3 trends for the 2019 cold season

Autumn is, from a stylistic point of view, a new chapter of our wardrobe, another kind of fashion New Year. As the collections of the new season are already in stores, this can mean only one thing: it’s time to review your wardrobe, make a few orders and a little sorting, because you know exactly what to put on the shopping list!

Whether you put your eyes on textured and oversized knitwear, on a color update (beige and orange are the highlight colors of the season, did you know?) or if you don’t know whether to opt for a mysterious and dark gothic look or retro-elegant outfits inspired by the 1970s, it will be easier for you to decide after reading what are the three most important trends of the autumn-winter 2019 season.

Checkers: Scottish, but not only …

This fall, imagine visiting the romantic Edinburgh or living the experience of staying in an old English mansion. The collections in the shops are full of skirts and tweed trousers, plaid skirts and dresses in different colors and sizes, loafers in buclé fabric – all offering a masculine, aristocratic, very British note. You can, for example, match a tweed jacket with an elegant blouse with collar-bottom and a pair of large velvet pants. You can also choose a suit with blazer and plaid trousers, matched to a simple shirt, so that your office outfit is on trend, respecting the dress code. Last but not least, you can wear a checkered skirt and a fine high collar sweater, plus a pair of lace-up boots for a feminine, delicate and Chanel-inspired look.

Our recommendations:
Checked pleated dress, Zara: 349.90 lei | checked mini tweed dress, Mango: 249.90 lei | mini dresses, H&M: 99.99 lei | mini dress, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | classic checked jacket, Marks & Spencer: 498.50 lei | blouse with puff sleeves, Zara: 129.90 lei | checked maxi dress, Mango: 249.90 lei | wide checked dress, Nissa: 599.00 lei | pleated midi skirt, Mango: 249.90 lei | checked pleated skirt, H&M: 69.99 lei | checked skirt, red and black, Zara: 199.90 lei | high waist skirt, H&M: 129.99 lei | checked pleated culottes, Zara: 299.90 lei | black and green checked coat, Mango: 499.90 lei | grey checked camisole coat, Nissa: 999,00 lei | black and white checked coat, Zara: 499.90 lei | blazer, Zara: 159.90 lei | tweed jacket and skirt, Mango: 399.90 lei (jacket) + 159.90 lei (skirt) | poncho, Mango: 199.90 lei | jacket 2 rows, H&M: 159.99 lei | checked jacket, Zara: 249.90 lei | checked trousers, Zara: 159.90 lei | large checked trousers, Zara: 159.90 lei | cigarette pants, Massimo Dutti: 399.00 lei | paper bag pants, BSB: 329.00 lei | checked sweater, H&M: 99.99 lei | checked top, BSB: 282.00 lei

Knitted dresses

Feel like an ultra-comfortable outfit, but without the stress of matching or overlapping? The solution is a knit dress. Due to the silhouettes that follow the body line, many of them have a seductive note – which you can accentuate by wearing a pair of boots with high and fine heels or, on the contrary, you can temper it by wearing some modern sneakers with a serrated sole. The variants with high collar (type turtleneck) and long sleeves are made up of quilted vests and blazers made of velvet, and those with round neckline go underneath a knit jacket of different color or with a leather jacket.

Our recommendations:
Grey dress with high collar, Mango: 159.90 lei | grey maxi dress, H&M: 159.99 lei | black dress with drawstring, Mango: 159.90 lei | dark green dress, Massimo Dutti: 479.00 lei | orange dress, H&M: 129.99 lei | black dress with high collar, Zara: 159.90 lei | Marks&Spencer knit dress with high collar: 249.00 lei | grey maxi dress, Mango: 159.90 lei | straight dress with gold buttons, Zara: 159.90 lei | mini dress with buttons, Zara: 129.90 lei | dress with oversized sleeves, Zara: 249.90 lei | stripe dress, Marks & Spencer: 199.90 lei | pleated dress with high collar, Massimo Dutti: 479.00 lei | white dress with zipper, collection Pringle X H&M: 159.99 lei | mini dress, BSB: 289.00 lei

Dark floral prints

We can say “goodbye” to floral motifs in bright, tropical or acidic hues. Floral prints that set the tone for seasonal trends are darker, bolder, bigger. Shirts, dresses, skirts and pants adorned with these designs are easy to integrate into any wardrobe due to the black or blue background, and the models are of a diversity that will delight even the most pragmatic buyer. It is the type of trend that can be easily embraced by women of any age: a mini swollen and involuntary skirt will be worn with aplomb by a young woman, who will match it with black boots and a leather jacket; a midi dress, pleated or flared will be flirty alongside fine booties and a men’s jacket by a woman concerned with fashion; an elegant blouse, carrying flowers and leaves in rust shades, will be worn with nobility by a lady who will accompany her with straight pants and a classic coat.

Our recommendations:
Flower maxi dress, Mango: 249.90 lei | dress with dark print, Pineberry: 190 lei | wide maxi dress with autumn print, H&M: 159.99 lei | blouse with print, Massimo Dutti: 299.00 lei | fluffy sweater with flowers, BSB: 289.00 lei | flower shirt-dress, Mango: 159.90 lei | mini dress, BSB: 433.00 lei | dress with flowers, Zara: 249.90 lei | mini pleated dress, Nissa: 599.00 lei | shirt with pink flowers, H&M: 59.99 lei | dress with autumn print, Marks & Spencer: 315,00 lei | dress with blue floral print, Marks & Spencer: 252.00 lei | shirt-dress with white flowers, Marks & Spencer: 199.00 lei | midi dress with flowers, Nissa: 649.00 lei | dress with drawstring and floral print, H&M: 99.99 lei | long blouse with autumn print, H&M: 59.99 lei | maxi skirt with floral print, BSB: 289,00 lei | body with dark floral print, BSB: 241.00 lei


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