Four smart casual outfits for cold weather

There is a fine line between the definitions of “casual” style and the “smart” note that is added to it, when the intention is to create a semi-elegant daytime outfit, comfortable, practical, but also with modern elements and well-chosen accessories, an outfit suitable for a day of meetings at the office, followed by a meeting with parents, dinner in the city, a movie or a  quick visit mall. If in the summer we can deal with this type of outfit more easily, in the cold season, things get complicated. What is the winter equivalent of a jacket? What kind of shoes do we wear after we pack our colorful shoes with fine heels?

As a solution to this stylistic equation, I thought of four outfits that tick all the above criteria, answer those questions and can be built and worn quick and easy.

Outfit #1: Modern jeans + a feminine blouse

It is the most handy stylistic solution, which can be worn for (almost) any occasion that requires a “smart casual” dress code. Jeans and a nice top can be worn on a Friday day at the office, for a lunch with colleagues or a brunch with friends, at a meeting with parents on Wednesday evening, at a course you signed up for (makeup , painting, time management, tango!) – and each time, the outfit will be just as appropriate. The relaxed denim cut will give the outfit a casual note and help the elegant blouse not look so … formal and classic. Sure you can opt for other models of jeans – slim, straight, boyfriend – but the “mom” tailoring is the most modern of all and balances the entire outfit. Add a suit jacket, a medium sized geometric bag, a belt and a pair of shoes with medium heels.

My recommendations from Bucuresti Mall – Vitan:
Mom Jeans, Mango: 199,90 lei | elegant blouse with frills, Massimo Dutti: 299,00 lei | plaid jacket, H&M: 159,90 lei | bag, Mango: 199,90 lei | animal print belt, H&M: 29,90 lei | black suede shoes, Anna Cori: 290,00 lei

Outfit #2: A midi skirt + a knitted turtleneck

Midi skirts, pleated or tight, are those types of pieces showing you know how to make your outfits trendy, that you do not just cling to the classic conical or A line skirts, that you are able to easily make the transition between summer wardrobe and autumn-winter. Plus, the pleated skirts fit all ages, styles and shapes, so you can’t go wrong with this cut! If you choose a satin skirt, the outfit becomes more modern and sophisticated due to the differences in brightness and texture between the material of the skirt and that of the knitted turtleneck. You can add to this outfit a pair of thick tights, booties, golden accessories, a snake print bag and a leather jacket.

My recommendations from Bucuresti Mall – Vitan:
Satin nude skirt, H&M: 99,90 lei | knitted sweater, Zara: 159,90 lei | brown leather jacket, Massimo Dutti: 1.199,00  lei | eco leather booties, Tezyo: 429,00 lei | golden earrings, Mango: 49,90 lei | brown bag, Anna Cori: 499,00 lei

Outfit #3: a pair of trousers with laces + a classic shirt

Comfort meets style when it comes to a pair of trousers with laces; they look like training pants but more elegant, perfect for the urban style. For the beginning, match them with a classic shirt, whose structured cut and full material give verticality to the outfit, that you will button up. Complete the outfit with medium-heeled shoes or moccasins, an elegant bracelet, a brooch and a cross-body bag, together with a lightweight coat.

My recommendations from Bucuresti Mall – Vitan:
Jogger khaki pants, Zara: 159,90 lei | classic white shirt, Pineberry: 130,00 lei | coat, Marks&Spencer: 434,50 lei | cross-body bag, Marks&Spencer: 192,50 lei | golden bracelet, Mango: 69,90 lei | leather moccasins, Il Passo: 359,20 lei

Outfit #4: A feminine dress + a pair of boots

All women would rush to match a knitted dress, whose line follows the silhouette, with a pair of tall boots with a thin heel. Which is not wrong, but predictable. Differentiate yourself from them by adding shoes either a pair of biker boots, or some buckle boots. The contrast between the femininity of the dress and the masculinity of the boots is masterfully put into practice by fashionistas, from which you can inspire! Complete the outfit with a multi-colored hair accessory, an elegant coat and a beautiful bag.

My recommendations from Bucuresti Mall – Vitan:
Black knitted dress, Marks&Spencer: 249,90 lei | elegant camel beige coat, Massimo Dutti: 1.199,00 lei | leather biker boots with laces, Anna Cori: 450,00 lei | black fishnet stockings, Penti: 29,95 lei | brown shopper bag, Zara: 99,90 lei | hair tie with multi-colored scarf, H&M: 29,99 lei



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