Stripes … always fashionable!

This summer we are reinventing the stripes, not to mention the classic t-shirt with navy stripes. Irina Markovits, style consultant, gives us a few suggestions.


A striped shirt will become the most worn piece of your wardrobe this summer. A classic cut version will be nicely integrated into an office outfit, especially if you match it with a pair of modern, high waist trousers. You can also use it in a relaxed, casual outfit, by rolling up the sleeves and matching it with a denim skirt. In addition, this summer cotton poplin dresses and skirts, with blue and white stripes are a key pieces and can be worn at the office (with a suit jacket) or during the weekend (with a denim jacket).

Classic shirt Mango: 99.90 lei

Classic shirt H&M: 49.90 lei

Cotton striped dress Mango: 99.90 lei

Folded dress with white and light blue stripes H&M: 159.99 lei

Cotton skirt with white and light blue stripes Zara: 149.90 lei

DOUBLE prints

Dare to wear stripes in a different manner. Don’t be afraid to wear wide or multi-coloured stripes, it will be a pleasant change for any type of outfit. Vertical stripes create the illusion of longer legs and a slender silhouette, that’s why I advise you to wear striped trousers. Match them with a blouse with fine and discreet stripes, so that the outfit is not exuberant; the secret when wearing “double” prints, is that both pieces should have a common colour!

Top with black and white stripes Marks&Spencer: 59.90 lei

T-shirt with two types of stripes Zara: 49.90 lei

Vertical stripes top Massimo Dutti: 189.00 lei

Dress with light blue and navy blue stripes Mango: 99.90 lei

Cropped trousers with vertical stripes Mango: 99.90 lei

Culottes with stripes Zara: 99,90 lei


Are you bored with uni colours? I suggest, that when you create a neutral outfit or one without prints, to add a striped bag or a striped scarf. A simple accessory can absolutely change the whole outfit.

Striped bag Mango: 249.90 lei

Striped shopper bag Zara: 279.99 lei

Sandals with multi-coloured straps Zara: 149.90 lei

Dream in COLOURS

If you already have classic stripes clothing (white-blue, white-black, white-red) in your wardrobe, update your style and wear pieces in multi-coloured stripes or unexpected colours. White and yellow striped trousers or a blue and turquoise striped overcoat are easy to wear during the weekend and matches well with denim, white, green olive.

Dress with multi-coloured stripes Marks&Spencer: 175.90 lei

Trousers with white and yellow stripes Mango: 59.90 lei

Multi-coloured striped dress Mango: 99.90 lei


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