The blazer vest: 3 outfits, 3 styles, 3 occasions

Although fall has just begun, if we look in the calendar, you will continue relying on the summer wardrobe for another few weeks, nonetheless, with small adjustments: colour, change of textures and accessories, overlays.

If in the past years you have bought a blazer vest or a ¾ vest, with belt, congrats! If not, my recommendation would be to quickly invest in such an item, because it will be one of the most popular and trendy pieces in the upcoming season. To help you out, I suggest below some items you will find in our stores, in Bucuresti Mall, along with three ideas of combining the blazer vest. This will make you understand how versatile it is!

My recommendations: Mango long black blazer vest, 249.90 lei | Mango long cream asymmetric vest: 249.90 lei | Zara white vest with two button lines: 199.90 lei | Zara black vest-dress with belt: 249.90 lei | Zara striped vest: 199.90 lei | Nissa black vest with golden buttons: 399.00 lei | Nissa long white vest with belt: 184.50 lei | Nissa modern white vest: 199.50 lei | Marks & Spencer black vest with belt: 330.00 lei


Outfit #1: from Monday to Friday, at the office

Adding a blazer vest, you will easily combine a smart casual or business casual outfit. A dress or midi skirt, with asymmetric hem, are the perfect companions for an outfit you will want to wear repeatedly. Since the main piece of the outfit – the blazer vest – will be in a uni colour (black, beige, navy, white), choose a coloured or modern printed dress or skirt. Tie the belt around the waist: you will give your silhouette a contour, and this detail will add a professional look to the entire outfit. If your blazer hasn’t got a belt, add one from your own wardrobe. Wear sandals with thick heels for the day rush, and after, as evening gets closer, add a pair of big earrings and an intensely colored lipstick.

Create this outfit with:

Mango midi dress with zebra print: 199.90 lei | Bata black leather sandals: 317.90 lei | Zara earrings with pearls: 49.90 lei | Sephora Yves St. Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Mat: 173.00 lei


Outfit #2: during the weekend, around town

Whether you go out with your family in the park, or you meet your friends quickly for a coffee, take the blazer-vest with you. Put it over a polo t-shirt with short sleeves, and a flaring and coloured skirt with pockets, and after that, gather all you need (wallet, umbrella, wet wipes, phone charger, small bottle of water, snacks etc), for the rest of the day in a spacious, but chic backpack. Regarding the shoes, go for sneakers with thick sole, or ultra comfy sport shoes so you can run all over the place.

Compose your outfit with:

Lacoste slim fit polo T-shirt: 439.00 lei | H&M coloured flaring skirt: 159.90 lei | Musette Odessa yellow backpack: 489.30 lei | Office Shoes Chuck Taylor Converse polka dots sneakers: 197.00 lei


Outfit #3: evening or occasion outfit

If I could name something that will simplify your wardrobe and the clothing choices, that is something that “plays” multiple stylistic roles. This is what the blazer vest does when you wear it as a dress. Yes, you read it well: this star item looks great worn directly on the skin, with all buttons closed and a belt. You can accessorize it with sandals with fine heels, shiny jewels, body oil with golden particles and a fragrance. They will all make you feel like summer is lasting longer. In case the blazer is too short, put it over a slip dress with hem made of fine lace.

Create this outfit with:

Tezyo Shoes Epica Ray suede sandals: 599.00 lei  | Mango box-type clutch with golden margin: 159.00 lei  | Zara shiny golden earrings with fringe: 59.00 lei  | Sephora body oil with golden particles: 55.00 lei


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