How to wear this season’s spicy colors

Unlike the past years’ spring and summer season, when trends were all about diaphanous pastels or effervescent citrus nuances, this season is different. We are offered exotic colors and prints that give our outfits a spicy feeling and make us think about holidays in Morocco, safaris in Kenya, sunsets on the dunes of the Sahara … Saffron yellow, honey yellow and turmeric yellow, brown cinnamon and nutmeg brown, pepper red, coral, pink salmon and ash-rose pink, orange, green olive, sandstone, leopard, tiger and giraffe print, African inspired prints (ikat) and tie-dye are not just visually appealing, but also very easy to match.

Dresses in gourmet shades

You will be inspired by the colors of Indian and African spices from the kitchen: the intense accents of natural colors, placed near neutral hot shades are the most beautiful option. If you usually opt for black or navy outfits, a colorful dress will be the easiest way to adopt a new color palette into your outfits this season. The reason is simplicity: you do not longer need to think about matching different pieces in different colors. When you feel bold, add equally colorful accessories instead of choosing gold or silver.

My recommendations:

Orange dress with ruffle, Zara: 129,90 lei | orange dress with buttons, Mango: 199,90 lei | beige dress with stripes, Marks&Spencer: 224,00 lei | orange dress with exotic print, Mango: 199,90 lei | mustard yellow dress, Topshop: 240,00 lei | rusty dress, Marks&Spencer: 250,00 lei | rusty shirt-dress, Marks&Spencer: 225,00 lei | olive green shirt dress, H&M: 129,99 lei | kaki shirt dress, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | tie-dye print dress, BSB: 433,00 lei | tie-dye print dress, Mango: 199,90 lei | tie-dye print dress, Massimo Dutti: 449,00 lei | saffron yellow dress with fringes, Zara: 129,90 lei | yellow tunic dress, H&M: 129,99 lei |pepper red dress, Mango: 199,90 lei | ruffled effect beige dress, Zara: 149,90 lei | nutmeg beige shirt dress, Massimo Dutti: 579,00 lei | nutmeg beige shirt dress, Mango: 199,90 lei | beige shirt dress, BSB: 376,00 lei| nutmeg beige shirt dress, Topshop: 276,00 lei | orange mini dress, Zara: 149,90 lei | beige dress with crossed straps, Zara: 199,90 lei | maxi dress with yellow print, H&M: 229,99 lei |coral pink wrap dress, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei | animal print wrap dress, H&M: 89,90 lei | giraffe print dress, Massimo Dutti, 499,00 lei | tiger print dress, Topshop: 350,00 lei | zebra print dress, Massimo Dutti: 449,00 lei


Layered outfits in spicy shades

As a general rule of style, I recommend that the outfits you build either have two color accents (one accessory and one of the items you are wearing), or you can count on a single item with a strong visual impact. You can start the outfit with a neutral piece (a midi skirt in beige and black animal print), then add a saffron yellow top and an olive-green jacket, and then you can complete your look with gold, raffia or other exotic color accessories.

My recommendations:

Beige pocket skirt, Mango: 199,90 lei | rusty brown wrap dress, H&M: 129,90 lei | cinnamon brown jacket, Marks&Spencer: 280,00 lei | beige tie-dye print shirt, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei | camouflage print top, BSB: 235,00 lei | yellow  linen short sleeved top, Marks&Spencer: 139,00 lei | high waisted yellow pants, Topshop: 319,00 lei | cinnamon brown exotic print blouse, Mango: 139,90 lei | brown embroidered blouse, Zara: 149,90 lei | peach pink shirt, Mango: 99,00 lei | orange skirt, H&M: 199,90 lei | khaki green mini skirt, H&M: 89,90 lei | dark brown pleated pants, Zara: 99,90 lei | green skirt, Mango: 179,90 lei | yellow linen shirt, Zara: 119,90 lei | yellow wrap top, BSB: 188,00 lei | aline skirt with mustard yellow stripes, BSB: 423,00 lei | zebra print skirt, Mango: 159,90 lei | orange linen skirt, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei | aline animal print skirt, H&M: 129,99 lei | crimson culottes, Zara: 129,90 lei | olive green top, Marks&Spencer: 175,00 lei | brown pink salwar pants, Zara: 149,90 lei | yellow pants with stripes, Mango: 159,90 lei | tie-dye khaki shirt, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | peach pink denim jacket, H&M: 129,00 lei | brown textured cardigan, Mango: 139,90 lei | multi color stripes skirt, Marks&Spencer: 139,90 lei


The no denim casual look

When you build an outfit – especially  one for the weekend or a casual one – it’s very easy to use jeans or pants in dark colors. When you learn, however, how to wear natural colors, you will find it easier to mix special colors. What it is worth remembering is that regardless of the shades chosen for your outfit, they all must have the same intensity or depth. For example: a pair of intense yellow pants with a  coral pink shirt, just as intense or at the opposite end, a skirt in a soft green olive tint with a delicate pink blouse. On the other hand, the easiest option is to have a pair of beige, sandy or green olive pants, either wide or cargo: they are the equivalent of the jeans in the sense that you can have them matched with any color and any top style.

My recommendations:

Beige cargo pants, Zara: 199,90 lei | cropped cargo pants, Marks&Spencer: 135,00 lei | beige cargo pants, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | beige cargo pants, H&M: 99,99 lei | beige slim pants, Marks&Spencer: 139,90 lei | grey-green pants, H&M: 89,99 lei | grey-green cargo pants, Zara: 149,90 lei | olive green cigarette pants, H&M: 59,99 lei | beige cropped pants, Massimo Dutti: 289,00 lei | cropped pants, Zara: 119,00 lei | yellow mustard pants with folds, Zara: 129,00 lei | beige pants with tall waist, BSB: 376,00 lei | ochre beige wide pants, H&M: 229,99 lei | beige paper bag pants, BSB: 329,00 lei | ochre yellow high waisted pants, Zara: 199,90 lei | khaki satin pants, Massimo Dutti: 399,00 lei | beige culottes, BSB: 282,00 lei


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