How to dress for New Years eve?

New Year’s Eve can be a party with friends or an event in the family, in both situations choosing the outfit is a very important element.

For a party in a family atmosphere you can wear a single shiny piece next to a casual one: a denim or checkered shirt with a silk skirt, sequins, lace, or a t-shirt, a sweater with sequinned pants, a top with some simple jeans.

For those who spend the night in a luxurious restaurant, then most likely the dress code of the event will require you to dress elegantly. However, if you are tempted by the classic black dress, add glittering accessories: a shiny strap, shoes, a set of shiny bracelets. If you choose a bright and colorful dress, make your hair discreet and arrange your hair as naturally as possible.

If you go to a party with your friends you can wear a sequinned vest, a dress with multi colored blades, a shiny skirt. If you are overflowing with creativity and the location where you spend the New Year’s Eve allows you try to adopt atypical outfits such as: a short leather skirt, with a light cut, and a glittering sweater; a mini plaid skirt worn with a hollow body and a spiked dress; a tulle dress with ankle boots or a long sequinned dress with a cool pair of sneakers.

We wish you a great party and we hope you make the most inspired choices!


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