The art of layering for the winter season

For today’s article, we thought of the following lesson: how can you have a cool and modern outfit to keep you warm when temperatures are under zero, but that doesn’t make you feel like a bear?

The style solution is simple: the layering, as in the over layering. It is not about the common over layers – a long sleeve T-shirt, which you can a knitted sweater to, but of four options of outfit layering which you can see the bloggers and fashion influencers wearing.

Option #1: Extend the life of your midi and maxi dresses

In this kind of outfit, over layers do not only offer you the simplest possibility of wearing your maxi dress during the cold season, but also a way of adding your personal touch to a comfy outfit.

Start with the first layer, the closest to the body: wear a sleeveless top or a body made of a thermostatic  textile. It will maintain your body temperature constant, without adding volume. The second layer can be a light turtleneck with long sleeves, of one color or a neutral print (black, beige, navy blue, burgundy, white with fine black stripes, animal print).

The next layer is the dress – can be a fluid one, with straps or ¾ sleeves, which you wore during the summer or one of a semi-transparent veil, with long sleeves, from your autumn wardrobe. It is important that the dress is of one color or a print suitable to the season: dark colors floral print, animal print, Scottish plaid or a predominantly dark chromatic range.

Finally, if you want to be truly fashionable, wear under the dress a pair of skinny jeans (instead of leggings), plus reptile-like skin ankle boots. Add a long suit mantle.

Our recommendations: 
Mango floral print maxi dress: 159.90 lei | Mango exotic print asymmetrical dress: 159.90 lei | Zara exotic print maxi dress: 179.90 lei  | H&M animal print midi dress: 199.90 lei | H&M red midi dress: 89.90 lei | Flowy floral print dress: 159.90 lei

Marks&Spencer thermostatic textile sleeveless top: 49.00 lei | Triumph thermostatic textile sleeveless top: 124.90 lei

Mango black turtleneck: 59.90 lei | Mango viscose blue turtleneck: 49.90 lei | Mango white body turtleneck: 59.90 lei | Zara beige-black stripes: 99.90 lei | Zara burgundy turtleneck: 99.90 lei | Zara olive green turtleneck: 99.90 lei

Mango coat: 399.90 lei | Massimo Dutti plaid coat: 829.00 lei | Nissa red coat with floral details: 1199.00 lei | H&M linen grey coat: 599.00 lei | H&M green coat with a linen mix: 399.00 lei | Stefanel long plaid mantle: 2.428.00 lei


Option #2: Use the hoodie in cool outfits

Because we have just ended the Holiday season, we recommend you continue wearing the shiny pieces combined and overlaid with some sport ones.

You can wear the base outfit: a sequinned skirt and a denim shirt, over which you’ll add an oversized hoodie ( knitted, polar fleece or cotton), with a drawing a photo or a text on the chest. You can complete the outfit with boots or modern sport shoes, depending on the activities of that day.

In this outfit, the accessories are very important. Do not forget to add colored gloves, a multicolored scarf or an artificial fur collar, a knitted multicolored striped cap, a modern backpack or a trendy shoulder bag.

Our recommendations:
H&M Friends hoodie: 99.90 lei | H&M Sunday yellow hoodie: 99.90 lei | Zara beige hoodie: 49.90 lei | Zara Mickey Mouse hoodie: 79.90 lei | Zara Mentos hoodie: 79.90 lei

Zara yellow artificial fur scarf: 89.90 lei | Marks & Spencer pink artificial fur collar: 129.90 lei | Massimo Dutti grey animal print linen scarf: 289.00 lei | Zara multicolored cap with pompon: 25.90 lei | Stefanel bicolor linen scarf: 467.00 lei | Mango artificial fur collar: 79.90 lei  | Mango yellow plaid oversized scarf: 79.90 lei |Mango leopard artificial stole: 79.90 lei


Option #3: Wrap yourself in different textures

When temperatures go well under zero, you need to take the layering to a professional level. This means to use fibres and special thermostatic textiles.

To keep a modern outfit, you learn first of all to join in the same outfit beautiful colors and materials of special textures. Also, remember that instead of one thick and oversized sweater, you can use a body blouse, a cotton jersey top and knitted item (sweater, cardigan or dress). Last but not least, the thermostatic fibres thick stockings.

A good example of an outfit is formed of a long sleeves’ turtleneck, over which you can wear a knitted sweater (in a bright color) and you finish the outfit with an artificial fur coat. They are incredibly light (compared to a suit coat!) and fantastically warm! Plus, they are the star of this winter.

Our recommendations:
Zara artificial fur short coat: 119.90 lei | Zara leopard print artificial fur vest: 149.90 lei | H&M leopard print artificial fur short coat: 299.99 lei | H&M artificial fur short red coat: 299.99 lei


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