Back to school: trendy outfits for teenagers

Fashion, shopping, outfits, Insta… Do you have at home a teenager fascinated by fashion or concerned about trends? In order to avoid them making a weary face when you go shopping together, we have visited the stores in Bucuresti Mall and found a few cool outfits (let’s call them “looks”, to borrow the high school student’s vocabulary), for which both parents and teenagers will get the highest score at style!

For the week days when he goes to school, suggest a simple look, 100% urban casual and very colored: a pair of jeans (slim or straight) or camouflage print trousers, a pair of trainers with thick tread (with laces or velcro stripes), and a well chosen t-shirt. Therefore: short or cropped sleeves, white or colored, but necessarily having a logo or a print; these substitute “the signature” of their preferences in music, movies and characters.

Our recommendations:
Graphic black t-shirt LC WAikiki: 29,95 lei
Camouflage print trousers LC WAikiki: 119,95 lei
Old Skool Vans trainers, in Office Shoes store: 349,00 lei
Yellow sweatshirt H&M: 129,00 lei

For girls, you can also choose jeans, ideally with high waist and from elastic denim, matched with any top. It can be a classic top (with rolled sleeves), a colored or printed blouse – maybe with sleeve flounces, a length cropped, or a colored sweater with chest appliques. For her feet: colored trainers or, if she’s a fashion lover, a pair of ankle boots or boots with track sole (thick and indented). Once the weekend arrives, teenager’s outfits tend to become sporty or in trend, but just as cool and stylish.

Girls can go on wearing slim destroyed jeans (with holes), matched with a large, loose and comfortable top. For example, they can wear a tight undershirt under a loose sweater, leaving a bare shoulder. Other options are either a denim jumpsuit, or a cotton t-shirt like dress or a dress strapped over the waist, over which you can wear a denim jacket, a hooded sweatshirt or a loose shirt, in colored checks and left unbuttoned.

Our recommendations:
Check dress LC Waikiki: 69,95 lei
Denim jacket LC Waikiki: 129,95 lei
Sweatshirt H&M: 99,00 lei
Denim jumpsuit for girls LC Waikiki: 129,95 lei
Boots with track sole Zara: 149,90 lei
Pink backpack H&M: 129,90 lei

For boys, jeans remain the central piece. For the upper part, they can choose: a colored sweatshirt with zipper, a cute combination of long sleeve t-shirt + short sleeve shirt or, for the cool ones, a t-shirt and a quilted vest.

Our recommendation:
Short sleeve shirt H&M: 89,90 lei
Quilted vest Mango: 199,90 lei


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