose a gadget that helps them in their photo explorations, or you offer them a colorful, bright or distinctive object, chances are that gift will soon appear in their feed.

Here are my recommendations and my selection, have fun shopping!

Sweaters (or T-shirts) with holiday messages and prints

… because if not now, when? They are fun, colorful, they have sequins, glitter or beads, they match the ribbon of the gifts and they will be a “hook” for comments of the photos they are showcased in.

My recommendations:
Last Christmas Wham T-shirt, H&M: 39,90 lei | red sweater Gloves Actually, H&M: 89,99 lei | blue sweater with Christmas print, Marks&Spencer: 199,90 lei | grey sweater with Christmas model, BSB: 289,00 lei | sequin sweater, BSB: 385,00 lei | red frilly jacket, Mango: 199,90 lei | red pearl sweater, H&M: 89,99 lei

Red lipstick

…because it matches rosy cheeks and it makes us smile.

My recommendations:
Powder Kiss in Lasting Passion, MAC Cosmetics: 94.00 lei | Sensai lipstick in  Suou, Douglas: 283,00 lei | Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Gio, Douglas: 177,00 lei | Rouge Dior Xmas look, in Red Smile, Sephora: 209,00 lei | Lancome Absolu Rouge in Crimson Flame Ruby, Sephora: 166,00 lei | Becca Ultimate Lipstick in Ruby, Sephora: 129,00 lei

Christmas mug

… for steaming tea, creamy chocolate powdered with cinnamon, mulled wine with floating orange slices, but especially for coffee, enjoyed while listening to carols

My recommendations:
Skier mug with cap, Meli-Melo: 39,99 lei | mug with Christmas bag print, Meli melo: 39,99 lei | Deck the halls mug, Marks&Spencer: 39,00 lei |  Selfie Queen & selfie King mug set, Diverta: 52,70 lei | winter motifs mug set, English Home: 39,00 lei | winter motifs mug set, English Home: 39,00 lei

Sneakers with a twist

… with leopard print, with stars or sequins, in color-blocking, with rhinestones, with pearl applications.

My recommendations:
Sneakers with metallic bands and abstract animal print, Anna Cori: 210,00 lei | sneakers with peppermint green-blue-white bands, Il Passo: 239,60 lei | sneakers with color blocking bands, Zara: 199,90 lei | multi-colored leather Vans, Office Shoes: 423,00 lei | sneakers with leather snake print inserts, Musette: 559,20 lei | sports shoes with animal print, Zara: 199,90 lei DKNY sneakers with animal print, Office Shoes: 593,00 lei | snakers with studs and animal print, Zara: 199,90 lei | Steve Madden sneakers with animal print, Office Shoes: 447,00 lei | white sneakers with stars and gold inserts, CCC Shoes: 49,90 lei

Gadgets and photo friendly accessories

… because  details make the difference and, as written above, they are just as important as the main subject of the photo.

My recommendations:
ENERGY SISTEM Smart 6 bluetooth Headphones, Media Galaxy: 399,99 lei | Skullcandy Knockout Robin/Purple/Gold Headphones, Diverta: 215,20 lei | light screen lamp with interchangeable letters Fizz Color Light, Diverta: 89,90 lei | Christmas print touchscreen gloves, Diverta: 33,00 lei | scarf with Scottish plaid, Mango: 99,90 lei | burgundy velvet headband, H&M: 39,99 lei | ring, bracelet and talismans from the Celeste winter 2019 collection, Pandora: starting from 319,00 lei (golden talismans) and 149,00 lei (silver talismans), starting from 279,00 lei (silver ring) | gold plated bracelet, Abecedar collection, Massimo Dutti: 89,90 lei |  large candle with tangerine, cinnamon and cinnamon scent, Marks&Spencer: 35,00 lei


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