What is worth buying in the sales season

The initial feeling of euphoria that I feel when I see the first signs of “sales” (which, in the past, involved palpitations and sweaty palms, as I scrolled page after page on fashion sites and revised shopping lists) is now replaced by a certain curiosity. I know the most beautiful pieces are sold out, online, that stores seem looted, and many brands have already on display pieces, accessories, prints and colors that call onto the fall fashion transition. And I’m barely getting near my holiday!

But – and you probably understood the idea of my article – now is the time to revise your shopping budgets, to see what is missing from your wardrobe and, after a walk in Bucuresti Mall, to return home with pieces that you will use not only one season, but many months to come. Below are my recommendations.

1. One or two office dresses

Made out of cotton poplin, lyocell, denim, or a mixture of cotton and viscose. I mean, cool and pleasant to wear. In addition, dresses will make you mornings easier, because you do not have to worry about matching two separate pieces of clothing. Except the linen dresses, which are strictly reserved for the warm season, any other dress, with the adequate styling, can make the transition toward the fall wardrobe: you can wear them with suede leather boots, knitted jackets or leather jackets, with other accessories than the summer ones.

Asymmetrical dress Mango: 199,99 lei; denim dress Stefanel: 299 lei; poplin cotton yellow dress Stefanel: 249 lei; light blue poplin dress Nissa: 299 lei


2. An atypical casual bag

I’m not talking about a bag in a classic color (black, navy blue, burgundy, red, chocolate), nor one in a specific summer shade (pastel pink, coral, green pistachio, light blue). But a bag that can be described as different, atypical, multifunctional and yet versatile: made out of metallic leather in multicolored stripes, in a color that can be worn both in summer and fall … After this season you will load it with magazines, a cream with SPF 30, sunglasses, scarves, wet napkins and a refreshing spray, in the fall, the same bag can replace the usual one, but in dark leather.

For example, dark orange, dark matte gold, snake print leather (reptile) or olive green are four such alternatives.


Grey and yellow stripes, snake print bag Il Passo: 750 lei; golden bag Claudia Anna Cori: 520 lei; bag Musette: 639,20 lei

3. A pair of sandal-slippers or clogs

In English they are called “sliders”, for the ease with which we wear them. If you forgot what summer shoes are like, try a pair. They are very comfortable, can have a 2-4 cm heel, and the absence of buckles and straps means that you can wear them just as easily at the office, at the beach or for a walk through the city. They fit perfectly with cigarette trousers, above the ankle, slim boyfriend jeans, but also with light and loose trousers.

Sliders Mango: 99.90 lei; leather clogs Zara: 99.90 lei

4. A pair of sandy beige or green olive trousers

Sandy-beige, khaki and green olive, are colors that suit everyone and can be matched with all shades. I recommend you to look for a pair of chinos (this is their official name) with a similar shape of the boyfriend or wide-cut jeans, to fit both high or medium heel sandals, but also sneakers, gladiator sandals, oxford shoes or platform espadrilles. This summer you can wear them during the weekend with a casual undershirt, with a light shirt or an embroidered blouse, while at the office they will match with a modern shirt and a tailored suit jacket. During fall, they are the best alternative for when you no longer want to wear jeans or black trousers.

Beige pants H&M: 89,90 lei and 99,90 lei; chinos trousers Marks&Spencer: 49.90 lei

5. A white summer dress

I admit that this summer I made an obsession for white dresses. They make me think about quiet weekends, walks on cliff edges or through lavender fields, but I know they can be worn on many special occasions (day or afternoon) during the warm season. Just change your accessories: from gladiator sandals to ones with heels, from raffia shoulder bag to a multicolored purse … In autumn, match them with a pair of beige suede leather boots and add a colored cardigan on your shoulders.

Nissa white lace dress: 699 lei; Juicy Couture dress in Collective: 399.99 lei; white lace dress Mango: 199.90 lei

P.S: Take advantage of the sales period to renew your basic pieces (white and gray t-shirts, a denim shirt, a navy blue suit jacket, a beige trench) and change your swimsuit.


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