(Almost) everything you wanted to know about tights!

As soon as weather gets colder, my inbox gets full of questions regarding tights: „Do you really have to wear only the black ones? What tights can we pick for an evening outfit? What can we do when it is not cold, but neither warm? What about the thin ones, or the skin color ones, are we really not allowed to wear them anymore? Are the colored ones still trending? What about the printed ones? Are we matching them with the clothes or with the shoes?

We have selected and offered solutions to five of the most frequent questions, hoping that styling and shopping this fall will be easier!

Question #1: Why does how thick tights are count?

The most simple answer is: because some fine tights are the most elegant, whilst the thick one is the equivalent of leggings. The thickness of tights is measured in DEN, and you probably already know that the more DEN increases, the tights are opaquer; the more DEN decreases, the tights are more transparent.

In some cases (there are exceptions), the finesse and thickness of tights is chosen depending on the thickness of the materials of the outfit. For example: a suit dress or a velvet dress will match some thicker tights; a silk dress requires some fine tights; a leather skirt can be worn with thick tights, thin tights and printed ones.

Transparent and fine tights (between 5-15 DEN) will be worn during the day or evening, with an elegant outfit: a classic business and protocolary outfit, a cocktail outfit, a long evening dress. Apart from their fine look, the criteria that offers elegance is the matte surface. When tights are thin, but glossy, the effect is cheap, even outdated.

Tights with less than 10 DEN, with a matte surface will create the illusion of an empty leg: they are so fine and transparent that they are subtle, they even the skin color, hide varices and can be worn even during the summer. Many models will have a seam on the top (that’s why I recommend you not to wear them with sandals or cut out shoes). Recently, some models with thin band, which are worn between the toes and there are models with the top completely cut out (for sandals and peep-toe shoes). Never wear them with a suit dress or a thick velvet, but neither with ankle boots, short, unraveled jeans and a quilted jacket (it’s a teenager, rather vulgar look).

Semi-transparent tights (between 20-40 DEN) and the opaque ones (between 41-80 DEN) are easier to wear. The latter ones allow wearing dresses whose hem is stops above the knee, of short petticoats (pleated, bell-bottomed, pepper, straight) and of shorts (suit or leather). Both types of tights match perfectly well some thick cuts for the cold season (tweed suit, ribbed velvet, linen), but also some thin ones (soda, veil, silk, muslin, cotton).

The most permissive are the ultra-opaque ones (40-70 DEN), the thick ones (70-99 DEN) and the very thick ones (mega-opaque, +100 DEN). These are the basic tights that match absolutely every type of fabric and clothing piece. We can wear them with light silk dresses and lace skirts during winter, apart from the business and casual dresses. Some models are made for the most cold-sensitive ones: its thickness in DEN is supplemented by a thin polar fleece layer, on the inside of the tights.

My recommendations: H&M black tights, 200 DEN with fleece on the inside: 39.99 lei | H&M super fine 7 DEN tights: 39.90 lei | Marks &Spencer very thin 5 DEN tights: 24.90 lei | Penti skin colour tights with cut out top: 13.90 lei | Zara thick black tights, 120 DEN: 49.90 lei | Marks &Spencer very thick black tights, 180 DEN Heatgen: 89.90 lei


Question #2: What can we match the colored tights to?

My personal perspective is the following: you can wear colored tights in three situations – either when you manage to match, with discretion and moderation the color of the tights to an element of the outfit, either when the outfit is very simple, in dark colors but with modern cuts (this way, the tights become an element of visual impact, what gives color to the outfit), either when you can build a complete monochrome outfit.

As an example, for the first situation: imagine an office outfit, formed by a midi navy blue suit skirt, worn with a navy veil blouse with red and orange plaids. A pair of dark orange tights will be in perfect harmony with orange shades of the blouse.

At the opposite end, if your outfits are classic or they do not shine of inventiveness, the colored tights will not change their style, it will only seem a flashy color, randomly integrated and uninspired, instead of using accessories. For the last situation, try to envisage a navy dress continued by some cobalt blue tights, blue ankle boots or some dark violet tights, matched to a violet skirt and a lavender purple turtleneck.

So, before buying tights in all the rainbow colors, identify your colored winter pieces that in you have in your wardrobe: a mustard yellow pullover, a knitted burgundy dress, a leather dark green skirt, a dark turquoise blouse. Buy colored tights depending on their shades.

My recommendations: H&M thick red tights: 39.90 lei | Penti semi-thick pink tights: 24.99 lei | Penti mustard yellow tights: 19.90 lei  | Marks & Spencer semi-thick burgundy tights: 21.99 lei


Question #3  What outfits are suitable for fishnet tights or printed tights?

You can wear them when you think the tights can be an accessory to the outfit, when the tights give a modern look.

For example:

– To an outfit that comprises a pair of culottes-trousers (or other cropped trousers) and ankle boots.
– To a midi, black dress, made of suit, or knitted, and black ankle boots or tall boots
– To a dress or a skirt that covers the knee, with print on a black background and black shoes.

Printed black tights (floral design, geometrical, honeycomb, spiderweb) or with other seams, look exceptionally when worn with classic and modern outfits: a dress or a uni skirt, with a relatively simple cut, just above the knee. Other than that, when the dress or skirt are brightly colored, from textured fabrics with rich prints or complicated cuts, fine and non-printed socks are preferred: either black, tinted, beige or nude.

My recommendations: H&M fishnet black tights: 39.90 lei | Penti spiderweb black tights: 34.90 lei | Penti fishnet classic tights: 24.99 lei | Penti rose model tights: 24.99 lei | Zara fishnet tights with metallic elements: 59.90 lei | Marks & Spencer black tights with floral model: 39.90 lei  | Marks & Spencer black fishnet tights: 32.90 lei


Question #4: What other tights colours, apart from black and nude beige can be matched to all my cold season outfit?

Two of the simplest options are grey (medium or dark shades) and navy blue. You can easily wear black, opaque and thick tights, because the shades go well with the season shoes (tall boots, ankle boots, boots) in brown shades, as well as with black shoes. Plus, it’s good to know that you can wear navy blue tights although your winter coat is black; the old rule that black and navy blue cannot be worn together is outdated.

Our recommendations: H&M black and grey plaid tights: 39.90 lei | Penti semi-thick grey tights: 24.99 lei | Penti navy blue thick tights (100 DEN), 29.90 lei | Marks & Spencer grey tights: 23.90 lei | Meli Melo navy blue tights: 34.99 lei



Question #5: Are tights with model under the cut-off jeans?

If you really want to, you can wear this combination. However, it is good to know that cut off jeans are outdated, although sometimes you can still find them in shops.

If you still want to apply this idea, then choose a pair of fishnet tights, with big or fine holes, that you can wear under light shade jeans: light blue or light grey; this way the contrast is visible. You can also match the jeans to some fine, black tights, with highlighted dots, for a more teenage look.

My recommendations: H&M black tights with dots: 39.90 lei | Penti fine tights with dots: 24.99 lei | Zara tights with dots: 49.90 lei | Marks & Spencer tights with rose print: 32.90 lei



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