Autumn shopping list: essential items

Autumn is in full swing, new collections are in stores! Although we are a little sad at the thought of saying “goodbye” to flowy dresses, sandals and raffia bags, the fashion of autumn 2019 is admirable and attractive. From loose pants to spectacular boots, I propose 5 star pieces that, once introduced in the wardrobe, will immediately update your style and outfits. Come and try them, until they disappear from your hangers …

Loose pants

Thanks to the collections signed by Akris, Victoria Beckham and Chanel, the loose pants became the strongest style in  trend. It is a style that matches all silhouettes, because the waistband sits exactly on the line of the natural waist and thins it, and the generous length creates the illusion of long legs. Comfortable and elegant, they will get a retro note if they are paired with a silky blouse, with flower or chain prints, and high and thick heels, but you can also wear them on the weekend, with an oversized sweater and shoes with thick soles.

My recommendations:
Black trousers with belt, H&M: 159.99 lei | black velvet trousers, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | black trousers with drawstring and fringes, Nissa: 369,00 lei | black trousers with colored whip, Mango: 199.90 lei | black palazzo trousers with bullets, BSB: 433.00 lei | beige trousers with feathers, Zara: 249.90 lei | turquoise-dark trousers with cuffs, Zara: 199.90 lei | Emerald green trousers, Mango: 199.90 lei | blue-oil pants, H&M: 139.99 lei | flared ocher trousers, Zara: 159.90 lei | Khaki pants with pens, H&M: 199.99 lei | satin ocher trousers with pens, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | palazzo trousers, Mango: 249.90 lei | checkered trousers, Zara: 159.90 lei | trousers with pliers and foot print, H&M: 199.99 lei | checkered trousers, Marks & Spencer: 224.00 lei | wide white pants, Mango: 199.90 lei

Knitted dresses

Do you know how you can extend the feeling of summer for a few weeks towards the middle of autumn? By wearing a knit dress. Due to their soft line, which closely follows the body, you have the feeling that you are wearing a daring summer dress (after all, some knitted dresses have a deep cut, others have a partially cut back, and the narrow tailoring makes you look like you’re wearing a fur! ). In addition, the material will keep you warm. You can match them with a pair of booties with a fine heel and an envelope bag. The ones with high collar and long sleeves are best suited to those who love fashion from the 70’s.

My recommendations:
Black dress with high collar, H&M: 89.99 lei | black dress with collar, Mango: 159.90 lei | black dress with collar, Massimo Dutti: 349.00 lei | black dress with U-neckline, H&M: 129.99 lei | dark green dress with U-neckline, Zara: 199.90 lei | black dress with wide sleeves, Mango: 199.90 lei | red knitted dress, H&M: 99.99 lei | bra dress with puffy sleeves, Zara: 199.90 lei | orange dress with slit, H&M: 129.99 lei | beige dress with slit, Mango: 159.90 lei | Marks & Spencer striped knit dress: 220.00 lei | grey dress with long sleeves, Mango: 159.90 lei | pink dress with metallic thread, Zara: 299.90 lei | blue dress with puffy sleeves and buttons, Zara: 159.90 lei

Jackets with impeccable cuts

I can say, without a doubt, that jackets are the key pieces of autumn 2019 fashion: on the podiums were presented no less than 590 models, which makes them more than just a trend! In fact, they are not the kind of clothing that goes in and out of trends, but for a while they have become indispensable pieces for women’s wardrobes, and this is due to their versatility. This season, you will find them in a multitude of colors, fabrics, prints. If you are looking for a classic look, choose a black tuxedo jacket with long and narrow lapels; pair it with a white shirt and jeans or wear it over a black day dress to get a sculptural office outfit. For a fashion-forward style, look for a tweed blazer, in 2 rows, which you will overlay on a fur dress, and the outfit you will complete with geometric heels. Finally, a large checkered blazer will give a fresh look to a pair of velvet trousers, complementing everything with a flowery blouse and lace-up boots.

My recommendations:
Grey jacket with 2 rows, Zara: 299.90 lei | Wide checked jacket, Massimo Dutti: 699.00 lei | elegant plaid jacket, Zara: 249.90 lei | classic tweed jacket, Massimo Dutti: 699.00 lei | classic check jacket, Marks & Spencer: 442.00 lei | jacket with fringed fabric, Mango: 499.90 lei | oversize jacket, Zara: 249.90 lei | small plaid jacket, Massimo Dutti: 699.00 lei | small plaid jacket, Mango: 249.90 lei | checkered jacket with split hem, Zara: 249.90 lei | Scottish plaid jacket, Mango: 349.90 lei | pulled green eco-shirt, Mango: 399.90 lei | check jersey jacket, Marks & Spencer: 196.00 lei

Autumn garden

Floral prints transform, once the cold season comes. They become darker, catching nuances similar to gemstones, and the designs are enriched with rusty leaves, chrysanthemums, slabs and ferns. A blouse with floral motifs is a good choice for you to wear at the office (with a conical or pleated skirt, with culottes or wide pants), but also on the weekend (with jeans or a knitted skirt). A more modern version is a flower print dress. You can choose a shirt dress, with buttons on the front, or a bulky, lightweight, bohemian air. Pair them with high heeled boots.

My recommendations:
Draped dress, Zara: 199.90 lei | Wide mini dress with floral print, Mango: 199.90 lei | mini dress with flowers and ruffles, BSB: 337.00 lei | dress with rust flowers, H&M: 129.99 lei | gown dress with small flowers, Pineberry: 190.00 lei | pleated dress with flowers, BSB: 423.00 lei | beige flower dress, BSB: 574.00 lei | wide dress with emerald green flowers, Zara: 199.90 lei | wide veil dress with floral print, Mango: 249.90 lei | blue flower dress, Marks & Spencer: 252.00 lei | turquoise midi dresses, Zara: 199.90 lei | wide black dress with puffy sleeves and red flowers, Zara: 199.90 lei | black midi dress with large flowers, BSB: 385.00 lei | black dress shirt with drawstring, H&M: 129.99 lei | floral print shirt, Mango: 159.90 lei | blue dress with large flowers, Zara: 199.90 lei | blue flower dress with white flowers, Pineberry: 190.00 lei | autumn flower blouse, H&M: 89.99 lei | casual dress with flowers, Mango: 249.90 lei | green dress with flowers, Marks & Spencer: 364.00 lei

White boots

It would not be autumn without a new pair of boots. Whether you choose them right next to the knee, or have a caramel mid-calf, this season’s boots instantly change the style of your outfit. A pair of tall, leather-like reptile boots, a cream-beige or light-colored variant, or some corored cowboy boots will create a nice contrast to some short jeans or a pair of culottes, while white booties are crowned the queens of autumn. If all of these options look too daring, look for a pair of colorful leather boots.

My recommendations:
Short colored cowboy boots, Zara: 499.90 lei | simple white booties, Zara: 349.90 lei | cream leather booties with laces, Zara: 279.90 lei | beige booties with fine heel, Mango: 349.90 lei | white booties with black elastic inserts, Zara: 199.90 lei | white cut booties, Zara: 149.90 lei | very short white boots, Mango: 249.90 lei | high boots with cream snake print heel, Mango: 699.90 lei


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