Office outfits for hot weather

When the temperatures get higher, we only want to soak in a hammock, pass our time at the beach or on the edge of a turquoise pool, refresh with a lemonade and wear as few clothes as possible. Unfortunately, we need to go to the office too – and not dressed the way we feel like, in holiday outfits, but in something more appropriate! In order to make your mornings easier, we have put together a short list of stylistic ideas – practical, simple, at hand – for your professional wardrobe, from which you can get inspiration when the temperatures exceed 35 degrees.

Idea # 1: A sleeveless dress

This kind of dress can be – and should be – a key piece in your office wardrobe for the hot months. Choose a model with simple tailoring, classic-elegance or modern, in a seasonal print and match it with a thin jacket, colored in one of the shades of the print. We recommend the sleeveless dress because the models with straps fall into the category of casual pieces, not suitable for the office. From a practical point of view, we recommend the blazer because it protects you from the air conditioning and completes the professional note of the dress (especially if you work in a professional conservative environment). Accessorize the dress with ballerinas or sandals with medium skin color heels and a shoulder bag.

My recommendations:

Striped linen dress, Mango: 159,00 lei | Blue dress Hugo Boss, Collective: 959.00 lei | Pleated dress with green print, Mango: 349.00 lei | Classic white dress, Mango: 159,00 lei | Classic dress with peony print, Ted Baker, Collective: 574.90 lei | Dress with poppies print, Nissa: 499.00 lei | Pleated veil dress with blue print, Nissa: 449.00 lei | White dress with black dots, BSB: 311.00 lei | White pleated dresses, H&M: 139.00 lei | Ted Baker floral print dress, Collective: 899.90 lei

Idea # 2: A pair of slim pants

A pair of pants made of thin or fluid material – cotton, linen, cupro, tencel, lyocell – will save you on very hot days. Choose a light cut, in no case mulatto or skinny, with classic or modern length (up to the ankle or culottes up to the middle of the leg). Also, look for a neutral color or a classic print (checkers, micro-bubbles, fine stripes), to keep them in the professional area (blue, light grey, beige, khaki, olive green, cherry). Pair them with a short-sleeved top or sleeveless top; add trimmed ballerinas, possibly a colored strap and some light accessories. You can leave the house confident that you have built a feminine and comfortable outfit.

My recommendations:

Blue cotton trousers with dots, Mango: 139.90 lei | Blue cotton trousers with fine white stripes, H&M: 89.90 lei | Straight beige trousers in check, Mango: 159.90 lei | Beige pants with stripes, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | Beige viscose trousers, Zara: 159.90 lei | Straight cream pants, Mango: 159.90 lei | Beige jeans with fine white stripes, Marks & Spencer: 112.00 lei | Beige camel pants from copper, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | Tencel rust trousers, Marks & Spencer: 224.00 lei | Beige cotton and viscose pants, H&M: 129.90 lei | Viscose trousers from lyocell, H&M: 129.99 lei | White trousers with drawstring, Mango: 159.90 lei | Green trousers with drawstring, Zara: 129.90 lei | Olive green trousers, Zara: 199.90 lei

Idea # 3: a cotton blouse

Woven materials made from natural fibers allow air to flow through the fabric, which helps the body to feel less heat. Exactly these qualities are necessary for our summer wardrobe, when we do our best to wear less artificial fibers, less thick materials, less dark colors. Cotton blouses (and other fibers mixed with cotton – silk, linen, viscose, bamboo, even elastane or polyester) should be a priority on shopping lists and, subsequently, in building outfits for hot temperatures: they are not only cool, but also have a minimalist elegance (even when not tight or perfectly ironed). A rustic top, white and also with white embroidery, will be suitable for the office when it is matched with a flared skirt and a pair of heeled sandals.

My recommendations:

Cotton blouse Massimo Dutti: 129.00 lei | Cotton and linen blouse, Mango: 159.90 lei | Embroidered cotton blouse, Mango: 159.90 lei | White blouse with collar Peter Pan, Zara: 159.90 lei | Cotton and viscose blouse, H&M: 99.90 lei | Pink cotton shirt with lace, Massimo Dutti: 299,00 lei | Cotton shirt and striped silk, Massimo Dutti: 299.00 lei | Cotton poplin blouse with frills, Zara: 159.90 lei | Top with English embroidery, H&M: 99.99 lei | White shirt made of organic cotton, Zara: 99.90 lei | White embroidered cotton top, Zara: 129.90 lei | Cotton blouse with blue embroidery, H&M: 129.99 lei | White cotton blouse, Mango: 159.90 lei


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