End of summer at work: 3 office outfits

Between the holiday’s euphoria, the laziness of August weekends and the preparations for the first autumn activities, our wardrobe and outfits are going through a sort of a conflict: firstly, the necessity to follow a dress code at the office, secondly, the hot weather and still present feeling of the summer vacation.

We found for you 3 key pieces combined in 3 complete outfits, thus the summer fashion can blend with the office style.

Key-piece #1: midi skirt, above the knee

You can choose a straight, cone-shaped or slightly flared skirt that will be part of the basic pieces of your wardrobe. Is it always semi-elegant and effective, and it won’t raise stylistic dilemmas such as “is it still in style this season?” or “how to match it?” On casual Friday days, you can wear it with a simple shirt or a linen shirt, continuing the outfit with platform sandals or canvas sneakers. For the rest of the week, match it with a light shirt with rolled up sleeves and, depending on the dress code at work, with sandals, medium or high heel shoes.

Stylist’s recommendation: While is still warm, choose pleasant colors and avoid black. You’ll have plenty of time to wear black skirts and trousers from October until the end of March!

In photos: blue skirt Mango: 199.90 lei; yellow skirt Massimo Dutti: 279.90 lei; Nissa flower skirt: 194.90 lei; Navy blue skirt Zara: 149.90 lei

Key-piece #2: loose trousers

During hot days, we tend to choose comfort over elegance. Wrong. Nowadays, fashion offers us options that integrate both requirements! Think of a pair of wide viscose culottes (skirt like trousers) or a pair of cool palazzo trousers made out of linen and cotton or lyocell. With high waist, fluid and very chic, these trousers are created exactly for such days. You can obtain a masculine style, by wearing sneakers or oxford shoes made out of suede and pierced leather, or in modern and feminine style, adding a silky underskirt and high heel sandals and fine straps. It’s your choice!

Stylist’s recommendation: To avoid breaking the line of casual style, choose uni colors (white, yellow, beige, pink, blue, red, black, etc.) and discrete prints. Keep for weekends or special occasions the loose trousers and skirt like trousers with very visible prints (broad horizontal stripes, flowers, dots, animal print), with fashionable details (flounces and lateral zipper) and those with lace or veil insertions.

In photos: cotton blue culottes Mango: 159.90 lei; red culottes from Nissa viscose: 199.00 lei; yellow linen culottes Zara: 149.90 lei; purple culottes Massimo Dutti: 379.00 lei; yellow loose trousers Mango: 99.90 lei; beige lyocell trousers H&M: 159.00 lei; white trousers Nissa: 329.00 lei

Key-piece #3: a dress

You’re ready as fast as it can be! The dress is the easiest and most practical stylistic option, and so accessible … You can choose a reasonable low-cut neck in V shape, a flowing shirt like dress, a comfortable and colored midi tunic, possibly a layered model from a cool or silky fabric. Once dressed, you just have to choose the accessories and the shoes.

Stylist’s recommendation: Even if you choose a light summer dress, you can also wear it in autumn and spring. Just add a jacket or cardigan over. The most modern version of overlays, which will allow you to wear dresses at any time (even a dress-chemise) is to wear a polo-neck or a shirt under the dress.

In photos: shirt-dress with flowers Mango: 199.90 lei; linen tunic-dress Marks & Spencer: 249.00 lei; blue tunic dress H&M: 99.00 lei; orange-terracotta dress Massimo Dutti: 449.00 lei


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