Three holiday accessories for city outfits

Like mini candies sprinkled on ice cream or the extra hours of light we use during the summer, accessories add that “something” to each outfit: they are not 100% necessary or mandatory, but they completely transform everything. Between us, be told that we believe they are necessary for the outfits to appear complete, harmonious, carefully paying attention to the details.

That being said, accessories do not necessarily mean fine and elegant jewellery, nor spectacular, trendy, ostentatious accessories. Many times – especially when it comes to summer outfits for the city – we can also use the simple accessories we wear during vacations. For the last month of this summer, we thought of showing you how you can use three such options to re-stylize August outfits.

Beach bag

Instead of using the usual leather bag, use the beach bags in textile or raffia to complement your casual, basic leather outfits. A pair of shorts + a light striped T-shirt + Roman sandals or a thin denim shirt + a pair of beige linen pants + espadrilles will fit nicely with a lined canvas bag (possibly with string straps), with a bamboo braided basket with leather handles or a round bag, with jute or raffia fringes.

The details of these bags – the nautical stripes, the braids, the fringes, the materials and the colors – are part of the aesthetic definition of the summer. In addition, the natural colors and white-blue stripes are neutral, so you can match them to different colored outfits or exotic prints.

My recommendations:

Maxi fringe bag with fringes, Mango: 199.90 lei | To the Beach, Marks & Spencer raffia bag: 99.90 lei | Marks & Spencer twill bag: 125.00 lei | bag with stripes, Zara: 69.90 lei | XL square braided bag, Zara: 59.90 lei | cream straw shopper bag, H&M: 89.90 lei | beige straw bag, H&M: 89.90 lei | H&M straw padded bag, H&M: 59.90 lei | bag with palm leaf raffia, Penti: 79.95 lei | bag with stripes, Penti: 79.95 lei | rainbow colored raffia bag, Topshop: 175.00 lei

Jewelry with shells

In the fall you will be able to wear necklaces with colored stones or colored crystals, earrings with feathers, wood and resin bracelets, fine gold jewellery or “statement” jewellery in bright colors. Until then, you can still wear delicate jewellery adorned with shells: it is a poetic, elegant and special way to keep the bohemian note of your urban outfits. You will be able to enhance the shell jewellery when wearing a steamy day dress, with floral or geometrical print, but also with a simple office dress shirt.

You can use bracelets, necklaces, earrings or staples that are attached to the shells themselves, but if they seem “too vacation style”, look for patterns with pearls or nacre.

My recommendations:

Earrings with coral shells, Mango: 79.90 lei | long earrings with pearls, H&M: 39.90 lei | long earrings with shells, Meli Melo: 14.99 lei | asymmetrical earrings with shells, Mango: 69.90 lei | pearl earrings, Massimo Dutti: 119.00 lei | round earrings with shells, H&M: 39.99 lei | necklace with natural pearls, Zara: 129.90 lei | necklace with colored shells, Mango: 79.90 lei | long necklace with recessed shells, Meli Melo: 11.99 lei | necklace with shells and starfish, H&M: 49.99 lei | hair clips with pearls (set of 6 pieces), H&M: 39.99 lei | shell bracelets (set of 2 pieces), H&M: 29.90 lei

Espadrilles, shoes and sandals of canvas or braided

Whether you are wearing a pair of shorts or the cutest dress with straps, the shoes have to be comfortable and easy to wear, in summer. If to these two criteria is added the aesthetic one – a modern shape, cheerful colors, details in trends – then you have really made a stylistic investment in the summer wardrobe. Fortunately, the patterns of the canvas and the sandals in canvas from the shops are so diverse that it is impossible not to find something that suits your style and outfits.

My recommendations:

Moroccan canvas shoes, Mango: 99.90 lei | Massimo Dutti braided slippers: 99.90 lei | cross strap sandals, H&M: 99.99 lei | raffia espadrilles, Zara: 199.90 lei | shoes with canvas heel and cord, Zara: 199, 90 lei | espadrilles with high orthopaedic sole Tommy Hilfiger, Office Shoes: 265,00 lei | Tommy Hilfiger Medium Orthopaedic Sole, Office Shoes: 251.00 lei | espadrilles in canvas with stripes and orthopaedic sole, H&M: 59.90 lei | canvas espadrilles with African drawings, H&M: 139.99 lei | DeeZee denim espadrilles, CCC Shoes: 99.90 lei | Beige Ornate Espadrilles DeeZee, CCC Shoes: 99.90 lei


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