The right pair of sunglasses for you

I’m starting this article by sharing a secret: the glasses’ frames (sunglasses and spectacles) are one of the three accessories that get old-fashioned the quickest, but also the ones that talk the most about the personality of who is wearing them. The other two are, in this order, shoes and bags.

Today, however, we are not talking about your style personality, but I would like to show you how you can identify the shape of your face and which are the sunglasses models that suit you best.

Also, we recommend you follow two important principles, highlighted by the opticians, but also the stylists:

– Choose from the beginning a frame shape that is the opposite to your physiognomy. Therefore, if you have a mild contour of the face, without bony cheekbones or sharp chin, do not choose round frames, but go for a rectangular or cat-eye shape. On the other hand, if you have a perfectly contoured maxillary, the round or butterfly frames will suit you best.

– Also consider the proportions of your face: a delicate physiognomy will also have features of small dimensions (small nose, small chin, thin eyebrows, small eyes). A pair of oversized glasses, although once fashionable, will cover your face too much and they will look ridiculous on you. By the way, the trendiest sunglasses are of small dimensions and are round shaped or ovoid.

Round face: you got this shape if the width of your forehead and maxillar look almost the same, the cheeks have a rounded line, and the cheekbones are chubby not bony.

The suitable sunglasses highlight the mild features of the face, have thicker frames and straight angles. The most unsuitable sunglasses are the aviator ones, the rounded and oversized ones.

We recommend: Optiplaza – Dolce & Gabbana DG4296 – 999.00 lei | Polaroid 4060 – 289.00 lei |  Guess GU7540 599.00 lei | Avanglion 1050 349.00 lei | Mango cat-eye glasses: 49.90 lei | H&M – elongated sunglasses 29.90 lei & sunglasses with yellow frame: 39.90 lei.


Squared face: you got this shape if you notice the maxillary line is straight, bony and almost of the same size as the foreheads’; when you look at yourself in the mirror you notice you have a rather a wide and short face, with little distance between the lower lip and the chin.

The right glasses change the rough line of your face, they’re medium thick and round shaped; look for glasses which have frames that go a bit outside the exterior line of your face. This way, your face will look narrower. Avoid glasses with very thin, invisible frames, but also the scholar ones.

We recommend: Optiplaza – Prada Cinema, 1190 lei | Polar Glare PG6650 219.00 lei | Swarowski SK0130 1290.00 lei | (Mango) – oval glasses with red frame: 49.90 lei | Massimo Dutti – rounded sunglasses 289.90 lei | H&M – polarized sunglasses with black frames: 159.00 lei.


Triangle face: you got this shape if you notice the maxillary line is wider than the cheeks’ and the foreheads’, and your face is narrowing in the cheeks and forehead area.

The suitable sunglasses have the upper part of the frame colored, much more prominent (thicker), or wider than the lower one (this way, the eyebrows’ area balances visually with the cheeks’ one and the maxillary. The cat-eye and aviator shapes are ideal for your features.

We recommend: Optiplaza – Guess – GU7523 – 548.99 lei | Dita Nightbird One 2290 lei | Carolina Herrera HE695 799.00 lei | Polaroid 4060 289.00 lei | Mango – aviator with blue/pink lenses | H&M – Pink beige sunglasses – 49.90 lei.


Heart shape face: your physiognomy has this shape if you have a wide forehead, prominent cheeks and cheekbones, a narrow and sharp chin. Choose frames with highlighted lower part, or Wayfarer classic type, with a slightly rounded frame.

We recommend: Optiplaza – Polar Glare PG 6655 219.00 lei | Mango – Ray Ban Wayfarer Chris 518,99 lei | Carey retro sunglasses 219.00 lei | H&M – golden sunglasses 49.90 lei.


Oval shaped face: you got this shape if your face is elongated, with narrow but not sharp chin, and if the forehead is narrower than the cheek line and the cheekbones are visible.

You can wear any type of sunglasses – rounded, cat-eye, aviator, scholar, with sharp angles, rectangular, tiny or oversized, that’s why we recommend you dare choosing colored and ultra-modern frames. For example, if you are brunette, choose a white frame that creates a nice contrast with your tanned skin and dark hair.

We recommend: Optiplaza – Michael Kors Playa Norte 749.00 lei | Linda Farrow Gold – 2590.00 lei | Dolce & Gabbana DG6111 999.00 lei | Mango – cat eye sunglasses 79.90 lei | H&M sunglasses with taupe thick frames 39.90 lei & sunglasses with pink frame 159.90 lei.


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