Five pieces for the fall masculine wardrobe

You have already packed, a few weeks ago, your light t-shirts, shorts and short sleeve shirts. The moment has come for you to attend to your fall wardrobe.

In order to enjoy a more efficient shopping session, i have prepared a selection of the most versatile, classic and good quality clothing pieces which every man should collect for his cold season wardrobe.

A raincoat

Although an umbrella should be included in the masculine accessories arsenal, a semi-elegant waterproof jacket (or coat) has also the advantage that it can’t be easily forgotten in a corner. The best raincoats combine a functional and practical style with a stylish look, which means that you will stay dry without looking like a tourist gone to conquer Everest. Your list will contain 100% waterproof jackets (not only water resistant), equipped with spacious pockets, isolating lining or polar fleece, though seams and, last but not least, an urban design. A parka jacket (army style) or a bomber jacket (aviator style) is considered cool, modern and semi-elegant, especially in neutral colors (navy blue, khaki, black).  At the risk of repeating ourselves, a stylish man’s raincoat should not be mistaken with “the mountain” jacket, usually worn for climbing, trekking or hiking, or with a training fleece.

At Mango Man and Marks&Spencer you can find a few options of elegant waterproof coats, and at Intersport and Nike you can try other models in strong colors and technologically advanced materials.

My recommendations:
Waterproof jacket Mango: 399,90 lei
Waterproof trench Mango: 449,90 lei
Bomber waterproof jacket Stormwear M&S: 449 lei
Navy blue jacket Massimo Dutti: 799 lei


A pair of wool trousers

Not all trousers have the same shape. Although the color and style are the most obvious of the criteria, the fabric is just as important. If you don’t mind cold that much you’ll be fine with jeans or a few pairs of cotton dock trousers (resistant cotton). But trousers made out of fabric shape a different line, they combine comfort with warmth and elegance, and are available in a greater variety of shades.

The style considered modern, is the slim one (not skinny!), having the leg line straight and close to the leg, and the seam or cuff stopping right on the shoe or boot. You can wear them at the office with a shirt and a blazer, or with a long sleeve t-shirt with low-cut neckline and a leather jacket, when going out. Taking into consideration the colors, the classic fabric trousers are black, dark grey or navy blue, but they look amazing in shades of burgundy, dark green and tobacco brown, or in a check fabric with tiny checks.

Look for brands well-known for their elegance and fabric quality, while we recommend a visit at Massimo Dutti and Marks&Spencer.

My recommendations:
Slim fit fabric trousers Massimo Dutti: 499,00 lei
Grey fabric trousers Marks&Spencer: 380,00 lei
Fabric trousers Bigotti: 490 lei


A flannel shirt

Whether you associate it with the 90’ rockers, or it reminds you of hiking and holiday lodge overnights, the flannel shirt is the type of clothing piece that went from “winter holiday coat” to “casual and cool urban coat”. Its glamour is obvious: the checks add a bit of color to your outfit, and the shirt can be worn unbuttoned over a long sleeve t-shirt, or buttoned under a quilted vest.

Such a red and black check shirt is a classic one, but the models in shades of grey, burgundy, army green or beige give you the option of combining them in more ways. They are not suitable for office outfits, but they look great combined in smart-casual outfits: with chino trousers, boots and a fur-lined denim jacket.

You will find an excellent selection of classic flannel shirts at Gant and Tommy Hilfiger, but you should also try Mango Man and H&M for modern ones, at the same quality.

My recommendations:
Check shirt Gant: 675 lei; 
Check shirt red-navy blue H&M: 99,00 lei
Check shirt Mango Man: 199,90 lei


Light sweaters

Nothing keeps you warm during chilly days than good quality knitwear: a merino wool cardigan with shawl collar, a cashmere and cotton sweater with polo collar or a V neckline, a stylish polo-neck from a mixture of cotton and wool or cashmere and silk… It is quite early for warm sweaters, but this season you can wear them over shirts or t-shirts, whether it is delicate or average knitwear.

And because you don’t need so many sweaters, our advice is to invest in the best quality knitwear and varied colors (burgundy, dark green, tobacco beige, navy blue, dark red), that will match the rest of your wardrobe. If you have already covered the “base” of your wardrobe with sweaters in neutral colors (meaning, you already have 2 simple sweaters smart-casual, a cardigan, and maybe a polo-neck or a vest), you can look for knitwear inspired from the season’s chromatic palette: olive green, orange, ochre yellow, light blue, indigo blue, dark violet.

Don’t forget that this type of light sweaters can be worn with style in modern outfits, by using overlaps. For example, you can wear a sweater over a shirt or t-shirt, or a polo-neck under a striped velvet coat or a quilted vest.

This season, shops are spoiling you with an excellent variety of knitwear at fair prices and in a wide range of colors and styles. At Mango Man you can find sweaters in a mixture of cashmere and cotton, and at Massimo Dutti you can buy 100% premium cashmere pieces.

My recommendations:
Cashmere and cotton sweater Mango Man: 159,90 lei
100% Burgundy cashmere sweater Massimo Dutti: 579,00 lei
Green sweater cotton, silk and cashmere Massimo Dutti: 229 lei


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