Orange is the new black

Although we have just entered September, we are already emotionally invested in  autumn: we are paying close attention to new collections in stores, we are following Instagram accounts for new ideas, we are keeping an eye on the beginning of Fashion Week …

As it happens each year, certain colors continue to dominate the season. From the elegant tones of blue to a sophisticated dark green, like fir forests, passing through soft beige and soft grays, these classic colors are not a surprise. But this season proposes something bolder, an incandescent color, rarely found in our wardrobes but which promises to become as popular as mustard yellow was in 2018. Say hello to orange!

The sunset inspired shades will be the chromatic stars of autumn 2019. Intense orange, burnt orange, amber; rust, and copper; pumpkin, papaya, tangerines and carrots … Fashion offers us slices of color, which reflect the charm of autumn, in combinations that energize dreary wardrobes, always in dark colors.

If until now you considered orange tones are outdated, with the vintage air of the 70s, the seasonal collections will make you think again.

You can reconstruct a trendy outfit from Fashion Week, dressing from head to toe in shades of orange, without forgetting beige or white accessories. You can be inspired by the Chloé fashion show, by wearing a pair of wide pants with high waist. An orange pleated skirt suggests a vibe borrowed from Fendi and Jacquemus.

Just as modern, but in another register, you can build orange outfits, but adding other shades: solar yellow, lavender violet, tobacco coffee, fuchsia pink, blue, olive green, cherry …
Finally, a color patch is sufficient through the accessories, and the whole outfit gets another breath, another life …

Dresses and skirts

Curled veil dress, Zara: 299.90 lei | Dress tied with drawstring, Mango: 249.90 lei | Dress with pin, Zara: 99.90 lei | Mulatto dress, H&M: 159.99 lei | Satin brick skirt, H&M: 129.99 lei | H&M sweater skirt, H&M: 129.99 lei | Dress with pre-cut effect, Zara: 99.90 lei | Dress with ruffles, Zara: 199.90 lei | Lace dress, BSB: 376.00 lei | Asymmetrical wood, Topshop: 196.00 lei | Dress with fallen waist, Topshop: 224.00 lei | Mulatto dress, Marks & Spencer: 218.50 lei

Tops and knitwear

Blouse with high collar, Mango: 159.90 lei | Silk shirt, Massimo Dutti: 299.90 lei | Three-quarter sleeve shirt, H&M: 59.90 lei | T-shirt with fine straps, Mango: 89.90 lei | Sleeveless lance, H&M: 129.90 lei | Thin sweater, Mango: 79.90 lei | Paisley print blouse, Richard AllanXH &M collection, 59.90 lei | Brick-red cardigan, Mango: 119.90 lei | Short cardigan with buttons, Zara: 129.90 lei | T-shirt with message, Mango: 49.90 lei | tri-colored top, BSB: 337.00 lei | Crepe blouse, H&M: 89.90 lei | Orange top, H&M: 129.99 lei | Sweater with puffy sleeves, Zara: 79.90 lei | fringed sweater, BSB: 235,00 lei | Cardigan with pockets, BSB: 329,00 lei | Soft Hoodie, BSB: 235.00 lei | Short top, Topshop: 28.00 lei


Straight suit pants, Mango: 199.90 lei | Drawstring jacket, Mango: 349.90 lei | Jacket in 2 rows, Marks & Spencer: 442.50 lei | Cropped pants, Marks & Spencer: 220.00 lei | Jogger pants, BSB: 282.00 lei | Drawstring overall, Zara: 129.90 lei | Trousers with cuff, Zara: 129.90 lei | Cropped trousers, Zara: 99.90 lei | Wide pleated trousers, BSB: 433.00 lei

Shoes and bags

Leather bag with chain, Mango: 199.90 lei | Mini bag, Zara: 199.90 lei | Leather shoulder bag, Anna Cori: 312.00 lei | Leather shoes with geometric heel, Mango: 349.90 lei | Snake print shoes, Mango: 159.90 lei | Leather slippers with knot, Mango: 79.90 lei | Clogs with orange-black stripes, Il Passo: 199.00 lei | Leather shoes with fine heel, Anna Cori: 314.30 lei | Shoes with low heel, Anna Cori: 168,00 lei | Marks & Spencer backpack: 165.25 lei


Rusty hair elastic, H&M: 19.90 lei | Beads earrings, Mango: 79.90 lei | Narrow belt, H&M: 22.99 lei | Resin earrings in 2 colors, Mango: 49.90 lei | Embossed earrings, Mango: 39.90 lei | Long earrings, H&M: 19.99 lei | Satin scarf, Richard AllanXH&M: 39.99 lei | Narrow orange belt, Anna Cori: 55.25 lei

And a few other orange-colored nicks, in Diverta:

Beyond oranges, by Ioana Baldea-Constantinescu: 18,54 lei | Orange is the new black, by Piper Kerman: 37.05 lei | Mechanical Orange, by Anthony Burgess: 29.75 lei | A5 notebook, Leuchtturm: 71.23 lei | Honey Clementine scented candle, from Yankee Candle: 71.43 lei | Passion Fruit Martini scented candle, from Yankee Candle: 46.75 lei | Orange marker, Stabilo: 3.04 lei


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