The best 5 footwear choices for summer 2019

Seductive high heels belong in any woman’s wardrobe, but on hot summer days we want comfort,  first of all, without compromising our style. The good news is that the summer 2019 trends offer us countless cute shoes models, from which I chose 5 which will become your favorites.

Architectural heel sabot shoes

They are the most artistic trend of the season, the most spectacular among the accessories and (almost certainly) the one that will stir up most of the discussions and compliments. Most models have average height, which makes them very comfortable. You can choose between spherical heels (they look like a ball fitted under the heel), endless column type heels, trapezoidal and conical heels, combinations of several geometric shapes, cubic heels in two or three contrasting colors, including Perspex transparent heels. No matter which model you choose, it’s the easiest way to update even the simplest summer outfit.

My recommendations:

Spherical heel black sandals, Mango: 199,90 lei | geometric heel red sandals, Il Passo: 449,00 lei | transparent heel black sandals, 549,00 lei | wood heel leather sabot shoes, Il Passo: 399,20 lei | spherical heel red sandals, Zara: 199,90 lei | diamond heel leather sabot shoes, Zara: 179,90 lei | pyramid heel black sandals, Massimo Dutti: 269,00 lei | pyramid heel multicolour sandals, Tezyo: 1399,00 lei

Sandals fit for any occasion

Whether you choose a black, white, metallic, animal print or natural color, these sandals are characterised by their simplicity: a few narrow straps that diagonally cross the leg or just cover the fingers, then snap around the ankle; the sole is right and thin, and the heel is … almost invisible. Without embellishments, without massive buckles, without fringes or accessories. You can match them to everything: for the office on Monday morning,  with a satin midi skirt and a white shirt, Friday evening with a pair of wide white trousers and a golden top, and the for weekend with the most flowy beach dress.

My recommendations:

Black gladiator sandals, Mango: 99,90 lei | yellow strap sandals, Il Passo: 349,00 lei | beige gladiator sandals with laces, Zara: 99,90 lei | beige leather slippers with loops, Zara: 99,99 lei | Snake print sandals, Massimo Dutti: 269,00 lei | brown sandals with multiple straps Vagabond, Office Shoes: 379,00 lei | simple golden sandals, Anna Cori: 290,00

White sneakers

White sneakers have become a sort of stylistic sensation in recent years. Perhaps because they highlight the tanned skin, perhaps because they are the perfect antidote and casual note for the loaded floral dresses, the frilly blouses and the very colorful pants of this summer. They look just as good with a pair of viscose culottes and a blazer, or with a maxi skirt but also a midi one, with shorts or a linen jumpsuit. You can wear them until the fall, when they can be matched with grey jeans, cigarette pants and pencil skirts.

My recommendations:  

Transparent sole white sneakers, Zara: 99,90 lei | white leather sneakers, Massimo Dutti: 259,00 lei | white Converse sneakers, Office Shoes: 303,00 lei | white sneakers, Anna Cori: 192,00 lei | diagonal stripes white sneakers Aldo, Tezyo: 265,00 lei

Sporty sandals

Are you tired of Birkenstock slippers and flip flops that have been on trend for the past 2 years? You can replace them with a pair of sports sandals: they have thick soles and wide straps, usually ornamented with the name of a brand. Even if they are not elegant, as you would expect from trendy sandals, they are the most modern version of “athleisure wear” shoes. You will find them in monochrome versions (black and white), as well as models decorated with multi-colored bows, crystals, shells or bands.

My recommendations:

Thick sole white-yellow sandals, Il Passo: 359,20 lei |sporty black sandals with green straps, Il Passo: 134,50 lei |black sandals with red straps, Zara: 179,90 lei |black sandals with rhinestones, Zara: 149,90 lei |black sandals with white Palladium print, Office Shoes: 223,00 lei | beige sporty sandals, Anna Cori: 290,00 lei | Black sporty sandals, Anna Cori: 580,00 lei

Minimalist sandals

A re-interpretation of the sandals that were in vogue in the early 2000s, these patterns are almost invisible: one or two fine bands that cross the leg or cross gently over the fingers, plus a strap or a lace to the heel or around the ankle. The medium heel (rarely very high) makes them fantastic and the narrow straps give a touch of elegance and finesse. White, black, yellow and red are the colors you will meet most often, which means you can match them to any print and color of  your summer outfits.

My recommendations:

White sandals with loops, Mango: 139,90 lei | black sandals, Zara: 99,90 lei |  snake print sandals, Zara: 99,90 lei | thin straps black sandals, Massimo Dutti: 279,00 lei | nude beige sandals, Anna Cori: 320,00 lei | transparent strap sandals, Tezyo: 303,00 lei


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