Five pieces (+1 bonus!) that are worth buying during sales

We are in full summer and sales season. We feel like adding to our wardrobe pieces that will help us taste the rest of our sunny days, but we know that we shouldn’t forget to be conscious, mind the budget and how really useful the items are. Thus, we will try to keep a cold blood, focusing only on versatile pieces, that will hardly become old-fashioned, that have a stylistic ADN compatible with ours and that make us feel that we could really take advantage of sales period.

Before going through our proposal list, do not forget that the sales and promotion period is the most suitable to replace the classic items, the ones you know you will wear often during the year: a T-shirt or a Mango sailor striped light pullover, a Lee Cooper denim jacket and a pair of well-cut jeans, a white shirt (from Tommy Hilfiger), a Massimo Dutti cashmere simple pullover, a Il Passo pair of simple high heels.

Below, a top 5 shopping recommendations, which will be okay to wear from now until fall.

Any piece – dress, skirt, trousers, blazer or knitwear – mustard yellow or ferruginous

Although officially, the color of the year is a shade of violet, fall 2018 will be under the zodiacal sign of organic shades, of “burnt”, ground colours.

In the middle of chromatic spectrum, between orange, yellow and red, both shades I’m recommending – mustard yellow, or ferruginous (or brick-red, Sienna, terracotta) – are all shiny and exotic. During summer, combine them with white, beige, denim blue pieces, whereas during fall you can match them with dark gold, rose pink, navy blue.

Mango mustard yellow top with knitted décolletage, 39.90 lei | Zara mustard yellow skirt: 49.90 lei | Massimo Dutti mustard yellow blouse with flounces, 159.00 lei | Zara mustard yellow dress with stripes and drapery: 59.90 lei | H&M yellow midi skirt, 159.90 lei | H&M yellow shirt with V décolletage, 89.90 lei

Mango ferruginous orange dress: 99.90 lei | Zara brick-red tunic blouse, 99.90 lei | Massimo Dutti ferruginous print blouse: 179.00 lei | Zara ferruginous dress: 49.90 lei | H&M ferruginous top with lace: 39.90 lei


One-piece multicoloured striped swimsuit

In our wardrobe, the swimsuit has at least three ways of wearing it: as an actual swimsuit, body and / or sleeveless top. Of course, wear it at the pool, or at the beach, under a wavy kaftan, or a pair of printed large trousers! Continue to wear them this summer in the city, as if it was a colored sleeveless top, with shorts, white lace dresses, under a striped shirt-dress unbuttoned in the upper part. Our recommendation is to try and wear it again towards fall, like a body or a bra. Imagine you will wear it during the weekend under a cardigan and with jeans, at the office under a white shirt, with a pair of culottes, during a city break under a jumpsuit.

Mango, one-piece multicoloured striped swimsuit: 99.90 lei | Zara striped one-piece swimsuit: 59.90 lei | Triumph multicoloured printed swimsuit: 249.00 lei | Penti one-piece blue and white striped swimsuit: 99.90 lei | Penti rainbow striped one-piece swimsuit: 89.90 lei


A midi dress or a modern floral printed top

If some of us quit a few years ago to wear tiny floral print (too romantic!), the fashion industry seems to still have it on the list. On the contrary: the industry has reinterpreted them and has re-drawn the rods of the bouquets, the petals, the pistils, modifying also the usual chromatic palettes. So, to wear them during other seasons, I recommend you to look for a floral print with a black or dark color background (violet, burgundy, emerald green), in order to match them with a suiting male blazer, with navy blue jeans, a knitted or velvet skirt. Until then, match them with black espadrilles, with skin colored sandals, or golden sneakers.

Mango yellow midi dress with black floral print: 99.90 lei | Mango red midi wrapped dress with floral print: 99.90 lei | Massimo Dutti floral printed silk shirt: 159.90 lei | Zara floral print on black background midi dress: 69.90 lei | BSB floral printed top on black background, BSB: 141.00 lei


A colored suit with trousers

It is the safest way to update this year’s style, because you manage to modernise the color, the cut of the blazer and the trousers’ one. The chromatic palette is far from the classic one, you will find pink, blue, solar yellow, and red suits; the trousers are either large or long, cropped and large, and the suits have a male look and volume. You could also match them separately, but still by keeping the colored or printed pieces.

Mango blue suit: (blazer) 129.90 lei and (trousers): 89.90 lei | Massimo Dutti yellow suit: (blazer) 449.00 and (trousers) 239.00 lei | Zara pink suit: (blazer) 129.00 lei and (trousers) 79.90 lei


A pair of special earrings

If a few years ago the Pandora charm bracelets were very researched, in the last seasons they have been replaced with exotic earrings: with fringes, with stars, colored crystals, with flowers and colored plexiglass parrots. The truth is that a pair of well-chosen earrings change the tone of your entire outfit, can be worn either during the day, but also during the evening, and they can easily be worn in any season.

The secret is not to choose a model with obvious summer details (fruit, exotic birds or shell shaped). On the other hand, we recommend you to buy either a pair of golden or silver earrings, big and circular, either a pair of ceramic colored earrings.

Massimo Dutti gold Creole Earrings: 109.00 lei | Mango red ceramic earrings: 69.90 lei | Mango gold circular earrings: 49.90 lei | H&M gold circular earrings: 29.90 lei

Bonus!  A bag or a dress signed by a Romanian designer

Have you heard of A-List Designers’ Boutique in Bucuresti Mall? It is a unique initiative in Romania: every three weeks, different designers are moving their studio and collections in a space at the ground floor of the mall. Depending on the period when you’re visiting the mall, you can see the creations of a clothing designer, a bag, jewellery designer and a creator based on reinterpreting the traditional Romanian embroidery, a knitwear designer, and a shirt dedicated designer.

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