Print mix: learn how to mix and match prints

If you like trends and especially colors, this could be the next step in your path to becoming a fashionista. The print mix – putting different prints together in an outfit – is mostly worn by fashionistas (from fashion editors of magazines to the most popular stylists) and you can always see them in pictorials.

Here are 3 ways you can mix and match prints without worrying you could be wrong.

Rule #1: find a common color

Wearing more than 1 print item can seem like a mined field, an option open to many fashion faux pas – especially if you are not used to style experiments, if you do not feel at ease with trends or if you can’t find a lot of prints in your wardrobe.

Floral prints, for example, are one of the most versatile prints and you can easily match them with animal print, checkers and horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes.

The basic rule for matching prints is choosing items in the same colors (or at least a common color). The next step consists in choosing neutral footwear (white sneakers, nude beige shoes) and discreet accessories.

My recommendations:

Outfit 1: multicolor stripes blouse, Mango: 139,90 lei | floral print cigarette trousers, Zara: 149,90 lei

Outfit 2: black-white-beige tie collar blouse, H&M: 129,90 lei | floral print black trousers, Zara: 149,90 lei

Outfit 3: white print burgundy blouse, H&M: 59,90 lei |burgundy stripes wide trousers, Zara: 249,90 lei

Outfit 4: floral print ochre yellow trousers, Zara: 149,90 lei | ochre yellow stripes, Mango: 79,90 lei

Outfit 5: green pleated skirt, Topshop: 210,00 lei | green print wrap top, Zara: 129,90 lei

Outfit 6: white print green shirt, Zara: 199,90 lei | tropical green print cigarette trousers, H&M: 59,90 lei

Rule #2: choose similar textures

If you are looking for a simple way to wear more visually impressive prints, I recommend you start with a leopard print (or zebra, reptile, tiger) in classic colors (beige, black, brown). Besides, it’s the star print of summer 2019!

Choose skirt or trousers with this print, so that positioning it (in the bottom half of the figure, away from the “first look” in the mirror) makes it easier to accept. Match this bold print with a more discreet one – for example, a camouflage print, stripes or tie-dye. Brown and green olive shades are elegantly blended, and the two exotic prints alongside give the outfit a “chic safari” note.

Another style rule recommends that the printed pieces have similar textures or surfaces: a skirt and a shirt with a discreet satin gloss, top and textured linen trousers, a silk dress and a fluid viscose jacket…

My recommendations:

Outfit 1: leopard print pleated skirt, H&M: 129,90 lei | camouflage print silk dress, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei

Outfit 2: zebra print A line skirt, Mango: 159,90 lei | striped wrap top, Zara: 89,90 lei

Outfit 3: tiger print pleated skirt, Topshop: 161,50 lei | beige and white stripes top: 69,90 lei

Outfit 4: geometric print fuchsia shirt, Mango: 99,90 lei | violet-pink zebra print skirt, Topshop: 210,00 lei

Rule #3: choose an “anchor” piece or accessory

For the outfit to be harmonious, choose pieces with simple, uncomplicated cuts so the beauty of the prints is the element that stands out. The more the chosen clothes have a classic design, the more the outfit will be easier to build.

Stripes are, besides the leopard print, another print considered neutral because of its versatility. You can start your outfit with a black and white (or white and navy) horizontal stripes t-shirt, choosing a black skirt with white dots or white trousers with a black abstract print for the bottom. You can add either a denim jacket or a white jacket or black accessories (a belt, bag and shoes) – white or black will be the “anchor” elements that will offer chromatic coherence to the entire outfit.

My recommendations:

Outfit 1: white dots pleated skirt, Zara: 199,90 lei | black t-shirt with stripes, H&M: 19,90 lei

Outfit 2: floral print red Aline skirt, H&M: 99,90 lei | red and white striped t-shirt, H&M: 19,90 lei

Outfit 3: blueprint midi skirt, Zara: 149,90 lei | blue print blouse, Mango: 179,90 lei

Outfit 4: blue and white striped wide pants, Massimo Dutti: 289,00 lei | blue and white stripes shirt, Massimo Dutti: 289,00 lei

Outfit 5: black skirt with white stripes, H&M: 129,99 lei | black and white checkered top, Mango: 139,90 lei

Outfit 6: white stripes Aline skirt, Mango: 69,90 lei | white shirt with black dots, Massimo Dutti: 289,00 lei


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