A List Designers Boutique – Ellida Toma

At Designers Boutique, Ellida Toma’s new collections will close the year in an unique way. Ellida’s approach on fashion focuses on geometric, architectural and innovative elements.

Ellida Toma, a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design of UNARTE Bucharest, is a fashion and costume designer and stylist, with numerous theater and television projects.

Ellida Toma’s fashion collections are made through pattern interventions. They are a mix of ideas, shapes, proportion, functionality and quality and transmit complex messages through the variety of ways they can be worn. The clothes created by Ellida often blur the border between the feminine and the masculine style and cover the need for comfort, aesthetics and even attitude.

Her clothing designs are timeless and find their origins in shapes, volumes and the purity of lines, and many of the outfits made by her are inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s art.

When it comes to special requirements from clients, the designer considers it’s very important to have a good communication with those who visit her shop. Clients’ ideas and suggestions  are discussed, analysed and integrated in order to obtain the desired result.

Good communication with her clients frequently gives shape to unique creations, focusing on comfort and individuality. The concept of atypical clothing, adapted to the silhouette or the conformation of each person is used rather than glossy or unrealistic elements from fashion magazines. This shapes fashion items that embrace perfectly the philosophy of Ellida Toma’s brand.

We welcome you between November 25 and December 22 at A List Designers Boutique in Bucharest Mall – Vitan, where  ELLIDA TOMA’s fashion collections will impress you through their beauty and creative approach.


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