Colored style

Spring colored style

You doubt your mood might be influenced by the colors you wear? If you have ever experimented the energy wave a brightly colored dress gives you, the energy that a light shade of a scarf or the daring sensation that a red lipstick offers you, then you know that every worn color – either clothes, accessories or make-up has a different impact (sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious) on the way you feel.

Playful pink

Pink, for example, is a shade full of symbols. The delicate and pastel shades – light, blush, rose, salmon pink – are feminine, romantic, funny and really joyful (especially when combined with other delicate shades: mint green, light blue, lavender). The dark tones – magenta, fuchsia, hot pink – they are all extravagant, modern. Wear a fuchsia colored piece when you want your presence to be noticed and wear pastel pink on a date.

H&M pink draped dress: 199.90 lei | Stefanel raspberry pink skirt: 449.00 lei | Nissa Rose pink skirt: 319.00 lei | Zara pink t-shirt: 79.90 lei | Anna Cori fuchsia shoes: 290.00 lei | Massimo Dutti pastel pink blouse: 199.00 lei


Optimist yellow

Yellow is not only the hottest spring and summer 2018 color, but it has also got the reputation of the happiest color. It is the color that inspires light, hope and optimism. It will look great and luxurious along with Some summerish neutral colors (white, light blue, delicate beige), but highlight it with turquoise, olive green, orange and intense violet.

Mango yellow pleated dress: 249.90 lei | Zara degrade pleated skirt: 149.90 lei | Il Passo yellow leather mules: 239.00 lei | H&M yellow dress: 229.00 lei | Anna Cori leather bag: 420.00 lei


Defiant red

No other shade has a similar visual impact: if you want to be outstanding: dress in red. Starting from last autumn and until this season, an all-red outfit (red from head to toe) is considered trendy. All eyes will be on you and you will stand out of the crowd at a rooftop party or in a club and shapes your silhouette. It is not suitable for a Monday morning at the office, where all the colleagues are recovering after the weekend. However, a well-cut red blazer is a good option for a business outfit where you have a presentation or a networking event.

Nissa red blazer: 699.00 lei | Massimo Dutti red dress: 289.00 lei | H&M red printed asymmetric skirt: 199.00 lei | Massimo Dutti red jumpsuit: 499.00 lei | Anna Cori red shoes: 290.00 lei


A calming light blue

At the opposite side of the chromatic spectrum and of the intensity of emotions is blue. Its light, pastel shades create a calming mood, of inside balance. These characteristics makes it a suitable outfit for tense situations, such as an interview. Moreover, navy blue is perceived as professional, it gives the impression of a reliable and confident person. For the weekend, choose to associate blue, the waves of the sea and the holiday: wear sailor stripes, skateboard skirt or fluid blue dresses.

Nissa light blue dress: 499.00 lei| Nissa electric blue: 499.00 lei| Massimo Dutti light blue top with short sleeves: 169.00 lei | Stefanel blue striped flax T-shirt: 449.00 lei


Natural green

It is the most representative nature color and it is why it symbolizes energy and harmony. If you have a stressful rhythm of life or you spend a lot of time in a crowded and loud urban space, wearing these green shade pieces (raw green, dark green, emerald green) will help you find a balance. You can wear, for example, a white shirt with thick green stripes which you can match to your turquoise trousers; you can complete the outfit with a green bag.

Stefanel knitted green stripes T-shirt: 510.00 lei | Zara printed green skirt: 149.00 lei | Mango emerald green top: 139.90 lei | Marks & Spencer’s midi olive green skirt: 165.99 lei | Massimo Dutti flax green shirt with necklace: 169.90 lei


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