Creativity and basic pieces: 3 ways to wear a roll neck

Throughout the entire cold season of ‘19-‘20, an unexpected “basic” piece appeared in the styling of modern outfits. It is a piece that does not boast of an exorbitant price, it is never offered in a difficult print to match, it does not have a cut that prohibits it to any figure, style or age.

It’s the basic roll neck. Practical and comfortable, democratic and stylistically neutral, the little secret of a warm outfit created with minimal volume, the roll neck became the basic choice for many of the women who dress stylish even on the coldest days. Worn underneath shirts, dresses or jackets, the roll neck is the type of clothing that helps you quickly update your winter wardrobe, with minimal investment.

For added inspiration, here are three modern styling ideas that you can integrate into your everyday outfits.

1. If you are tired of wearing shirts underneath the jacket, opt for a colorful helmet, possibly a pattern with a textured embossing. Having a more relaxed look than an office style shirt, the simple line of the roll neck helps it to remain semi-elegant, suited to an office outfit. An option to add to the outfit a modern touch is to wear the same color of jacket and roll neck. As a final touch, add an oversized coat or jacket and you will no longer need to wear a scarf. #winner

Our recommendations:
Camel beige jacket, Massimo Dutti: 699,00 lei + camel beige roll neck, Mango: 79,90 lei
Checkered jacket, Marks&Spencer: 178,99lei + camel beige roll neck, Mango: 79,90 lei
Fuchsia pink fitted jacket, H&M: 159,90 lei + burgundy roll neck, Zara: 89,90 lei
Houndstooth jacket, H&M: 159,90 lei + black roll neck, Zara: 99,90 lei
Animal print jacket, Zara: 199,90 lei + beige roll neck, Mango: 79,90 lei
Violet jacket, Zara: 349,00 lei + orange roll neck, Mango: 69,90 lei

2. Combining as many outfits as possible with each of your wardrobe pieces is one of the ways to approach sustainable fashion, to gradually move away from consumerism and to depreciate your investments in wardrobe. Matching a fine roll neck, which closely follows the body line, to a slim shirt with light tailoring means wearing the shirt several times, especially outside its typical season. Experiment with complementary shades: for example, you can match a dark pink roll neck underneath a shirt with a viscose-white-pink floral print. If you feel bold, choose either an animal print turtleneck and a vertical striped shirt, or a horizontal striped turtleneck and a floral print blouse.

Our recommendations:
Tiger print shirt, Zara: 129,90 lei + curry yellow roll neck, Zara: 99,90 lei
Lilac puffy shirt, Zara: 129,90 lei + violet roll neck, Massimo Dutti: 249,00 lei
Blue and beige leopard print shirt, Massimo Dutti: 299,00 lei + beige roll neck, Zara, 99,90 lei
Floral print shirt, Zara: 129,90 lei + short sleeve roll neck, Mango: 79,90 lei
Black-white-coffee stripe shirt, Mango: 99,99 lei + black coffee stripe roll neck, Zara: 99,99 lei
Rose pink shirt, Mango: 159,90 lei + pink flowery print roll neck, H&M: 39,90 lei
Black and white print shirt, Mango: 99,90 lei + black and white print roll neck, H&M: 39,99 lei

3. To emphasize the roll neck, regardless of its color, style it as simple as possible. Do not hide it under a sweater at the base of the neck, but wear it under a piece with a deep V-neckline or one that can be left semi-open. How about wearing it under a denim jumpsuit or under a shirt dress, with the zipper or buttons left open?

Our recommendations:
Oversized white shirt, Zara: 129,90 lei + black roll neck, Zara: 99,90 lei
Jumpsuit with belt, Massimo Dutti: 499,00 lei + animal print roll neck, H&M: 39,99 lei
Fuchsia pink dress-shirt, Mango: 249,90 lei + white roll neck, H&M: 39,99 lei
Black jumpsuit, Zara: 199,00 lei + cream roll neck with black dots, H&M:
Denim jumpsuit, H&M: 159,90 lei + mustard yellow roll neck, H&M: 59,99 lei
Tiger print dress-shirt, Mango: 249,90 lei + brown roll neck, Massimo Dutti: 249,00 lei


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