Alist Designers’ Boutique – Kinga Varga

Kinga Varga is the third designer we host at A list Designers’ Boutique in Bucuresti Mall. You can admire her creations, and of course purchase them until May 24th.

Kinga Varga’s collections tell a story about femininity, from the pieces that can be worn daily in unique mixes, to handmade creations made with great attention to detail. In Bucuresti Mall you can find her new spring-summer 2018 collection. The collection continues the series of brand collections. Thinking of sea breeze and fine sand, the collection sends you into a tropical atmosphere.

The pieces have simple shapes with subtle relief and textures. The collection is made mostly of fine knit lace and cotton. Coral accents, royal blue, saturated orange, the collection has fresh and relaxed air. Texture diversity plays an important role. Knitted details in a modern technology appear in the collection on a new level, along with the wings, which are Kinga Varga’s signature.

Designer’s style, full of natural warm colors with saturated chromatic accents, is found in both the ready-to-wear and luxury-wear collection.

You can find yourself in a motivational message or you can inspire those around you wearing a t-shirt with fine prints. The t-shirt is made of delicate cotton and creates the feeling of angel wings, thanks to the cut – 160 lei.



High waist culottes – 270 lei | T-shirt with pockets applied – 170 lei


Sophisticated evening dress – 2.790 lei


Organza jacket, created manually by knitting delicate threads, to harmoniously complement both evening and day outfits – 5.800 lei


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