6 Romanian brands @Designers Boutique in Bucuresti Mall

Currently at Designers Boutique you can find 6 100% Romanian brands, as cool as possible, which will help you create new outfits: Anamaria Pop, AnTanTe, Happy Friday, Larisa Dragna, Muna and THAIS & STROE. All these brands are part of the The Room Showroom concept.

Anamaria Pop is primarily interested in the quality and comfort of the articles he creates. The way in which each item is placed, whether it be a detail, a color accent, a combination of textures, or a combination of prints, makes the garment a unitary composition. Her creations are smooth, volumetric, feminine and romantic. The designer is concerned to create cuts that can easily adapt to the proportions of the different silhouettes and at the same time be practical and can be worn in various circumstances.

AnTanTe, as the name inspires, is a concept addressed to young people. AnTanTe’s pieces are remarkable through attention to detail, simple and versatile cuts, but at the same time atypical, combined with paintings and hand-made items.

Happy Friday started from a bold idea that gathered around her beautiful and passionate people of the same thing – the feeling of happiness that we try to recall through every piece of clothing. Happy Friday creates collections in limited series, comfortable pieces of quality materials with simple lines. It is a brand that is characterised by slow fashion and respect for the people who wear their creations.

Larisa Dragna, graduate of the Faculty of Fine and Decorative Arts in Timisoara, has created many successful collections, including “Broken Doll”, “Plastic Dress”, “New Under-Layer”. Her vision is that “fashion, clothing, is definitely necessary, but secondary as important; what really matters is how a simple piece of clothing defines you, shapes you as an individual. Personally, I pursue this through my creation, not to cover or to conquer people, but to define them.”

Muna is a Romanian brand in love with colors, exotic prints and natural fabrics. Every piece of clothing has a story, the gowns have a feminine design with a retro vibe and fit both for casual and elegant outfits. Also, floral prints and lighted colors conquer you irremediably.

THAIS & STROE – a brand that brings together the creative effort of two designers Thais Coman and Oana Stroe. THAIS & STROE follows a minimalist aesthetics and creates ready-to-wear pieces for modern women and men. Clothes are made of carefully selected and manufactured materials. The brand is guided by the idea that the clothes are meant to highlight the personality of the owner.

So, by August 16th, we expect you in our pop-up store in the lounge, for a great experience of authentic Romanian design.


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