The knitwear to try this winter

For those whose intention is to achieve an impeccable style, the subtle differences and shades carefully measured between a basic and a classic piece, between an elegant outfit and a flashy one, between a modern and a trendy line are the elements that really matter.

After all, just as the true style is cultivated and is inherent in our youth, so does the good taste and stylistic sophistication manifested by a shocking combination of colors (which everyone thinks are not suitable, but actually work great! ). It can also take shape by wearing an item in a different way than the traditional one, but especially by choosing quality pieces that can have a positive impact on your wardrobe.

As for knitwear, if a classic sweater is, by its very nature, the simplest addition to your wardrobe, the right sweater has the power to transform the look into a seemingly simple outfit. Whether you are a fan of oversized sweaters or fine sweaters, below you can find a short knitting guide that should be in any woman’s wardrobe.

High collar sweaters

Although their correct name is „turtleneck” (and not „maleta”, this word does not exist in Romanian, it is a false equivalent of the French „maille which means „knit, knitted “), high collar sweaters usually have a classical line, they can be woven from yarns of any thickness, in a million colors. The difference from the usual props is that the high collar continues from the sweater itself and it is not rolled (or doubled)!

If such a sweater, woven in medium or thick threads, always remains in a casual register, suitable for a weekend outfit, the same but slim pattern can be worn under a jacket (fabric or velvet trimmed), under a shirt or under a dress. You earn stylistic bonus points if you choose pieces in related shades: an orange sweater, for example, paired with a rusty jacket.

My recommendations:
Brown sweater with torsade, H&M: 99.99 lei | sweater with high collar and zebra pattern, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | sweater in blocks of blue-white-yellow, Marks & Spencer color: 325,00 lei | dark sweater with torsade, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | blue sweater with mandarin collar, Massimo Dutti: 349.00 lei | long blue sweater, Zara: 199.90 lei | white sweater with embossed patterns, Mango: 199.90 lei | beige striped sweater, BSB: 282.00 lei | beige sweater with torsade, Stefanel: 415.50 lei | rusty sweater with rays, Stefanel: 540.5 lei

V from … the V-neckline

From a stylistic point of view, this is considered the most classic and traditional of all knitting patterns. You can give it a modern note when you wear it over a T-shirt at the base of the neck or over a thin turtleneck, in a contrasting color – and both are suited to a cold-season office outfit. An oversized V-neck sweater, worn over a floral patterned midi dress and matched with high boots or a collar-bottom shirt creates a dress combination that attracts compliments.

As a general rule, opt for light, straight, even masculine models; when the body line follows too closely, the V-neck sweater becomes (very) outdated.

My recommendations:
Beige oversized sweater, H&M: 89.99 lei | beige sweater with lurex thread, BSB: 289,00 lei | blue sweater with cutouts, Zara: 159.90 lei | deep blue V neck sweater, Massimo Dutti: 349.00 lei | wool and silk sweater, Massimo Dutti: lei 249.00 | dark red sweater, Mango: 139.90 lei | red puff sweater, BSB: 385.00 lei | beige striped sweater with metallic thread, Massimo Dutti: 299.00 lei | neck sweater V, Zara: 159.90 lei | brown wool sweater, Mango: 79.90 lei | blue wool sweater, Stefanel: 446.50 lei | pastel pink sweater from cashmere, Stefanel: 446.50 lei

Sweaters at the base of the neck

Like a bolognese spaghetti recipe or gin & tonic, the neck sweater works best in its pure state: that is, without being modified. The perfect model means neutral colors, a simplified line (androgyny), medium fabric, zero ornamentation.

A tight collar – of a shirt – worn underneath is an option for preppy, school-style fans (pair it with Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren inspired style). To get an elegant weekend outfit, look for a horizontal striped sweater of medium thickness.

My recommendations:
Emerald green sweater, H&M: 89.99 lei | black sweater with white dots, H&M: 89.99 lei | simple sweater, H&M: 39.99 lei | animal print sweater, Zara: 159.90 lei | animal print sweater, BSB: 282.00 lei | vintage pink thick sweater, Mango: 199.90 lei | red sweater with puffy sleeves, Massimo Dutti: 299.00 lei | blue striped sweater with horizontal stripes, Massimo Dutti: 299.00 lei | lavender mov pullover, Massimo Dutti: 349.00 lei | sweater with flowers from sequins, Zara: 299.90 lei | fuchsia pink fluffy sweater, Mango: 159.90 lei | green sweater with sequins, BSB: 337.00 lei | coral leaf sweater, Marks & Spencer: 98.99 lei | white sweater with embossed patterns, Mango: 199.90 lei

Sweaters with a collar turned (or rolled)

The cousins ​​of the turtlenecks in the first paragraph, these sweaters are the quintessential stylistic of winter days. Wear a slim oversized dress or even a velvet dress, underneath a sarafan dress. It will look as well matched with a well-tailored blazer. If you prefer bulky, twisted or thicker yarn, match them with steamed midi skirts or pleated skirts.

My recommendations:
Long grey sweater, H&M: 99.99 lei | fine black sweater, H&M: 59.99 lei | fine yellow sweater and gold buttons, Zara: 99.90 lei | red oversize sweater with rolled collar, Massimo Dutti: 349.00 lei | fine pink sweater with turned collar, Massimo Dutti: 249.00 lei | light grey sweater, Stefanel: 415.50 lei | Blue silk and wool sweater with rolled collar, Massimo Dutti: 249.00 lei | black and pink striped sweater, Zara: 99.90 lei | black sweater with brown side band, Mango: 139.90 lei | oversize peach pink sweater, Mango: 159.90 lei | white sweater with embossed patterns, BSB: 337,00 lei | sweater in purple blocks, Marks & Spencer: 198.99 lei | cream cashmere sweater, Stefanel: 1,292.50 lei


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