The best skirt choices for your personal style

This summer is made for skirts. Whether you want to send a feminine and seductive vibe, dress in a casual outfit that requires zero styling effort, or just change your daily style a bit, skirts are the best solution. The good news is you can find lots of trendy styles in stores: midi, mini, maxi, spent, pencil, jersey, silk, veil, pleated, creased, asymmetrical … you got the idea!

Here’s how to choose the right skirt to fit your personal style:

The maxi skirt

It’s been back in trend for a few years, and trendy items are embellished with bold prints and spectacular colors. Maxi skirts are not suitable only for goddesses living a bohemian life, or festival fairies who are in love with folk music, nor for dreamy artists. Maxi skirts are a good choice for any woman, because the horizons of their styling possibilities are infinite: from white or denim shirts, to cute T-shirts, seductive tank tops, sport polo tops, cropped blouses and even oversized cotton or macramé sweaters. The well-marked waist and ankle-length create an elongation effect that will benefit mignon’s silhouettes but will also balance the pear shaped figures (with broad hips and strong legs).

My recommendation is not to wear them with fine heels, because you risk cutting your hem. Instead, she wears the maxi skirt with an orthopaedic foot or tennis ball with a thick sole.

My choices: Maxi skirt with multi-colored floral print, Zara: 129,90 lei | beige skirt with white dots, Mango: 139,90 lei | white maxi skirt with blue print, H&M: 159,99 lei | blue maxi skirt with white flowers, Zara: 109,90 lei |maxi skirt with black veil, Nissa: 599,00 lei | maxi skirt with floral print, BSB: 231,00 lei | yellow maxi skirt, Marks&Spencer: 330,00 lei

The midi skirt

Oh, the complicated midi length! Recently re-introduced on trend, midi skirts have become in recent years mandatory and indispensable pieces in fashionistas’ wardrobes. It’s understandable: they’re the type of clothing that suits all shapes, styles and ages, and can be easily integrated into any outfit that needs a touch of chic and femininity. The best news? It’s the skirt model that can be worn on all occasions and at any time of the day or the week. With a silky, elegant dress and shiny sandals at a wedding party; with a white cotton tank top and gladiator sandals on weekends; with a fitted shirt and heels at the office; with a shoulder revealing top and colorful sneakers on a city break or when you run errands in the city. We can call it “Fashion Chameleon”. As with the maxi skirt, the elastic that marks the waistline creates the effect of a feminine, contoured silhouette, and the knee covering length is easily matched to all kinds of shoes (from tennis shoes, orthopedic foot sandals, gladiator sandals, cowboy boots, stiletto sandals, or kitten shoes).

My choices: Pleated colored midi skirt, Mango: 139,90 lei | midi skirt in red plaids, Mango: 79,90 lei | white pleated skirt with green print, H&M: 139,90 lei | red midi skirt with frills, H&M: 99,90 lei | white midi skirt with palm print, H&M: 99,99 lei | beige satin midi skirt, Zara: 69,90 lei | white midi skirt, Massimo Dutti: 149,90 lei | flared linen midi skirt, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei | midi skirt with embroidered tulle, BSB: 391,30 lei | olive asymmetric midi skirt, Marks&Spencer: 168,90 lei | white midi skirt with black dots, Topshop: 218,50 lei

The pencil skirt

It is the base of wardrobes with professional outfits. Although we associate them mostly with a corporate dress code, they fit a lot more styles. The clean cut line that takes in consideration the natural outline of the female figure and the indelible allure of this piece of clothing helps to integrate a seductive outfit (assorted, for example, with a revealing blouse or decorated with an asymmetrical splint along the leg) but also a sporty one (with a lightweight T-shirt, a pair of tennis shoes and a denim jacket). Last but not least, it can also get a romantic touch: it is enough to add a delicate blouse, with floral print and ample sleeves.

My choices: Navy skirt with front slit, Mango: 79,90 lei | animal print skirt, Zara: 69,90 lei | beige pencil skirt, Nissa: 259.00 lei | red lace pencil skirt, Mango: 129,90 lei | yellow pencil skirt, BSB: 169,20 lei | pencil skirt with floral print, BSB: 141.00 lei | denim white pencil skirt, Marks & Spencer: 99.90 lei

The pleated skirt

The warmth of summer days makes us wear lightweight, diaphanous, fluid skirts that move with the breeze. It’s the kind of skirt that makes us want to dance, to twirl, jump in joy to celebrate vacation time! Short pleated skirts are suitable for teenagers and young girls with thin, athletic silhouettes – not just because of their length but also because they add a note of femininity. Skirts with knee length are very permissive and are perfect for a picnic or outdoor concert  outfit. Especially if the skirt has pockets …

My choices: White-navy pleated skirt with stripes, H&M: 139,90 lei | pleated asymmetric skirt with animal print, Zara: 69,90 lei | pleated skirt with tie-dye print, Zara: 109,90 lei | blue pleated skirt with floral print, Nissa: 499,00 lei | black pleated skirt, with folds, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei | blue pleated skirt with tulle, BSB: 197,40 lei | white pleated skirt with black spurs, BSB: 296,10 lei | pleated skirt with white-red print, Topshop: 218,50 lei

The mini skirt

The mini skirt can undoubtedly be a statement that draws attention – first of all because of its leg revealing length, but also because the small piece of cut material can clutter the prints, drapes, fringes, asymmetries, cords and other interesting details. Miniskirts can be very versatile when styled: they get a rebel rock air assorted with a leather jacket and low-heeled boots, youthful and school like with a shirt closed to the last button and colorful moccasins, sporty in combination with a polo shirt and canvas tennis shoes. What’s worth to remember is that, as the skirt becomes shorter, the heels become lower; otherwise, the mini skirt crosses the line between seductive and vulgar.

My choices: White pleated skirt with chain print, Zara: 109,90 lei | Pleated mini skirt with print, Mango: 99,90 lei | mini skirt with side frill, Nissa: 299,00 lei | Multi-colored mini skirt, Mango: 159,90 lei | mini skirt in military style, H&M: 89,99 lei | pleated mini skirt with yellow print, H&M: 199,99 lei | mini skirt with red lace, Nissa: 349,00 lei |mini skirt in safari style, Massimo Dutti: 329,00 lei |draped mini skirt with exotic print, BSB: 129,60 lei |yellow flared mini skirt, BSB: 141,00 lei |red draped mini skirt, BSB: 141,00 lei


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